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How to get dog pee smell out of carpet

By craig / February 3, 2018

For years now we have been dealing with dog urine odor in carpet and its not a pleasant thing when your dog urinates in the middle of the carpeted floor and you have guests due to arrive that afternoon. So its a common question we get from pet owners on the OdorDude Red Phone asking How to get dog urine smell out of carpet?

We have removed dog urine smells caused by dogs as small as a Chihuahua through to big dogs such as a Great Dane and no matter how big or small the dog is one thing is guaranteed. Puppy or adult dog urine will stink if not removed correctly.
Below are some Step By Step Guides for you to help get rid of the horrible urine odor.

Step by step guides on how to get dog pee out of your carpet

Step One: Soak Up The Urine first

If you are lucky enough to be around at the time your dog urinates then take some toilet tissue or an old thick towel and place over the urine to soak up as much as you can. Press firmly on the carpet to ensure the urine is sucked up well and make sure you have gloves when touching the affected area. Keep changing the towel so the urine is continually soaked up and you leave as little amount of dog pee in the floor as possible. It can be useful to leave your towel beside the exact spot so when you return to treat the odor, its easy to find.

Step Two: Treat the urine with a product designed to break down the salt and acids found in dog urine

We all know that dog urine can smell very strong and smell very bad if it is left to fester in the carpet. This is caused by the acid, alkaline and several other components bonding together to form a hard crystal and then attaching itself to the carpet substrate. The best bet is once you have soaked up the urine use a specialist pet urine remover and apply as below. We recommend this product. You can see a review of it over here in our Pet Odor Neutralizer Reviews


Step Three: Carry Out The Treatment

Tip the product onto the affected area as shown below.
Depending on how much pee is there will depend on how much product you need to use. Big dogs put more urine out than little dogs, however we have found smaller dog breeds have much stronger urine that can cause carpet bleaching if left untreated. If you have a problem with dog urine stains then this book is excellent.

treating dog pee odor

Step Four: Soak up the surplus product after 15 minutes as shown below

Pet Pee products need time to work, but you also don’t want to soak the carpet for extended periods either so it is important to soak it up using a wet vac or towels as shown. We find that this product works well if left in the carpet for around 15-30 minutes so the enzymes and salt and acid neutralizers have time to do their work. If you are in a warm climate you still need to get as much of the product out by soaking up the surplus liquid then leave it for  the sun and air to dry the remaining moisture. Its your call really. In winter time, it is critical to get as much of it out as possible.

Step Five: Place some plastic wrap on the area and leave for 1-2 hours as shown below

If you are in a warm climate it can be useful to place some plastic wrap over the area for 1-2 hours to assist the product in working. It will slow down the evaporation and ensure the odor neutralizing agents have time to work. It also shows other household members of where the odor contamination is and where to avoid stepping.

Stop product evaporating with plastic

Step Six: Remove Plastic wrap and leave to air dry

Shown below is straight after the plastic wrap is removed. The carpet is still damp as shown and it is at this stage you can do a quick sniff test to see how effective your urine neutralizing treatment has been.  *Note Some products need up to two weeks to work properly so ensure you read the label on the bottle. If you want more instant results then click here for a DIY odor Neutralizer

the finished product!

That’s it, you done, now just relax with a coffee and let the product do its work.All you need do is leave the area to dry now. If its winter time then use a dehumidifier to remove the moisture. A fan won’t be effective as it will not remove moisture, only move it around. You can place a clean folded towel on the area and stand on it. This will assist the drying and help suck up some of the moisture.

Remove Dog Pee From carpet

What If I don’t know where the dog pee is located but I can smell it?

If you have dog urine smells in your home and you are unsure of where the odor is coming from then please follow the instructions below. Not all of us see the dog actually pee on the floor and they can be very sneaky, i.e poo or wee behind the lounge, pee in the corner of the room, or urinate in the middle of the carpet and you don’t see it because the urine has dried.

Step One: Investigate and find the source of the smell (Very important)

It surprises us often when we turn up for a job that the owner has already used a product but has not taken the time to locate where the dog has gone to the toilet. This is a very important part of the job as if you don’t treat all the areas the smell will not go away. Locating the source of the odor is a critical step in how to get rid of dog pee smell in carpet.

Tip One:  Look for obvious dark areas of your carpet as shown below.
Dog urine can intensify the colors in the carpet even when dry so this is the first step. Take some time to observe the carpet and look for staining. Check behind the furniture, and in the middle of the room. 85% of cases we see the dog has peed in the middle of the room yet the dog owner has missed it. Dogs love to pee in the middle for what ever reason we do not know.


Hot Tip Two. Easy Way To Find The Urine
If you are unsure where the urine contamination is you can spray some of our product around and look for white foaming as shown below. This indicates urine is present. One of the many benefits of using our DIY homemade recipe.


Tip Three: Use your nose and scan the carpet sniffing the obvious areas.

