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Top 5 Best Ozone Generator Reviews 2018

Updated 2018 
Hi its Craig here, welcome to the best Ozone Generator reviews.  
Reviews of Ozone Generators for odor removal, mold removal and cleaning purposes.  We advise commercial operators and domestic customers on which Ozone purifier will remove smells and odors.

I also advise on ozone shock treatments for urine spillage, smoke contamination, mold treatment, odor caused by decay, rot and stale rooms.
Should you buy corona discharge method, ceramic ozone generator, ozone purifiers, Hvac, ionizers and more  describe ozone generators.  
In this article we review the best commercial ozone generators and also the best domestic ozone machines suited for home use. We look at timers, weight and quality of manufacturing and engineering.
With the incredible amount of uses around the home or office, Ozone is a great solution for odor removal, deodorizing, and sanitizing including  getting rid of cigarette smoke from vehicles

Best commercial ozone generators and also the best home ozone machines 

As Odor Removal Experts we are happy to share what we have learned about Ozone machines. We list our opinions and findings below. We hope you enjoy our reviews useful and as you will notice this page is updated regularly so you know the information is latest breaking news. 

Buying online allows home and pet owners alike to source a reliable machine that will serve them for many years to come if they buy it right. There are of course many machines that we don’t recommend as the parts are inferior.
This Ozone Generator Review page is updated regularly and we don’t hold back if the machine is a dud!!

No 1. Enerzen Commercial Ozone Machine
Rated Best Domestic Machine

Over all we score this Ozone Generator 4.85/5. These represent incredible value for money, has an outstanding output of  Ozone gas for domestic and commercial applications and has been purchased by many of my customers with great success. It is even used to minimize smog seeping into apartments in big cities!  


For the price this machine is manufactured very well and is durable for normal use. An amazing precursor to a large commercial ozonator for commercial operators.

User Friendly

Easy to use controls and useful timer. Excellent carry handle for transporting and a good weight, not too heavy and not too light.

Ozone Output

The Ozone output is outstanding and definitely the highlight for us along with the awesome manufacturing of this unit. We are blown away by the output and quality of ozone. Its a great machine.

Our review of the Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator

We own 5 of these machines and have had them for a over 5 years now. We purchased these to do interior ozone shock treatments in cars, houses, basements and pet facilities. We find them more reliable than UV ozone machines, and extremely inexpensive. 
The machinery will do a whole house (good amount of o3 output) if you move it room to room (make sure you let the gas dissipate first) or you can leave it in a central position and  for 24 hours with airflow generation done with fans . Great for sanitizing dander also. The Enerzen purifier is a powerful little unit and the Ozone Pump is strong enough to penetrate into the far reaches of a whole house.
The first thing that impressed us about these machines is the solid manufacturing and the amount of small bolts firmly holding the machine together. Some other Ozone machines we have used are very poorly constructed and do not have enough fastenings to handle the rugged life a contractor gives it, but not these units. They are very solid.
The unit is lightweight and easy to transport and a sensible size for storing away and placing in the work vehicle.
Size: 6.75″(H) x 8″(W) x 5.75″(D)
The generator weighs about 5 pounds and comes with US 110 voltage and 55 watts of power for the generator. It uses Corona discharge method of generating ozone which means less maintenance and all in all these are incredible value for the price.  The corona discharge means  no copper lining and no UV bulbs to break. But at the price of these ozone machines its not a concern as they last for years any way. We have found the slide connectors inside the units to be quite thin however this also is not a big concern and very cheap to replace if required. The Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator has a powerful 3500 mgs/per hour of output, and a very useful timer with max setting of 2 hours. You can run the machine on “continual” and turn on and off manually. This is very helpful when using the machine for Ozone Shock Treatments such as getting rid of cigarette smoke smell in car .
The machine is well constructed and very good value for money.
Over all we love this machine and for the price you won’t beat it.
Click here for more information


  • Easy to Carry
  • Well built
  • High Ozone Output
  • Very Economical
  • Does the job beautifully
  • Long lasting (years!!)


  • Power cable could be longer (You will need to use an extension)

Client Comment :
Amazing Machine!
…Does what it says. It got rid of the stale cigarette smell in the car we bought for my daughter. .
Published 2 days ago by Bob

Our Review OP5000 Ozone

Over all we score this Ozone Generator 3/5


User Friendly

Ozone Output

Our review of the Ozone Power OP5000 Commercial Air Ozone Generator REVISED 2018

Incredible Output of Ozone at 5000mg Per hour.
This was the machine we used when more Ozone is required. This Ozone Generator Machine has 5000mgs per hour of Ozone output (high) and with a 5 year warranty you would think this must be the best value on the net however lately issues developed with the workmanship and some of the internal parts on this unit and the reliability is now not great. It also led to testing the 5 year warranty and this being a return to base warranty meant most people can not ship it as the postage is too prohibitive. It is still well priced however and the unit has excellent ozone output when it does work. . Feedback has been that after 3-4 months of use, the machine parts fail and it is dead. If you are happy to proceed and accept that the life span will be short then this unit has the timer like the Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator ozone power op5000 and was of solid construction like the Enerzen, (but as pointed out above it now seems some of the parts are only lasting 4-5 months). The unit is bigger, was better constructed and more powerful (does up to 5000 square feet) and for a humble $25-00 more than the Enerzen it makes perfect sense if you need a more powerful unit. The downside is the life expectancy of the unit and the return to base warranty which means you have to ship it back the manufacturer in Canada to get it repaired and that freight for most people shipping the Ozone machine will cost more than buying it. The OP5000 is named due to the 5000mgs per hour of Ozone Output. For a commercial ozone machine we feel this is poor.
The machine is slightly heavier at 6 pounds which is caused by the a heavier outside metal casing. Size: 9 x 9 x 7 inches. It comes with US 110 voltage and 55 watts of power for the generator. The OP5000 is very well constructed using solid 3mm metal casing and it uses the Corona discharge method of generating ozone which means less maintenance and all in all these add up to incredible value for the price when it is working. The Ozone Power OP5000 Commercial Air Ozone Generator & Air Purifier has an even more powerful 5000 mgs/ per hour of Ozone output which is suited for larger areas and stronger odor contamination’s such as cooking smells inside a house, or strong mold odors in a basement area or garage. This unit also has the very handy timers or you can run it continuously as well. These types of units when we first started in 2002 were over $1000 . Not any more, at the price point the ozone machine sells for we say its Amazing!!!

See pricing by clicking here


  • Easy to Carry
  • High Ozone Output
  • Very Economical
  • Durable but don't drop it.


  • A bit heavy for domestic purposes
  • Power cable could be longer again!! (You will need to use an extension)
  • Alot of Ozone so be careful
  • Parts failing and life expectancy of unit reduced to 4 months in late 2016

Worth the Money!
Used it to remove cigarette odor from our car and the results were great.
Neighbors couldn’t even believe the results.
Published 10 days ago by RON NICELY

Overall we score this unit 5/5


User Friendly

Ozone Output

Our review of the Odorstop 2500 Ozone Generator Another great unit from the Odorstop Stable and this one caught our eye due to the ease of servicing the Corona Discharge Plates and the ability to buy spares as shown below, The parts are easy to install and are very well priced.

  • Price: This unit is dearer than the others and the reason for this is it’s a commercial grade machine with the ability to service and replace parts. It is also a silent ozone machine. Most Ozone machines use a Corona Discharge Method where a current is passed between metal plates and the air passing through is oxidized and turns into O3 gas. The plates get build up on them of contaminants and this can affect the Ozone Gas Output.
    This machine allows you to easily remove the Metal Ozonator Plates and replace them inexpensively with new ones thus making the unit last for years. The commercial operators or landlords will be interested in this unit as it will last longer than the cheaper ones due to the ability to be serviced and have the Ozone parts and plates replaced. We think for some one working in a business using this machine, this is essential.
  • Design: The machine also has an air inlet filter (albeit thin) but at least it is something to try to keep the dust out. The units are quite pricey but for a commercial operator these come highly recommended for the ability to replace the ceramic plates. With Ozone machines you have two choices really. Buy something cheaper like the Enerzen and when it fails throw it away or invest more and get a commercial unit like this one and service it to make it last for 10 years or more. The machines are well constructed, solidly built and  weighing in at 9.5 pounds she is quite heavy, but if you are a commercial guy weight is good!. It means the machine will be well constructed and have solid parts which is what we need for durability. Odorstop also do a great range of blowers as well as commercial ozone machines Click here for more information


Commercial Ozone Generator Machine Reviews

Overall we score this unit 3.5/5


User Friendly

Ozone Output

Our Review of The Green Air Purifiers Green Air Classic Plus Alpine Air Purifier Ozone Generator.

The Green Air Purifiers Commercial Ozone Generator and Air Purifier has a powerful 3500 mgs/per hour of output and has the distinct advantage of having washable carbon filters at the air input area to prevent the machine from sucking in debris and dust particles but we feel the extra price and clunky packaging makes this unit not as desirable for commercial operators. The filter makes the machine last longer and guarantees the output of Ozone is not affected by dirty corona discharge plates . Having no dust entering the air inlet means the ozone output should always be as rated, there won’t be a requirement for servicing and cleaning the inside, where as the cheaper units that do not have filters, need the production units cleaned to ensure the ozone output is maintained. Typically the fan gets coated in dust particles and allergens. The ozonator has a nice electronic control panel for operating the machine and easy to follow controls . The body however although its well built is very impracticable for commercial use without handles and a wooden styled outer that is scratched easily.