Ok this is not a fun way to do it and using our product as a locator shown above is an easier way for sure but… your nose is a very accurate odor locator and should be used as such. Below shows sniffing a chair suspected of having urine on it from a leaking dog. The best bet is to use a piece of chalk and mark the areas that you detect urine in so it is easy to come back and treat. Place a chalk mark beside the area with an arrow pointing to the contamination.

Once you locate the area then you can treat it as shown above with one of the products we reviewed or if you want to make your own product (the same one we use) then click here.

How to get rid of old dog pee smell?

Quite often a dog owner may miss the fact that their beloved hound has peed on the carpet or behind their favorite chair and the odor does not surface until spring one the weather starts to warm up. Never fear, The Odor Dude is here to help you.
Old dog urine stains can cause years of odor issues if not treated correctly. The issue can be intensified by the dog urinating in the same area multiple times and this can mean a world of pain when it comes time for treating and removing the urine nine months later. OH OH!!

Step One for Getting Rid of Old Dog Urine. Find the source of the odor.

As mentioned at the start of this article, the most important step on removing old dog pee is to accurately locate the areas where the animal has urinated. If you don’t find the main areas you will never remove the smell.
I insider trick is to use out DIY Pet urine Odor Neutralizer and spray the product on top of the carpet to locate the urine. The product foams white when it comes in contact with old dog urine which makes it very easy to locate where to treat the contamination. Below you can see our product reacting with the old dog pee.

Step Two: Douse the old dog urine with our DIY Old Dog Urine Remover

Using a healthy amount of odor neutralizer douse the area where the old urine is. If you are using our product you should see alot of white foaming. This is a good sign as it means you are exactly on the contamination.


Step Three: Extract the area using a wet vac with at least 50PSI of suction

You can see our Wet Vacuum reviews here which were tested on pet urine stains and odor

Using the wand of your wet vacuum extract out the chemical and repeat the process again until you have extracted as much as you possible can.

Removing old dog pee odor using wet vac extractor vac

If you don’t want to mix up your own odor removal product then there are alot of wonderful dog pee neutralizer products on the market and many that don’t work. We should know as we tested just about all of them over the years.
in 2005 we came across the X-O Plus Odor Neutralizer and Cleaner. It is a great product and I have found a discounted concentrate for you on Amazon (Economical and works well on dog pee odor.) Click here for more details.

Cat Urine Odor Neutralizer

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 8.19.49 pm

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 8.20.11 pm

Dog Odor Remover Review above (one of 400) and we believe this to be among the top rated and even in the top 10 dog odor removers on the market (apart from ours of course !!)
So once you have located the area pour the dog urine neutralizer on and be generous. Don’t just spray the top of the carpet as this will not penetrate into the all the carpet layers and destroy the acid and salts that are present in dog piss. Give it a generous portion and let the product soak in and do its job.


What homemade Urine Neutralizer Product to use (Mix it yourself as shown below)

how to get dog pee smell out of carpet easily

It all started for me in 2002 when I was called out to deal with a dog pee in carpet accident with a neighbor. The dog was old and on medication, so the urine was very strong smelling. The issue was this particular dog had been urinating in the same spot for quite some time, so using just a pet urine neutralizer from the pet shop was not enough to remove the stink. The neighbor was looking for better results and asked me to take care of it. He was also wanting the dog urine smell gone fast as he was hosting a 21st birthday party for his daughter.

There are several products on the market that are very good to use and we review those pet odor neutralizers here  however I needed to develop something more powerful and faster acting so we developed our own product that was mixed onsite prior to treatments. We were doing alot of  odor removal and we needed something a bit more economical and powerful to use. It was at this stage of my career that I began my many thousands of hours of testing and tweaking a dog pee neutralizer which we still use today. In fact thousands of people all over the world now use it along with the many other dog urine removal products we recommend throughout the website. In face some of our pet odor product reviews are shown below. We did hundreds of hours of tweaking and testing and perfected our formulation on dog pee odor . You can buy the formula here for $9-99. Thousands of pet owners all around the world have used our homemade recipe successfully. Return to this page after purchase and follow the instructions below

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You can contact me here
My odor removal methods are based on thousands of hours in the field testing and retesting different products on extreme dog pee odors. The methods are so easy you will be amazed and surprised at the results. You can now get rid of severe odors in just minutes and I will teach you the insider secrets we use plus show you how, using easy to follow videos, on exactly how to remove dog urine smells and contamination’s the easy way. Since starting in odor removal in early 2002, we get phone-calls on a regular basis asking us how to get dog pee smell out of carpet, so I have put together an article below on the exact steps we use to remove that horrible smell. Craig has cleaned dog pee smell in over 1000 houses where the owners had dog pee issues and these ranged from severe cases through to mild cases, from little dogs through to large dogs, and getting dog wee out of the carpet can be challenging unless you use the correct odor removal product and techniques .

Shown below is a serious contamination and as you can see the white foam is intense. This area needed two treatments die to the amount of urine in the carpet and the age of it.




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