  • We love the filter, means longer production times for ozone as less contaminants on Corona discharge.
  • Solidly constructed throughout
  • High Ozone Output
  • Very Economical


  • Quite large
  • Power cable could be longer again!! (You will need to use an extension)
  • No handles to pick it up and the wood finish gets scratched
  • Over complicated control buttons which are unnecessary and prone to failure

Overall we score this unit 4.8/5


User Friendly

Ozone Output

This is very handy for doing larger areas
Our review of the A2Z Ozone MP 8000 Ozone Generator

This is just one of the commercial ozone machines from the “stable” from A2Z. We have been very impressed by the quality of their units and we love these machines as they have some features that the other commercial machines lack which make them very versatile for the applications they can provide. A2Z are targeting both the commercial operators with Odor removal. For example the most noticeable feature is the ability to add an Oxygen Generator to the unit, which in turn will boost the ozone output to very high levels plus remove the Nitric Oxide Component of the O3 gas. The machine also has a external vent to allow a hose to be attached and run into the treatment areas i.e the hose into the room with odor issues. This is very handy for doing larger areas where the source of the Ozone, i.e the machine is located outside of the treatment areas thus allowing clean air input with no contaminants to jeopardize the quality of the Ozone gas or the machine internal components being damaged by the actual gas itself.
The unit has a very efficient internal pump to push the ozone out if you are not using the Oxygen Generator Option and we feel for the money the pump could be a little bit more powerful however as alot of the commercial operators know, A cheap fan on the floor will push the ozone gas around very well regardless.
These Ozone machines are the real deal and we are impressed by the range put out by A2Z so far. Click here for more information


  • We love the ability to add a Oxygen Generator, means longer production times for ozone as less contaminants on Corona discharge.
  • Solidly manufacturing process throughout
  • High Ozone Output
  • Very Economical


  • Nothing
What is Ozone 

o3 Ozone gas is a naturally occurring substance which is present in our environment and is caused by electrical currents in UV rays reacting with oxygen and forming a short life gas called o3.  Ozone generator machines (that we do machine reviews on) are a manmade way of duplicating nature and increasing the amount of ozone particles.

o3 Ozone gas is prevalent in the ozone layer and provides protection by breaking down ultraviolet radiation from the sun.  
At times Ozone gas is very prevalent on earth, particularly after an electrical storm,  when O2 gas (oxygen) is split by the electrical currents in the lightening storm and o3 gas (ozone) is created.  

Ozone breaks down very quickly particularly when there are a lot of electrolytic particles in the air known as contaminants. In highly populated areas on earth, ozone is not as effective due to the pollutants in the air. Pollution is reduced when satisfactory levels of ozone are around however humans can not breathe large levels of ozone gas as it is toxic to breathe in when it is concentrated. It will cause an irritation to the throat and lungs.
An Ozone generator machine simply  replicates nature and splits oxygen into ozone gas as a discharge via an outlet, however because the amount of ozone produced is high it is toxic to breathe. The machine typically pumps the ozone out into a room and can be turned off when required and allowed to dissipate before entering.
Ozone gas contains nitric oxide and this is why oxygen generators are often attached the source of air to form pure ozone. When moisture is mixed with ozone a residue called Nitrogen dioxide is formed and is corrosive to many items, so care is needed. High levels of moisture and humidity are required for this to happen so it is recommended to use dry air as a source for your machine.

Is Ozone effective at disinfection?

Ozone at the right concentration, is effective for apartments and living areas to provide sterilization for bacteria and viruses if done regularly using shock treatments. (small doses at regular intervals)
Ozone o3 is widely used in pet shelters to treat enveloped and non enveloped viruses. This is done with stronger levels on ozone gas. (More than 30 grams per hour) and is done overnight when all animals are removed and after a thorough clean down first. Note the treatment needs to be done on dry surfaces to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Is it safe to use Ozone in my home?

Lets be very clear. Ozone is a toxic gas and needs to be used with ozone 03 safety precautions in place. An expert commercial operator who understands the dangers of o3.  Humans are not designed to breathe in concentrated forms of ozone gas o3 and doing so will lead to  problems. Your ozonator sellers should provide some service manuals with the precautions listed.

Having said that even the best Ozone generators used incorrectly will still do damage. However using a ozone machine at the right concentration, with the right safety precautions is a very effective way to provide sterilization and odor removal for apartments and living areas. Ozone Shock treatments is another effective way to remove mildew and mold, however it should be noted that most ozone machines output nitric oxide when o3 is live which is toxic to humans  and should never be breathed in. So when searching for ozone generator reviews it is worth noting if the machine has an effective timer. If not then you can pick one up from a local hardware store. The critical thing here is all ozone shock treatments should be performed using a timer so the o3 gas has time to dissipate and turn back into oxygen before the occupier of the house comes home.  

Ozone is used for removing arsenic from water

How to get pee smell out of couch

pet pee odor in couch

Hi Craig the Odor Dude here.
In this article we are going to look at a professional Odor Removers advice on how to get pee smell out of couch. There is nothing worse than getting home from work, walking in the door and smelling old cat or dog pee.
Removing pee smell from your couch is one of the most common questions pet owners ask us, and because there are many different ways of doing it, we felt is best to give you techniques and solutions to help.
Pee smell odor removal can be tricky in a couch so here is some pee in couch

We have tried and tested different urine removal techniques and these shown below are the best for getting your home back to smelling fresh again!.
 Approach the pet pee odor problem step by step and follow the directions below

Step One : Identify where the urine is in the couch. (Very Important)

Directions #
If you do not know where the pee odor is coming from, then here are some tips to help find the source of the contamination and help remove the odor.
Tip Number One.
Check at the back of the couch and in corners of the couch for pee contaminations.



Tip Number Three.
Picture shows carpet but you can use it for a couch as well

cat pee foaming white in carpet

Step Two : Treat The area by soaking the pee with our recommended Pet Urine Neutralizer.

Now that you have located the areas where your cat has urinated you need to apply a cat urine neutralizer and make sure it comes in contact with all the cat wee.

You may choose to use our DIY pet pee removal formula. Here is what Marcy had to say about it below
For More Information On Our Formula Click here

It works brilliantly and it is so easy to use. I want to thank you for getting back to me so promptly, Great customer service ???? A+++++ I really do appreciate it. Thanks again Ken, this stuff is magic.

Marcy , Vautour


Step Three. Leave the chemicals in the couch to work.

Walk away and make a cup of coffee or read a book. Wait for 5-10 minutes to allow the chemical to work. The formulation will then break down the urine including uric acid and alkaline crystals aka salt in your couch . Once the carpet dries the odor will be gone and if you can still smell it repeat the above steps. Job done!!

Step Four. Removing the residues using towels or a wet vac on your couch.

When the foaming has stopped you can remove the residues with old towels or you can suck them up with a wet vacuum cleaner. I often flush the area with warm water and then suck that up along with the residues. Old towels does just as good a job but you do need a lot of them to get all the residues. If it is a hot summers day then the area will dry quite quickly.
If it is cold and wintery use a lot of towels and then put a dehumidifier in the room to assist in the drying process. This is how to get pee smell out of couch
How to get cat smell out of house

More information here on removing cat urine odors

*Carpets react differently to fabrics. Please spot test first


So you have learned how to get cat pee smell out of your couch and we wish you success.
Here are some observations from Craig that he has gleaned over the years that may help you.

* Cat Urine is a real problem because it contains a high content of salt which makes the urine odor last for many years to come in carpet, furniture and concrete floors.
* The odor tends to intensify and create odor issues when the humidity is high or the temperature in the room warms up.
* Often over winter time, cat urine odor tends to be quite dull and not a major problem. Then comes the first day of spring and all hell breaks loose. Suddenly the room is filled with that disgusting odor as it heats up..

We have done some really tough urine removal jobs over the years. Some jobs need an Ozone Treatment.



The durability of cat urine is closely linked to the solution for fixing it.The components of urine such as uric acid and salt combined were the offending ingredients that make the urine odor so long lasting in fabrics, carpet,wood and concrete. I knew if I could find a way to remove the salt and uric acid I would also find the solution to removing the cat urine odor.

After many experimentation I finally came up with a solution that worked instantly on new cat urine and also worked on older cat urine. I perfected my techniques and odor issues turned from a headache into a full time career for me. how to get cat pee smell out of carpet starts with the contaminants i.e uric acid, salt, and other ingredients of cat urine to remove the odor. More often than not some areas will be worse than others. For example if a cat pees consistently in one area then it is likely to smell stronger than areas it just sprays on.



Don’t forget to donate to the poor animals that have no home here

How to get dog pee smell out of carpet

Remove Dog Pee From carpet

For years now we have been answering how to get dog pee smell out of carpet and dog urine odor in carpet is a widespread problem in alot of pet owners homes.

Dog urine if left unchecked in carpet becomes a long term issues and becomes finicky to remove when old.
So lets break down how to get dog pee smell out of your carpet and give you a full proof solution.

We have removed small dog pee smells and odors such as Chihuahua dog urine through to big dogs such as a Great Dane.
No matter how big or small the dog is, one thing is guaranteed. Dog pee smell stinks and the stench is not easy to remove once left for a long period.
Below are some Step By Step Guides for you to help get rid of dog pee smell.

Step One: Soak Up The dog pee first

If you are lucky enough to be around at the time your dog urinates then take some toilet tissue or an old thick towel and place over the urine to soak up as much as you can. Press firmly on the carpet to ensure the urine is sucked up well and make sure you have gloves when touching the affected area. Keep changing the towel so the urine is soaked up throughly and little dog pee remains in the carpet. It can be useful to leave your towel beside the exact spot so when you return to treat the dog pee smell, its easy to find.

Soak up dog pee with towel

Step Two: Treat the urine with a product designed to break down the salt and acids found in dog pee

Use our homemade odor eliminator and pet urine neutralizer. Click here

Or for a ready made product we recommend this one. Click here

Dog urine odor can smell very strong if the stench is left to fester in the carpet. This is caused by the acid, alkaline and several other components bonding together to form a hard crystal and then attaching itself to the carpet substrate.
Treat as soon as you can You can see review of it over here in our Pet Odor Neutralizer Reviews


Step Three: Carry Out The Treatment

Tip the product onto the affected area as shown below.
Depending on how much pee is there will depend on how much product you need to use. Big dogs put more urine out than little dogs, however we have found smaller dog breeds have much stronger urine that can cause carpet bleaching if left untreated. If you have a problem with dog urine stains then this book is excellent.

Removing dog pee in carpet professionally

Step Four: Soak up the surplus product after 15 minutes as shown below

Pet Pee products need time to work, but you also don’t want to soak the carpet for extended periods either so it is important to soak it up using a wet vac or towels as shown. We find that this product works well if left in the carpet for around 15-30 minutes so the enzymes and salt and acid neutralizers have time to do their work. If you are in a warm climate you still need to get as much of the product out by soaking up the surplus liquid then leave it for  the sun and air to dry the remaining moisture. Its your call really. In winter time, it is critical to get as much of it out as possible. This is the start of how to get dog pee smell out of carpet.

Apply a good douse of pet urine neutralizer

Step Five: Place some plastic wrap on the area and leave for 1-2 hours as shown below

If you are in a warm climate it can be useful to place some plastic wrap over the area for 1-2 hours to assist the product in working. It will slow down the evaporation and ensure the odor neutralizing agents have time to work. It also shows other household members of where the odor contamination is and where to avoid stepping.

Stop product evaporating with plastic

Step Six: Remove Plastic wrap and leave to air dry

Shown below is straight after the plastic wrap is removed. The carpet is still damp as shown and it is at this stage you can do a quick sniff test to see how effective your urine neutralizing treatment has been.  *Note Some products need up to two weeks to work properly so ensure you read the label on the bottle. If you want more instant results then click here for a DIY odor Neutralizer

the finished product!

That’s it, you done, now just relax with a coffee and let the product do its work.All you need do is leave the area to dry now. If its winter time then use a dehumidifier to remove the moisture. A fan won’t be effective as it will not remove moisture from deep within the carpet. You can place a clean folded towel on the area and stand on it. This will assist the drying and help suck up some of the moisture.

Remove Dog Pee From carpet

Q: What If I don’t know where the dog pee is located but I can smell it?

A: If you have dog urine smells in your home and you are unsure of where the odor is coming from then please follow the instructions below. Not all of us see the dog actually pee on the floor and they can be very sneaky, i.e poo or wee behind the lounge, pee in the corner of the room, or urinate in the middle of the carpet and you don’t see it because the urine has dried.

Q How do I find where the dog peed?

A: Locating the source of the dog pee odor is a critical step in how to get rid of dog pee smell in carpet.Look for obvious dark areas of your carpet as shown below.
Dog pee smells can intensify the colors in the carpet even when dry so this is the first step. Take some time to observe the carpet and look for staining. Check behind the furniture, and in the middle of the room. 85% of cases we see the dog has peed in the middle of the room yet the dog owner has missed it. Dogs love to pee in the middle of the carpet for what ever reason we do not know.


Hot Tip Two. Easy Way To Find The Urine
If you are unsure where the urine contamination is you can spray some of our product around and look for white foaming as shown below. This indicates urine is present. One of the many benefits of using our DIY homemade recipe.


Use your nose and scan the carpet sniffing the obvious areas.

Ok this is not a fun way to do it and using our product as a locator shown above is an easier way for sure but… your nose is a very accurate odor locator and should be used as such. Below shows sniffing a chair suspected of having urine on it from a leaking dog. The best bet is to use a piece of chalk and mark the areas that you detect urine in so it is easy to come back and treat. Place a chalk mark beside the area with an arrow pointing to the contamination.

Once you locate the area then you can treat it as shown above with one of the products we reviewed or if you want to make your own product (the same one we use) then click here.

How to get rid of old dog pee smell?

Quite often a dog owner may miss the fact that their beloved hound has peed on the carpet or behind their favorite chair and the odor does not surface until spring one the weather starts to warm up. Never fear, The Odor Dude is here to help you.
Old dog pee stains can cause years of stench and odor issues depending on the severity of the urine contamination if not treated correctly. The issue can be intensified by the dog urinating in the same area multiple times and this can mean more difficult treatment and removal.

Step One: Douse the old dog pee with our DIY Old Dog pee Remover

Using a healthy amount of pet urine odor neutralizer and douse the area where the old urine is. If you are using our product you should see alot of white foaming. This is a good sign as it means you are exactly on the contamination.


Step Three: Extract the area using a wet vac with at least 50PSI of suction

You can see our Wet Vacuum reviews here which were tested on pet urine stains and odor

Using the wand of your wet vacuum extract out the chemical and repeat the process again until you have extracted as much as you possible can.

Removing old dog pee odor using wet vac extractor vac

If you don’t want to mix up your own odor removal product then there are alot of wonderful dog pee neutralizer products on the market and many that don’t work. We should know as we tested just about all of them over the years.
in 2005 we came across the X-O Plus Odor Neutralizer and Cleaner. It is a great product and I have found a discounted concentrate for you on Amazon (Economical and works well on dog pee odor.) Click here for more details.

Cat Urine Odor Neutralizer

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 8.19.49 pm

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 8.20.11 pm

Dog Odor Remover Review above (one of 400) and we believe this to be among the top rated and even in the top 10 dog odor removers on the market (apart from ours of course !!)
So once you have located the area pour the dog urine neutralizer on and be generous. Don’t just spray the top of the carpet as this will not penetrate into the all the carpet layers and destroy the acid and salts that are present in dog piss. Give it a generous portion and let the product soak in and do its job.


What homemade Urine Neutralizer Product to use (Mix it yourself as shown below)

how to get dog pee smell out of carpet easily

It all started for me in 2002 when I was called out to deal with a dog pee in carpet accident with a neighbor. The dog was old and on medication, so the urine was very strong smelling. The issue was this particular dog had been urinating in the same spot for quite some time, so using just a pet urine neutralizer from the pet shop was not enough to remove the stink. The neighbor was looking for better results and asked me to take care of it. He was also wanting the dog urine smell gone fast as he was hosting a 21st birthday party for his daughter.

There are several products on the market that are very good to use and we review those pet odor neutralizers here  however I needed to develop something more powerful and faster acting so we developed our own product that was mixed onsite prior to treatments. We were doing alot of  odor removal and we needed something a bit more economical and powerful to use. It was at this stage of my career that I began my many thousands of hours of testing and tweaking a dog pee neutralizer which we still use today. In fact thousands of people all over the world now use it along with the many other dog urine removal products we recommend throughout the website. In face some of our pet odor product reviews are shown below. We did hundreds of hours of tweaking and testing and perfected our formulation on dog pee odor . You can buy the formula here for $9-99. Thousands of pet owners all around the world have used our homemade recipe successfully. Return to this page after purchase and follow the instructions below

We have solutions for:

Cat Urine in Carpet,
Dog Odor,
Rat Urine In The Attic
Burnt Popcorn in a Microwave

Cigarette Smoke smell in your Vehicle
Weed Smell in your car and much more.
Pet Odor Neutralizer Reviews
If you have heard about Ozone in odor removal then read our Ozone machine reviews and get the best machine first time. We can help you with any odor and make recommendations on which odor removal product to use.
Odor Reducing Laundry Detergent Reviews
The top 20 House hold Odors and how to remove them

You can contact me here
My odor removal methods are based on thousands of hours in the field testing and retesting different products on extreme dog pee odors. The methods are so easy you will be amazed and surprised at the results. You can now get rid of severe odors in just minutes and I will teach you the insider secrets we use plus show you how, using easy to follow videos, on exactly how to remove dog urine smells and contamination’s the easy way. Since starting in odor removal in early 2002, we get phone-calls on a regular basis asking us how to get dog pee smell out of carpet, so I have put together an article below on the exact steps we use to remove that horrible smell. Craig has cleaned dog pee smell in over 1000 houses where the owners had dog pee issues and these ranged from severe cases through to mild cases, from little dogs through to large dogs, and getting dog wee out of the carpet can be challenging unless you use the correct odor removal product and techniques .

Shown below is a serious contamination and as you can see the white foam is intense. This area needed two treatments die to the amount of urine in the carpet and the age of it.




Don’t for get to donate to your local animal shelter

How to get rid of Rat smell | Odor expert shows his method used since 2002

Hi guys, Craig the Odor Dude here

On this page I cover how to remove rat urine odor from an attic or ceiling space, plus how to remove dead rat odor if a rat got stuck in a wall or cavity and has died. They sure can put a horrible odor off. You can also use the same principles for mouse urine odor removal.
If you want to save reading time click below
How to remove Dead Rat Odor From within a Drywall Click here

Looking to repel rates?

Rat repel machine

Updated 2018. My formulation works very well on rat urine. Along the way I have worked on perfecting my product and my methods so I can help home owners remove rat urine odor themselves easily and effectively.
I have also incorporated some ingredients into my formulation that helps you find the main contamination areas by the product foaming white on contact.

Here are the step by step instructions on how to remove rat urine odor from an attic and ceiling

Step No One: Decide if you are going to make your own product using my recipe or use a commercial odor neutralizer. We go through both options below

Option A : Use my Do It Yourself Rat Urine Neutralizer Formulation
Click here

The formulation consists of four easy to purchase ingredients that you can get from the store.
Its costs about 50 cents a gallon to make and is highly effective on rat urine.
Bookmark this page and apply the step by step directions below.

Mixing rat urine neutralizer

“Hey Ken, I have done it, The smell has gone. The problem was as you suggested, that I did not know where the main areas of contamination were so I was treating the wrong area. I sprayed the formula around and looked for the foaming as you suggested. (there was a lot of foam by the way) I then applied a heavy dose and left it over night. I repeated that the next day and one day later the odor now is 5% of what is was. It has made such a difference to us and I can not thank you enough. It know it will keep working over the coming days (love how it does this) which gives us peace of mind. Thx!!!

Alistair P, Atlanta Home Owner

Click Here To See What Alistair Used

Option B. Use a premixed commercial odor neutralizer for removing rat urine odor.

We have used this product before and recommend it, I have found a discounted product for you. Click below to save up to 30%

rat Urine Neutralizer

Direction No 1: Locate the source of the rat urine odor

We get asked how to get rid of rat pee smell regularly and a lot of the time people don’t take the time to locate the rat pee in the first instance. It is usually quite easy to locate the rat urine however if you are having trouble trying to locate the source of the rat pee then try this secret. Mix up some of my special formula recipe (Formula two) and spray a light amount onto the wooden framing or dry wall substrate.
IF IT FOAMS WHITE THEN THIS MEANS RAT URINE OR FECES IS PRESENT and you should move to step two which is to neutralize it. Rodent urine be gone!! This applies also if you are wanting to learn how to get rid of mouse urine smell as they have similar principles.


Photo above shows the DIY formula recipe foaming on urine and feces

Direction No 2: Check the area and ensure there are no exposed electrical cables or live sockets in the area you are going to treat. If the cables are completely covered in plastic you will be fine but push them aside if possible from the treatment area.

Rat urine and Feces in attic


Also ensure that any liquid you apply is not going to drip through into the room below.
Once you have done that make up a gallon of my rat urine odor removal formulation and treat the area by applying the product.

Direction No Three : Apply The Product
Investigate the sprayed areas and see how much foaming is present. This will indicate the levels of the contamination’s i.e minor equals light foaming and serious is indicated by heavy white foaming. Rats don’t pee large quantities but rodent urine is renown for being strong and pungent. This is the same when you are dealing with mouse urine odor removal.

The ability to remove the rat urine smell relates to what the ceiling or attic space is made from. Urine will penetrate to different levels depending on what the substrates are in the roof. Typically the framing is raw wood which absorbs rat urine quite easily and if the rat urine is over a long period of time then you will need lots of treatments to penetrate in as deep as the urine is and the other issue is the ceiling lining and insulation if there is any.

rat urine in attic insulation

Photo shows rat urine and feces

The video below gives a step by step guide on what treatments to use.
If the ceiling material is made out of fiberboard, plaster board or gib board or similar then that is also very absorbent and hard to remove. Easier to replace the boards in some cases

In a lot of cases we had to treat the timber 3-4 times with Formula two then once dry, seal it with a very resilient sealer to lock in the residues

How to remove Dead Rat Odor From within a Drywall

Click the image below to learn more

More often than not we get inquiries where people have a dead rat stuck inside a wall. If the rat is behind the Drywall or Plasterboard then the best option is to cut a whole and try to remove the carcass. Not easy if you don’t know where the rat is but if you do know then the best bet is follow instructions below.

Step No One for removing dead rats from within your walls:
Cut a hole in the wall where you believe the rat is (You may need to cut a few holes but they are easy to fix)

Step No Two: Remove the carcass of the rat and safely dispose off. Make sure you wear gloves and a breathing mask


Step No 3: Treat The Area with Formula Two (My secret Odor Removal Product that you can make using 4 simple ingredients)

Spray the area where the rat was located and look for white foaming. If you get white foaming then hammer that spot with the formula several times, then allow to dry. Check for smell after that and repeat if necessary. A good way to test it is to apply formula two and watch for foaming. let it settle for 5 minutes then apply more chemical. If you get the same amount of foaming it means it is a severe contamination and will either require multiple applications over a period of a day or two.

Step No 4: Once smell is treated and removed start to repair the wall
Tools you will need
* Utility Knife
* Drywall Joint Tape
* Drywall Screws
* Taping Knives 14″” and 3 ”
* An electric drill
* 1″ x 1″ dressed piece of wood to use as a backer
* Sanding disc and 220 grit sandpaper
* Quickset Joint Compound
* A square and a measuring tape
* A Pencil

  1. Cut out a piece of drywall the same size as the piece you cut out
  2. Repair Wall as shown in Video below


If you have dead rats remaining in the area then this product is perfect for the odor. (For dead Rat Odor )


Using Ozone Treatment to remove Rat Urine Odor.

If the rat pee smell is still prevalent after you treat using either method shown above then you could consider a strong and prolonged course of Ozone to remove the odor. Ozone is very effective for odor removal and can boost the whole process plus sterilize your home and serve many hundreds of useful purposes around the home

Here is the machine we use.
rat odor ozone

Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator Review

Pros: The Enerzen Ozone generator is incredible value and has high output of Ozone enough to do the shock treatment needed to remove and minimize rat urine odor in hard to get to places.
* Although they state 5 grams of Ozone per hour on the specification sheet I believe it outputs more than that and comes with an adjustment knob for lowering the ozone output if it is too strong.
* The method for producing Ozone is via Corona discharge and this is our preferred method for generating Ozone gas as it lasts the longest and requires little or no servicing. (we have tried light bulb ozone machines in the past with limited results)
* Comes with a timer which can be very useful to stop ozone levels building up to much. We have found also that doing Ozone shock treatments is more effective than prolonged. Shock treatments are numerous blasts with a machine rather than leaving it running continuously.

As a commercial operator most machines do not have a filter on the inlet which means debris will get inside the machine and require cleaning at regular intervals if machine is used alot. we use a simple vacuum cleaner to extract the lint etc.

Buy It ! Its great for rat urine.
See more ozone Machine Reviews here

What is ozone ?
Ozone is a colorless gas comprised of three atoms of oxygen (O3). It is one of the greatest disinfectants worldwide with 3000 times the germ killing power of Chlorine OG-5000 has variable ozone output permits option of adjustable ozone level from 0-5000mg/ hr. When ozone can be found in contact with mold and mildew, pollen, odors, or other airborne germs, one of those atoms integrates with the pollutants rendering them non-active by oxidation, leaving behind pure clean oxygen. This high output ozone generator (as much as 5000 mg/hr) can assist: reduce/kill levels of airborne bacteria reduce/kill black mold and mildew reduce/kill fungi reduce/kill mold spores reduce/kill smells and viruses.
More information here



Best Carpet Drying Fan Blower Reviews

Updated February 2018
Hi its Craig here and welcome to our reviews of the best Carpet Drying Fan Blowers. We have noticed over the years that alot of our web traffic are commercial carpet cleaners looking for help with choosing Ozone Machines  and other associated products such as Carpet Air Moving Fans and Blowers. We review here the best commercial carpet drying fan based on our own experiences with carpet cleaning and odor removal. Having a reliable air mover not only assist with Ozone distribution during odor removal treatments but also when carpets are cleaned and need to be dried or if a flood has occurred and excess water needs to be air dried also. So as you can see the carpet drying fan or blower as they are called is a useful price of equipment to have if you are a commercial operator or if you are a home owner or landlord. Its always useful to read several carpet blower reviews before purchasing and get a unbiased view on what is good and what is not good. We list our opinions and findings below and we hope you enjoy our machine reviews.

Our reviews of the best Air Movers and Carpet Drying Machines

Our Favorite Commercial Unit

Over all we score this Carpet Air Dryer 5/5.
We love the solid construction (see video below for demo), we love the durability and we love the price. Just to be clear if you are a commercial operator that uses drying fans regularly this is the unit for you. If you have a one off application then you may want to consider something more cost effective such as the Conair shown below.
Odorstop is an American company with excellent equipment that is made to last and withstand the knocks a carpet cleaner or flood restoration operators can give them when out in the field or in the van. Their customer service is excellent and they are making some quality cleaning products for commercial carpet cleaners who want mid range products that are affordable and well constructed. These represent incredible value for money and we have no hesitation in rating them at the top of the list. PS Don’t buy from their website as its considerably dearer than the link below

Click here to see more information and save up to 60%


The manufacturers Odorstop use a very durable method of construction called Roto Moulding for their floor drying fan, which means the plastic casing is in one piece and is very solid. You can see the demo below where the guy stands on it. Most portable carpet dryers have a plastic casing that is split and joined with thin threaded bolts that break apart with vibration or come loose. Carpet Air Blowers usually get knocked about a bit in the back of the van so they need to be made tough to withstand the knocks plus be reliable at the same time so they are cost effective if being used commercially. No one likes call backs.

User Friendly

Easy to use controls and a simple switch for the 3 speed Fan which at full speed will give you unbelievable output and drying abilities. Also suited for pushing air around to improve ventilation and Ozone treatments. The unit is stackable, easy to transport, and is not too heavy and not too light. Just right.

showing quality of the carpet drying machine

Fan Quality

We are very impressed with the machine and in particular the fan . It pushes air for a very long way and has the unique tool of a carpet lock which means you attach the carpet to the machine so it pushes air underneath the carpet making it dry even faster. With out this the carpet will flop over and wont dry as well. We are "blown" away  (sorry could not resist) by the output and quality of ozone. Its a great machine.

Showing the all important feature the carpet clamp. Video shows demo of it below

Our review of the Odorstop OS2800 Air Mover


Its no doubt these guys are out to impress and take the quality and durability of their floor dryer very seriously. Over the years we have used a number of carpet dryers and the machines varied in quality and price. Its fair to say the price has come down since 2000 as alot of the units are now made in China however the quality on some of them is terrible. Not with Odorstop, these are tough and work brilliantly. With its 3/4HP blower engine the blower can push air out they say to 100 feet. I actually think it is more. The units also can stack

We also love the 30 foot commercial cable (its yellow too!) that gives plenty of coverage and of course the carpet clamp which keeps the carpet above the air when place in the corner of the room or carpet you are drying.

We also are big fans of Odorstops Ozone Machine too


  • Easy to transport and store
  • Extremely Well built
  • Powerful 3 speed fan
  • Very Economical
  • Does the job beautifully
  • Long lasting (years!!)
  • 30 foot Yellow Power cable


  • Wish we had this unit years ago, could have saved us heaps of time and money

Client Comment : Amazing Machine!…Stronger fan then I thought it would be, 3 fan speeds made it nice for floating the carpet without flapping . Verified Purchaser by Gavin Green.


No 2: Contair FLO800GY Carpet Dryer and Air Blower

carpet air dryer blower

We had to include a good, more economical unit in our review for those that  just need a machine for a one off type application or for the commercial people that don’t use the machine on a day to day basis. From this standpoint the Contair is perfect. It is very inexpensive to buy, has a suitable fan for moving air and drying cleaned carpets very well and at the price it is and a one year warranty its a no brainer to buy it. But if you are a commercial operator then we recommend you invest more and buy the OdorStop Unit shown above.

Over all we score this Ozone Generator 4/5


The quality of these units is good enough for moderate usage and at the price point these machines are they are well suited for applications such as Kitchen Floods, A fan for moving air around a house in Summer, or where the user is a commercial operator and uses the machine every now and then rater than a Flood Restoration Company as example who would be using it daily.

User Friendly

No problem with any of the controls and the 3 speed fan is easily accessed. The unit comes with a 15 foot power cable which could be classified as a bit short by some. It has a good circuit breaker in it and twin power or daisy chain meaning you can run another machine of this one. We don't recommend this type of usage and prefer a one on one type power source.

Fan Output

The fan is suitable for the price but at 1200 CFM and at only 25 ft reach it is limited compared to the more expensive unit shown above which has 100 ft or more. 25 ft  is considered a bit light for heavy applications or commercial applications. If you are wanting to dry a kitchen or laundry flood then this unit will push the air around just fine, however for under carpet drying we prefer a bigger fan to ensure the carpet is lifted by the air. But at the price point and for uses such as Ozone Treatments it is fine to move air around.

Our review of the Contair FLO800GY Floor Dryer and Air Mover.

This is a machine best suited to a one off incident like a laundry flood or for a pushing ozone around in a Ozone Treatment. It is also great for carpet cleaners that want to dry the carpet after a clean. This carpet floor dryer is moderately priced and you definitely get what you pay for but it has a place in the market and has good reviews from the people who purchased it. 
So lets take a look at some of the specification of this air blower and then advise you who it is suitable for.
The air blower is a 1200 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute( which according to the manufacturers provides 25 Feet of air flow)
If you are a home owner or commercial operator and air drying is not  a big part of your business then this unit is perfect for drying a laundry flood, or Kitchen Flood. It is not however suited for placing in the corner of a room and drying UNDER the carpet. The fan is simply not strong enough to lift the carpet. However you will see by the feedback below people who purchased this carpet floor dryer are very happy with the results it provides. Cheaper units like these can be louder than something more expensive but for most people a fan blower noise is something that is not considered to be a problem.
We used to do a lot of work in a Old Peoples Home and having a quiet machine was critical as a lot of our work was in empty rooms at night after a days treatment of urine and feces in the flooring.  To have a noisy engine kept other residents awake.

Click here for more information and pricing


  • Easy to Carry and stack
  • Very well priced so if it lasts a few years its great value
  • Does the job well for moderate floods and carpet cleaning
  • Durable enough for the purpose described above


  • Poly construction with split casing which is not as strong as Rota Moulding once peice
  • Power cable could be longer again!! (You will need to use an extension)
  • Fan is too weak for heavy duty commercial jobs
  • Return to Base 1 years warranty and unknown where that is.

Worth the Money!
My uncle’s house was damaged by flooding recently and every store in a 50 mile radius was sold out of fans. I sent him two of these w/ Prime shipping and he used them in his basement and was able to salvage the foundation. Great buy.

Renee B Amazon Verified Purchaser

Another more inexpensive but reliable air mover that we wanted to include in our reviews. Overall we score this unit 3.85/5 and the score is reflected by the fact that its is rated high by a lot of commercial users that view the machine as a if it lasts 2 seasons they have got their moneys worth. For some one who is not using the unit every day this machine is perfect also and it then gets down to warranty. This unit is also marked as a "Mini" so it does have a place to play in smaller rooms and lofts etc . Weighing in at only 11 1bs  it is easily transported and handled and the body seems very well constructed although it is  a two piece shell.


User Friendly

Fan Output

Our review of the Odorstop 2500 Ozone Generator Another great unit from the Odorstop Stable and this one caught our eye due to the ease of servicing the Corona Discharge Plates and the ability to buy spares as shown below, The parts are easy to install and are very well priced.

  • Price: This unit is dearer than the others and the reason for this is it’s a commercial grade machine with the ability to service and replace parts. Most Ozone machines use a Corona Discharge Method where a current is passed between metal plates and the air passing through is oxidized and turns into O3 gas. The plates get build up on them of contaminants and this can affect the Ozone Gas Output This machine allows you to easily remove the Metal Plates and replcae them inexpensively with new ones thus making the unit last for years. The commercial operators or landlords will be interested in this unit as it will last longer than the cheaper ones due to the ability to be serviced and have the Ozone parts replaced. We think for some one working in a business using this machine, this is essential.
  • Design: The machine also has an air inlet filter (albeit thin) but at least it is something to try to keep the dust out. The units are quite pricey but for a commercial operator these come highly recommended for the ability to replace the ceramic plates. With Ozone machines you have two choices really. Buy something cheaper like the Enerzen and when it fails throw it away or invest more and get a commercial unit like this one and service it to make it last for 10 years or more. The machines are well constructed, solidly built and  weighing in at 9.5 pounds she is quite heavy, but if you are a commercial guy weight is good!. It means the machine will be well constructed and have solid parts which is what we need for durability. Odorstop also do a great range of blowers as well as commercial ozone machines Click here for more information

Overall we score this unit 3/5


User Friendly

Fan Output

Our Review of The Shop-Vac 1032000 Mighty Mini Air Mover.

The Shop-Vac economy unit or Mini as they like to call it has a under powered fan for commercial use  and this machine is most likely suited to someone who just wants to move air within a house. People are buying these because of the price, as in they are really cheap but there is an old saying written in 1824 by John Ruskin that is very true. He said in summary “Its unwise to pay too much but its worse to pay too little” When you pay to much all you lose is money, when you pay to little you sometimes lose everything because the Air Blower you buy can’t do the job you need”  I improvised about the air blower but you get my point.

They have sold 400 of these on Amazon so clearly there is  a need in the market for a cheaper 3 speed air blower, however I can’t see how these would dry carpet with the small fan so in fact they are a glorified house fan made to look like a blower shape to try to tap into the commercial market.

Fro my stand point I would not buy one for our application but you may have a use that they are perfect for.


  • Cheap
  • Can be stacked and is light to carry
  • Can be daisy chained but we don't recommend this
  • Established Company with 1 year warranty


  • 10 ft Power Cable
  • Fan is too small for commercial use

carpet Dryer

Overall we score this unit 4/5


User Friendly

Fan Output

Our review of the OdorStop OS1000 Carpet Dryer and Air Mover

This is just one of the many machines from the “stable” from OdorStop. We have been very impressed by these guys and the attention to detail with the manufacturing of all their machines.  OdorStop are carpet cleaners and ex carpet cleaners so they understand what is needed when evaluating and using a good carpet dryer and air blower machine. They have alot of experience in Odor removal as well as the manufacturing process.  An example is their engines are thermally protected to ensure they have enough air circulating to keep them cool. Most of the issues with smaller air movers are the fans overheating. No so in this case.
The units are lightweight also and weighing in at 12 lbs they are easily moved and stacked also.
The blower is an incredible 1/5HP and 1400 RPM which is fantastic for  a compact unit and totally suitable for drying carpets after cleaning and for small flood work plus in tight corners where using  a big machine is not suited. Overall we love this little machine and it has a very important place in the market for all commercial operators. Ideal for ceilings and other areas where space is limited.

Click here for more information


  • We love the attention to detail and the durability of this machine. The Roto Moulding is unbreakable
  • Solidly constructed throughout
  • Excellent fan Output for such a small unit
  • Very Economical
  • Ideal for areas that are narrow or when you need to lift a unit into a ceiling space, and other narrow areas where a heavy machine is too hard to use


  • 15ft power cord

How I made over $100,000 PA Removing Pet Urine Odors

How to remove Dog Odor In a car

craig-transparantHi Its Craig The Odor Dude here. This article details how rescuing a black cat led to a great business opportunity and how you can benefit from this too.

It was back in 2002 when we heard about a cat who was on her way to the Vets to be put down by the owner. My wife raced in at the last moment to grab her off death row. Being rescued at the last minute led to a fantastic business opportunity that went on to earn us $100K that year. The rescued cats name was Chrissie and we renamed her to Maria. She was a loving caring cat but she came with a few “issues”. She peed everywhere!

Maria The Cat

Cat Urine Everywhere
Within a few weeks we discovered that Maria had a serious piddling problem. She peed inside our house at every opportunity including peeing on a bowl of fruit one day that was eaten unknowingly. When the fruit reached the bottom of the bowl I wondered what the yellow sticky stuff was in the bowl. mmmmmm  Maria %(&&**!!!!!!.
Maria peed inside cupboards, in the corners of the living room, on stairs, on curtains, on my shoes, my clothes, even on me once as I was going down the stairs. It was a big job cleaning up her mess and I was trying every product on the market to help remove the smell with little success. Eventually I made my own product (which I can teach you how to do it)  and ended up cleaning and removing Maria’s urine odor

If you are interested to learn more about running your own Odor Removal Business then click below as I just launched a Free 7 day Course showing step by step what I did and what you can do to to build a 6 figure business part time.

Set up a Lucrative Odor Removal Business. Free 7 day course shows how. CLICK HERE

 Expert in Cat Urine Odors and Removal
To cut a very long story short, I became bit of an expert at removing Maria’s cat urine odor from our house and before too long we were getting calls from friends and neighbors asking us to help them with their pet urine issues. I became very busy and word spread very fast that our service was removing cat and dog urine odors. We built a business that turned over $100K that first year doing it part time. It was an easy business and very lucrative.

The Opportunity for you
There is strong demand for a cleaning and odor removal service in your area right now and this is a super easy business to run. Here are some of the features and benefits shown below.

  1. The equipment needed to run the business was basic and inexpensive so there was no major capital expense needed to get started.
  2. We could work our own hours so it gave us total freedom in our lives.
  3. The margins were excellent which meant we made good profits quickly
  4. We got alot of referral business which meant less advertising costs
  5. We were able to help alot of home owners, pet owners, vehicle owners, and more and get paid at the same time.

Photo shows me cleaning a dog urine contamination back in 2005  in an apartment (Note I had nearly a full head of hair then)

What does this mean for you?
Odor Removal is a very lucrative and a very enjoyable business. Today I am offering to teach you what I did free but its only for a short time  so don’t miss out. Its Free to join now so click below and sign up.

Set up a Lucrative Odor Removal Business. Free 7 day course shows how. CLICK HERE

I eventually got out of this business and sold it in 2012. I now provide Odor Removal advice online and marketing advice to small business owners. I also do reviews on carpet cleaning equipment and Ozone Machine reviews

This is a very real business opportunity which can be part time or full time.
Click the link above and get the Free Training before I pull it down again. This is only available for 1 week

All the best and see you inside the course

How to remove dog odor from your car

remove dog poo odor on car seat

Hi Its Craig The Odor Dude here

Dog Odor in a vehicle is a common occurrence for dog owners and the smell of a dog can be very stubborn to remove particularly in cloth seats and vehicle carpets.
Different dogs produce different types of odors also and we over the years we have come across most of them.
So this article serves to help you with removing dog odor from your car.
First of all lets look at the different types of dog odor.
How to remove Dog Odor In a car

1. The really strong sour dog butt smell:
The reason for this is dogs have an anal gland that on occasions excretes a foul smelling oil that leaks onto fabrics and fibres and is accentuated when the dog rubs its backside when the area gets itchy . This is the worst kind of dog odor possible and is very tricky to remove due to the oily nature of the contaminant. It is prominent in certain breeds of dogs such as older Dachshunds, Corgis and many others. Poor diet can also contribute to these glands emitting odor.
2. Wet Fur Dog Smell
Most dogs produce oil in their dog hair as a natural protectorate against the elements. Once again certain dog breeds are stronger smelling than others and diet has a place to play in it as well. Different dog shampoos also can impact on oil production and of course alot of dogs do not get washed correctly and therefore have strong smelling dog hair. This is the more common dog odor we run into with dog owners vehicles, and is easier to remove than the anal gland odor. See below for the solution.
3. Dog Slobber Odor
Dog slobber is best summed up by the people here. If a dog has poor teeth this can lead to saliva leaking from the mouth, commonly known as drooling. Drool can also have a very unpleasant odor particularly from old dogs and is often found on windows and on seats. This is very easily cleaned with just a simple detergent and a wet vac for the seats and the window just needs a good quality spray cleaner and a warm damp rag with warm water. Wipe it off and dry thoroughly.
See our wet vac reviews here
Or you could mix up some of our odor neutralizer and apply same to the affected area.
4. Bad Breath Odor
Another smell that can be unpleasant in a car is bad dog breath. You may have been called “Dog Breath” by your partner in the morning and some dogs have a very strong breath. Not much you can do here apart from wind the windows down and get the dog to a dentists for some plaque removal.
5. The Old Poo In Dog Hair Trick
You know the old saying. It sticks like %$#@ to a blanket. Well so does dog poo to dog hair and this can be very unpleasant if some gets onto your car seats or vehicle carpet.
remove dog poo odor on car seat

Solutions for removing the smells.

Strong dog smell caused by the anal glands is usually focused on the most popular spots the dog sits in the car so is easy to find. Because oil is the base cause of the odor the technique for removal involves our odor removal formula being injected into the carpet and then extracted after very hot water is also injected.

The formula and heat is essential to break down the oil and remove the contaminants.

Spray the areas with our odor remover
and then apply warm water on top of the formula.
Extract out the residues and repeat until extraction water runs clear. EASY PEASY



Best Odor Neutralizer for Pets | The Top Pet Odor Removers Reviewed

Get rid of Pet Urine Odor for Good

Hi its Craig The Odor Dude here . So lets face it guys, we all are passionate about our pets, but they can be frustrating little so and so’s when they discreetly urinate behind the couch and not tell you!!! Annoying to say the least. But don’t worry we have reviewed some of the best odor neutralizers in the industry for pet urine and pet odor for you to save you time and money. See below the top selling odor removers and our reviews.

Quick Review: Best Pet Urine Odor Neutralizers

$ Great Price $$ Medium Price $$$ Higher Price

Urine Neutralizer



Our Star Rating

XO Plus









Rocco and Roxie



DogGone Pet Stain Remover



What we look for when reviewing odor neutralizing products.



Ease of use

Is it well priced

How effective is the product

is it easy to use

Is the shipping costs reasonable

Did we get a call back to job

Can our clients use it

Size of container

How long did it take to work

Is it safe to animals

How many applications needed

Did we need to reapply

Labeling accuracy

What is the best pet urine odor neutralizer

Here are A few reviews from expert odor remover Craig

X-O PLUS Odor Neutralizer/Cleaner Concentrate Four Star rating Odor Removal from Microwave

Cat urine odor neutralizer We discovered this product in 2005 and have used it many times in our odor removal business. It is a non allergic, botanical enzyme base product, that bonds with odor molecules to neutralize the odor and is dynamite on cat and dog urine. X-O PLUS Odor Neutralizer contains natural essential oils which are great for stains and excellent for neutralizing pet odors. This is our top rated product out of all the reviews and we thoroughly recommend this product. We also love how they sell it in a commercial sized container. Click here to see pricing


  • Product contains the correct urine neutralizers that degrade acid and alkaline
  • Enzymes degrade bacteria
  • 1000's of positive reviews
  • Nice fragrance in the deodorizer
  • Concentrate means more economy
  • We used it since 2005


  • Not the cheapest but worth it for the results

NaturVet Yard Odor Killer Review

yard-odor-neutralizer-dog-piss microwave-odor-3-starsWhat we love about this product is the ease of use for the pet owner with the simple to attach hose fitting which means the dog owner can simply hose the yard with the dog odor concentrate attached and remove the odors very fast. The product when we tested it works well however we have scored it lower as heavy contamination of urine and feces could do with a spot treat first and this is not written on the label nor provided in the instructions. However it is still a great product and excellent value for money. If you have serious contaminations use X-O Plus though instead. NOT SUITED FOR CARPET OR FURNITURE
Click here to see pricing information


  • Excellent value for dog urine in a yard
  • Easy to use
  • Effective on light contaminations
  • Nice fragrance in the deodorizer
  • Concentrate means more economy


  • Not effective on severe urine cases
  • Limited to Yard Use Only

BUBBAS Super Strength Commercial Enzyme Cleaner-Pet Odor Eliminator

yard-odor-neutralizer-dog-piss microwave-odor-2-starsNot our favourite product for pet odors and did not do so well in our tests. The product is better suited as a deodorizer rather than a odor neutralizer and was not effective on pet urine in our trials. It was however very effective at neutralizing and cleaning odor causing spills in the home such as meat spills, cooking odors and so on. It left the home smelling fresh and clean however we would not use it ourselves for pet urine accidents. Click here for best price


  • Great carpet deodorizer when heavily diluted


  • Not effective in our trials
  • Terrible Perfume
  • Customer Service lacking


Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator

 Four Star rating Odor Removal from Microwave

Now this is an awesome and interesting product and we had some great results with it. It is perfect for Pet Owners with ongoing issues and handy bottle means ease of use when your pet urinates on the carpet. Soak up as much as you can then hit it straight away. The odor neutralizer product has a great selection of urine neutralizers in the formulation that get to work straight away. The product works equally as well on wood, concrete, inside a vehicle and on laminates and in other field trials it neutralized cat urine very well. Click here for pricing


  • Good stain removing properties when diluted correctly
  • Excellent Neutralizing Capabilities.
  • Spot Remover eliminates stains
  • Mild fragrance
  • Concentrate means more economy
  • Very easy to use and versatile
  • Good customer service


  • Can't find any

Pet urine stain and odor enzymatic cleaner by Doggone Pet Products is an Enzymatic Cleaner and according to the label can can solve all your problems related to foul odor coming from your carpet, rugs, furniture, or curtains. We found it good for “freshening up” all those areas that are soiled due to pet feces, urine, or vomit, however it was not effective on older urine contamination’s. Reviewers on Amazon complained of similar issues with older stains and older accidents. However if you are not completely satisfied with the product then you can return it and get the entire money back. On newer urine contamination’s it seemed to work quite well.

DogGone Petstain and Odor Remover

Click here for pricing


  • Good stain removing properties when diluted correctly
  • Enzymes degrade waste
  • Spot Remover eliminates stains
  • Nice fragrance in the deodorizer
  • Concentrate means more economy


  • Not so effective on older stains
  • Quite pricey

Click the Green Product names below for more information

Urine Neutralizer



Our Star Rating




XO Plus






Rocco and Roxie



Alot of the call out work we did, started with having to find the urine contamination first before we could treat it. 9 times out of ten the urine was behind couches, tables, and pieces of furniture and in our opinion this is why some pet owners have issues using pet urine neutralizers and removing pet urine smells. They don’t put the time in to find the sources of the odor.

Hot Tip No One: Spend time locating the source of the urine odor if you do not know exactly where it is.
99% of cases we have seen where owners have been unable to remove the odor is cause by odor contamination’s being missed when treated. A simple mistake to make but one that leaves odors in the house.

On other pages of this website, we cover dog urine odor, cat urine smell and much more inside our industry article section however this page is dedicated to reviewing odor removal products that you can buy online.
If you believe you pet is urinating because of an illness then get them checked out with your local vet as soon as possible. Excessive urinating can be a sign of sickness in a pet.

When reviewing Pet Urine Odor Neutralizers we look for some common elements that help us determine if the product is good or bad.
The most obvious one is “Did the odor neutralizer neutralize the urine”  and this goes with out saying that our number one protocol for odor removal is having a product that works.
However other factors need to be considered including how safe the odor killer is for animals and babies after it is applied (they will walk on it right?) and how much of the pet odor neutralizer we had to use to remove the odor in the house being treated.
We look at the instructions for use and how accurate they are for urine contamination’s and dog odor issues in carpet, in other words have the manufacturer really tested this product out on the common issues pet owners and home owners face.

But what is most important to us is the product is easy for our clients to use and it works!!

Best Wet Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Stains

Updated 2018

Wet/Dry Vacuum machines are the best cleaning tool that you could use for cleaning up pet messes, so we searched high and low for the Best Wet Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Stains to assist you in purchasing one. A Wet/Dry vacuum is ideal for maintaining a clean work space and home and perfect for urine removal and feces removal when combined with a chemical treatment. Most of the machines come with useful tool accessories which are mainly designed to remove sawdust, dust, lint etc but some have a “wand” that can be used for injecting water on top of urine and extracting the whole lot out in one movement. This is a recommended process for urine extraction from carpet and furniture.
Today we have selected 5 wet/dry vacuum cleaners for pet stains and ran them through the testing with cat urine and dog urine both old and new. The machines varied in efficiency and performance so please feel free to research below before buying one for your use.
Also, there are hundreds of brands and models available in the markets and picking the best among them becomes a daunting task. So this article serves to bring you the best wet dry vac for the money

Before we get into it , we know that some of you will be commercial operators, like carpet cleaners, or floor work companies, or professional Odor Removers, so we thought it only fair to give our view on the best commercial carpet extractor as shown below. These are considerably dearer then the domestic machines shown down the page.

2017 Best Commercial Carpet Extractor for Odor Removal 

Our Review 5 / 5

These are made in USA, heavy duty, great backup, plenty of spare parts if needed for servicing, exception value for money and comes with a beautifully designed carpet extraction wand for removing the contamination. Now available at a discount rated. Click here to see pricing
These are awesome machines and so good to see something built in the good Ole USA instead of overseas.

Best commercial carpet extractor

If you are a commercial carpet cleaning contractor then the Mosquito Range listed below will serve you well.

2017's Reviews of the Best Wet Vacuums for Odor Removal Domestic


Product Name


Price Point

Editor Rating


16 Gallon, 5 Yr Warranty, Excellent Suction



14 Gallon, 4 Yr Warranty on Motor , Excellent Suction



16 Gallon, 1 Yr Warranty, Good Suction



4 Gallon, 1 Year, Good suction, Washable Filters, Brittle plastic fittings



12 Gallon, Lifetime Warranty, Moderate Suction,


At a Glance: Our Choices for The Best Wet Vacuum for Carpet

To make your search easier, we have come up with the top 5 wet vacuum cleaners that are reasonably priced and durable to use. We have done a detailed research on the vacuum cleaners based and tested the best wet vac for dog urine, cat urine, rat urine and more. We mention their features, pros, and cons and keep the reviews non biased. Depending on the purpose of use, there are some considerations that you need to keep in mind before purchasing the vacuum cleaner. These have been tested on tile floors, carpet, furniture and more. Read on; and our honest reviews will certainly help you to pick the perfect cleaning machine for your odor removal project.

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that will last for years and years without any problems, then the Workshop Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner WS1600VA will be the best choice. The cleaner comes with a 5-year limited warranty and is inbuilt with numerous amazing features.

However, it is a bit louder than the other vacuum cleaners so I usually use ear plugs while running it but this is only caused by the powerful motor that generates the incredible suction in both wet use and dry use. Great for dog urine in carpet once it has been treated. You will however have to purchase some accessories based on the work you are wanting to do, like the wet foam filter and the fine dust filter but if your intended use is removing cat or dog urine odor the machine is good to go. So, depending on the intended use, you can place an order for its accessories which are all easily available online. It is still exceptional value for money even with the added accessories!!  Just saying.

The machine is nicely-designed and a very sturdy product. Installation of the metal casters to the feet will take a few minutes but once done, you can start using the machine instantly. No assembly required (Yay) The Workshop WS1600VA has the added benefit of filters that can be cleaned without any difficulty by removing and tapping it on the side of a waste can or washing. It is easy to empty out liquids in wet mode without removing or unlatching the lid by the valve at the base of the unit. The suction power is excellent and its attachments work amazingly well. Great for a pet owner to treat urine spills with.

Here are some features of the Workshop WS1600VA Vacuum Cleaner:

  • It is easy to setup and has a 2.5” x 7 foot locking hose. The locking tab ensures that the dual flex hose is well-connected to the vacuum machine during use.
  • The filter fastening system will make the entire session of changing filters easy and quick.
  •  Its auto shut-off float mechanism will make sure that there isn’t any kind of spill over during wet cleaning.
  • The vacuum is easy to use for wet cleanups as its drainage port can drain out any liquids.
  • The 16-gallon drum can effortlessly manage large cleaning tasks.
  • Its integrated blowing port enhances the machine’s versatility completely.
  • Operating and maintaining the vacuum cleaner is quite easy.
  • It is accurately designed so that the included accessories have enough space, and there is room to accommodate even more.


  • Excellent Suction
  • No complex assembly
  • Great range of accessories
  • Washable filters
  • Auto shut off valve for safety
  • Excellent support for manufacturers
  • Exceptional value for money


  • Quite loud but this you are getting a very powerful motor so its a small sacrifice to make we feel.

If you need a vacuum cleaner with super quiet sound level then the Shop-Vac 5951400 Wet/Dry Vacuum is a good choice.  A dependable machine that can be used to clean variety of surfaces and great suction but...some flaws that made the reviewer score this unit lower. A short power cable, poor instructions for assembly, brittle plastic fittings all added up to a lower score. It is however a powerful and stylish vacuum cleaner with excellent provision for dog urine treatment jobs with the powerful wet suction but a power cable of 6 ft ? and the assembly instructions, plus customer support bring this unit down in ratings.

Personally, I found the hose to be a bit short so I bought an extension for it, which was easily available online. All in all, it is a reasonably priced product that can solve most of your needs related to cleaning of your home, garage, patios, basement, etc. 

Here are some features of the Shop-Vac 5951400 Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner:​

  • The product arrives with several accessories like the 14” floor nozzle, collection filter bag, 8 feet lock-on hose, cartridge filter, and much more.
  • The filter minder will make sure that your filter system remains protected for longer and provides better performance.
  • The hose length is 8 feet.
  • You will be provided with a 4 year motor warranty.
  • It has a strong suction and is extremely easy to move because of its big wheels.
  • The hose locks well so you can pull the machine without any worries of the hose coming loose.
  • It works amazingly well for wet spillages as the machine has a drain plug so you don’t have to lift it.


  • Excellent Suction
  • Very quiet
  • Large rear wheels great for moving around
  • Drain plug for water (great for the back!)
  • Warranty of 4 years but hard to contact company


  • Assembly required and lame instructions
  • Short Power Cable (keeps pulling out)
  • Not supported well in USA

Another amazing vacuum cleaner is the Craftsman XSP, which will be an appropriate tool for those who are looking for a sturdy, powerful, and robust machine. It will help you in vacuuming some of the tough places that are filled with wood chunks, sawdust, broken glasses, metal shards, nails and screws, and much more. Furthermore, water or liquid in a flooded room can be easily cleaned with the help of this machine. The company even provides a gutter kit, which is sold separately online and comes handy for removing debris and leaves from gutters.

However, it is quite big compared to the other cleaners so you will have to think of a place to keep it in your home before purchasing. If you have a garage or basement, then you can keep it there. Overall, the machine is worth every penny and is much better than the other vacuum cleaners that are available online. As it does not require paper filter bags, I personally found this to be quite economical. 

Here are some fantastic features of the Craftsman XSP Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner:

  • It has been designed meticulously to tackle the toughest cleanup projects for home, shop, garage, or jobsite.
  • The tool can easily be converted to a blower for job site.
  • It has an innovative top-tray storage space that can be used for storing power drills, screws, mechanics tools, etc. for easy accessibility.
  • Its secured hose system makes cleaning simpler as it keeps the hose in place when the machine is in use.
  • The huge drain helps in clearing tanks of liquids that is sucked by the cleaner.
  • Mobility of the tool has been enhanced by adding heavy duty 360 degree swivel casters.
  • Transporting the tool from one place to another is easy and comfortable as it has an integrated ergonomic handle.
  • It comes with a 7” hose, 20” power cord and extension wands so that you can reach larger areas effortlessly without unplugging the tool.
  • Pumping out water is fast and effortless with this tool.
  • The on/off switch is easy to use and can quickly control the power.


  • Excellent Suction
  • Reliable and hard wearing
  • Gutter cleaning kit available as an extra
  • Drain plug for water (great for the back!)
  • 20' Power Cord


  • Be careful with the castors, they are  a bit brittle

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that can help in vacuuming, blowing, inflating, deflating, shampooing upholstery, etc. then the New Prolux Garage Shop Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner will be the right choice. The machine has been designed in such a way that it will help you to complete most of your cleaning jobs and is excellent for urine treatments.

You will receive several accessories with the vacuum cleaner like the floor squeegee, hand held sprayer, upholstery tool, floor tool, shampooer extraction tool, various sized inflators, and much more. These accessories will enable you to vacuum your car, shop, home, or garage easily. Once you purchase this vacuum cleaner, shampooing the upholstery in your car or cleaning the melted snow in winters will be like a cake walk for you.

The instruction booklet provided with the machine has clear and detailed information to mount the cleaner. Also, all of the hardware was provided with the machine so that the entire process of assembling and mounting becomes easy. The amount of accessories provided with the tool is quite impressive. One thing that I liked the most was that the filter can be washed when dirty, which is not possible for most of the vacuum cleaners as they recommend you to change the filter entirely and on a regular basis.

Listed below are some of the wonderful features of the New Prolux Garage Shop Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner:​

  • It is a multipurpose wall mounted vacuum cleaner that can help you to clean water, dust, dirt, snow, and much more.
  • Squeegee hard floor surfaces will become simpler with this tool.
  • The wall mounted tool caddy is extremely handy as each and every tool can easily fit into it.
  • It has a powerful 1500 W 12 Amps of suction so that your vacuuming process is awesome.
  • The cloth filter and the HEPA filter that is provided in the starter pack can be washed effortlessly when it gets filled up with dirt.
  • It is a durable and robust tool that can last for a lifetime.
  • The tool is extremely easy to use and can be quickly mounted to the wall when not in use.
  • It arrives with a 30 feet hose that will let you clean large areas without difficulties.
  • The wet/dry ability of the tool will solve most of your pet urine cleaning worries.


  • Excellent Suction
  • Reliable and hard wearing
  • Easy To Clean Filters
  • Drain plug for water (great for the back!)
  • 30' Power Cord


  • Hose is a bit short

Last on our list is the the two in one vacuum cleaner the RIDGID Wet Dry VAC 1200 Vacuum. The tool is equipped with innumerable accessories such as the utility nozzle, 8 foot locking hose, car nozzle, blower wand, two extension wands and much more. Its 12 gallon capacity drum and a powerful motor are perfect for wet pick-ups but there are some challenges with this machine and the company supporting it.

Its innumerable accessories will enable you to effectively clean your house, car, or garage however they are very cheaply made and will break easily so take care!. . Assembling the cleaner is easy as the instructions provided in the booklet are detailed. The machine is larger than expected so you need to plan for a place to keep it in your home or basement and although the fliters are washable they are also very sensitive so make sure you buy spares. Also, you need to clear the filter regularly when it clogs otherwise it will reduce suction and make the cleaning process a long task.

Mentioned below are some of the features of the RIDGID Wet Dry VAC 1200 Vacuum Cleaner:

  •  It is a versatile 2-in-1 tool with wet dry vacuum and a blower that makes the cleaning process effortless.
  • The cord length is 20 feet and the hose length is 8 feet.
  • You can convert the detachable blower into a handheld blower; thus cleaning the house or garage conveniently.
  • The suction is powerful and can easily manage heavy-duty dry and wet vacuum cleanup as it has a 5.0 peak horsepower motor.
  • It has a large drain so liquid disposal becomes quick and simple.
  • The caster feet enable easy rolling movement while it is in use but they break easily.
  • You can store its accessories or attachments at the accessory storage space provided.
  • It has a dual-flex locking hose, which keeps the hose in place while the machine is running.
  • Transporting or carrying the vacuum cleaner is trouble-free as it has comfortable side handles.
  • Changing the filter is quick as it has the Qwik-lock filter system. Also, you will not require any kind of small tools for installing or removing the filter.
  • The utility nozzle makes the cleanup of large areas simple.
  • For cleaning carpets and upholstery, you will be provided with the car/blower nozzle.


  • Easy Change Filter
  • Good suction
  • Great range of accessories
  • Excellent power cord length (20ft)


  • Poor quality fittings
  • Customer support questionable

Why should you buy a vacuum cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is an important cleaning utility that can be used for diverse cleaning chores and can help in making your life easier. However, before picking one for yourself you need to consider two important things – the suction power and the filtration process. Once you are certain about the purpose of using a vacuum cleaner, you will be able to make the purchase accurately.

Also, ensure that your pick requires less maintenance and is durable enough to work for many years. The aforesaid reviews of the top 5 vacuum cleaners will help you in your hunt to find a perfect tool. All these 5 models are quite promising and can fit everyone’s pockets too. So, select the best one for yourself and lead a healthy and clean life.


We hope you enjoyed this Wet Vacuum Review and that the information is useful. All the machines above are budget and suited for domestic uses. We wish you all the ebst with your odor removal. For more tips on removing dog pee from carpet click here. You may also find useful information about Vacuum Cleaners here also.

20 Common Household Odors and How to Remove Them Fast

With our busy lives, hectic work schedules and the thrills and spills of modern living, its no wonder we can end up with some strange odors in the house from time to time. Listed below are the most common odors and some solutions to help you get rid of the smells. If you find this article helpful please consider sharing it with your friends and family. Updated 2018

New Addition Dog Pee Odor In Your Home

Sorry guys I forgot the most common one so I have added it above everything else. Good old stinky dog pee smells. How often have you walked into a dog owners house only to be greeted with that terrible smell of dog urine odor I have written an article dedicated to the topic so hop on over and check it out.

1. Ant Infestation Odor

First lets look at a simple strategy to remove the ants. We need to determine if the ants are sugar ants or protein ants. The best way to do this is to put down some Parmesan cheese and some icing sugar and watch which food gets the most ants, then simply mix that food with some powdered Borac Acid and they will die in a few days back at the nest. The Boric Acid will also kill the other ants inside the nest. After 3 days, simple clean up all the dead ant/food residues and then spray the area with any good kitchen bench top cleaner and the smell will be gone in no time at all.

2. Musty smell in bedrooms

musty-bedroom-odorQuite often the rooms that don’t get any sun inside a home will develop a musty smell which is caused by the mold spores that build up over time. Ozone Gas is a great way to kill mold and the simplest method. They start from $85 and you can see our Ozone Machine reviews here. However we are well aware that not all home owners have an Ozone machine to use therefore we have developed another system for removing the mold and the associated odor.
All you need do is mix up 1/4 teaspoon of oil of cloves into 2 pints of warm water and spray the room generously including the actual mold spores as shown in the photo. The mold will die with in 48 hours and drop off and the odor will disappear in a few days. Best if possible to let fresh air in and keep the room warm while this process is occurring.

3. Smelly Drains

smelly-drain-odorThis is a very common occurrence in most homes and it is generally caused by hair or lint accumulating deep inside a drain pipe and that in turn starts to trap other contaminants which start to produce foul smelling anaerobic bacteria. This typically presents itself as a sulfur type of odor and will fill the whole house with the odor.
The solution for drain odor is very simple, just pour some bleach down the drain ( Sodium Hyperchloride) or if  you don’t have that a toilet cleaner is usually sufficient. The toilet cleaners have Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Hyperchloride and will do a great job on removing the odor almost instantly. Or buy one of our odor removers from here

4. Teenagers Room

messy-teenager-room-odorUnfortunately a common cause of house odor is a teenagers room. Old pizzas, smelly gym bags and old socks that have been worn 5 times and then stored under the bed for the next wear, all add up to a pungent teenager type of odor. A simple solution here is to use either 1/4 teaspoon of Oil of Cloves in with warm water and a teaspoon of Methylated spirits if available and spray the room including under the bed and in the cupboards. Remove all socks, pizza trays, dirt laundry and sleeping teenager and wash all. The meths and clove in water spray will make the room feel fresh and clean.

5. Smelly Laundry

smelly-laundryThe laundry can be a great source of odors due to the wide range of items that pass through that part of the house. From baby clothes filled with milk and other treats through to the gym gear and of course those wonderful socks. However what we find the most in the laundry that usually causes a bad odor is the drain in the wash tub. A simple solution here is to use a piece of wire and clear the drain pipe as best you can then pour bleach down it. This will kill bacteria and remove the odor instantly. See our review of The Best Odor Removal Laundry Detergents here

6. Stinky Basement

basement-odor-moldBasement odors typically come from items being damp. Shoes, suitcases, back packs etc all stored in the basement will attract mold spores and then start to produce odor. Simple solution here is to use 1/4 teaspoon of Oil of Cloves in with warm water and spray the room and the items. If the mold smell remains then check what is causing it. Quite often a wall can be seeping water and may need proper drainage installed behind it to alleviate the water coming through. Or another simple solution is to Ozone the basement overnight.

7. Smelly Kitchen Extractor fans

oily-extractor-fan-kitchenIf you fry food then no doubt you will have cooking odors in your home from frying fish, steak, browning meats and of course the good old curry cooked on the stove. Alot of odor comes from the oil in the filter and unfortunately alot of the filters in the extractor fans get damaged when washed due to the fine aluminum mesh that starts to break apart when washed. The simple solution here is to remove the filter and replace it with a Kitchen Oil Cotton Filters which are heat resistant and can be washed or thrown away. They are cheap to buy and a much better system for filtering.

8. Burnt Food and Curry Smells in Microwave

how-to-remove-that-horrible-burnt-smell-out-microwave This is an easy one. Simply place a bowl that is half filled with water, 3x 1″ pieces of orange peel, 2 cloves, and 1/4 of a teaspoon of baking soda. Nuke for 1 minutes then repeat 3 times with a interval of 15 seconds. Wipe the microwave out and odor will be gone. See my demo of Microwave Odor Removal here


9. Smelly Plastic Chopping Boards in your cupboard

Smelly Chopping Board Odor removal
Nothing worse than cutting up your favorite apple only to have it taste of onions and garlic. UGH! This is one of my pet hates. Simple spray Bleach onto the chopping board and let sit for 5 minutes then either put through the dishwasher or wash and scrub using dish washing detergent. Easy and a fast result. Never get garlic in your apples again. If you have a wooden board the bleach may make it go white so if this is a concern use detergent and a scrubbing brush, scrub hard then rinse and repeat.

10. Stuffy smelling carpet

carpet-odorCarpet collects food scraps, foot debris including animal droppings, urine etc and can develop a stinky, dingy odor when the house is closed. A professional carpet cleaner will sort it for you but as a temporary measure you can use a box of baking soda that is infused with lemon oil. Sprinkle it over the carpet, and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then, vacuum it up and make sure you have it all cleaned. The carpet will smell fresh and clean again.

11. Cat Urine In Carpet

removing cat urine smell from concreteWe have a full page dedicated to this lovely topic.

12. Stale Mattress Odor

stale-mattress-odorA mattress gets a stale odor through the sweat and body fats that we lose when we sleep. They penetrate deep into the fabrics and create a stale musty smell. The best bet to solve this issue is take the mattress off and lay out up against a wall in a sunny position. If you don;t have a space like this then lay the mattress against a bedroom wall and place a dehumidifier in the room for 8 hours then spray a light coating of 1/4 of a teaspoon oil of clove and 1 teaspoon of methylated spirits into a 2 pints of water. Leave for 8 hours again in the dehumidifier room.

13. Stale Clothes Closet Odor

stale-closet-odor Alot of clothes such as coats etc can’t be washed like a Tshirt can, so from time to time they develop a body oil stale type of odor which can build up when multiple clothes are present. There are two things needed for removing stale clothes. The first is the removal of moisture and this can be done inexpensively by hanging a bundle of six sticks of ordinary white school chalk in your cupboard. When they get filled with moisture simply hang them in the sun and re-use them again and again. Brilliant stuff, and the second requirement is to freshen up the clothes using our favorite solution. Yes you guessed it..1/4 of a teaspoon of Oil of Cloves and 2 teaspoons of Methylated spirits into 2 pints of water in a spray bottle. Give the area a good spray and let the sir dry it along with your chalk. the results will surprise you.

14. Stale Cooking Smells

candle-1261303_960_720When frying foods or cooking casseroles the food odor of onions and garlic etc can linger in the house for hours. A simple way to get rid of it fast is to light a scented candle. My favorite is Jasmin and it smells nice plus removes the odor quickly.


15. Stale Smelling Bed pillows.

dirty-odor_pillowI love this trick, it works so well it amazes my friends each time. To deodorize the pillow add 1/4 teaspoon of essential oil to 2 cups of white meths in a spray bottle and spray the pillow with it . My favorite is Jasmin and it smells nice plus removes the odor quickly.

16. Onion Smell in The Fridge.

onion-647525_960_720If you store food with onions and garlic in them or you have a cut onion in the fridge then here is a trick to help remove the odor. Place a bowl of baking Soda (no lid) and lemon rind grinds into the fridge. The lemon combined with baking soda removes the odor.

17. Smelly Garbage Disposal.

corroded_garbage_disposal_from_aboveIf you have a foul smelling garbage disposal unit as shown then a simple fix is cut an orange or lemon in quarters and place them in the unit. Flush with boiling hot water while running he garbage disposal. If smell persists wash diluted bleach into the area and flush within 15 seconds with warm water.

18. Paint Odors in the Home.

art-wall-brush-paintingSome of the new water based paints have a disgusting odor when applied. Luckily the odor does not last but the first day or so it can be horrible. If is bothering you fresh air will do the job to help but an Ozone Treatment will also work extremely well to remove the smell. You can see our ozone machine recommendations here

19. Cat Litter Trays.

cat_litter_box Folks there is no real solution here apart from remove the waste daily and buy a quality cat litter with odor absorbents built in. Leaving urine and feces inside the tray for extended periods is going to stink: FACT.

20. Burnt Boiled Egg Odor.

Burnt panWe have all done it. Put eggs on to boil and then the phone rings or the dog wants to go out and before we know it we have boiled the pot dry and the house is filled with the most dreadful smoke odor imaginable. First step is to open the windows and air the room out and next step is to place 4 x fragranced candles all around the house and light these to help absorb the odor.

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