Hot tips on how to get dog smell out of your house and carpet the easy way

Hi Craig the Odor Dude here. I have provided two options below for removing dog smell in your house and carpet.
Update September 2016

But first lets learn why you carpet can get smelly from having a dog in the house.

how to get dog smell out of house

What causes dog odor in your carpet?

Dog smell in carpet comes from the oil in the fur and from the strong smelling discharge found in the anal glands at the rear end of the dog. Some people also classify dog urine smell from carpet as a dog odor, but we like to distinguish the two as being different. What they do have in common is both need treatment with special chemicals to remove the stink. The discharge from the anal glands is oily and penetrates deep into the carpet, as does dog pee, and both odors can linger for years if not treated with the products shown below.
Above is a shot of a dog rubbing its backside on the carpet trying to expel the itchy oil found inside the anal glands and this how the smell gets into the carpet. It can be very strong smelling!!

How to get rid of dog odor

Option A:

Make my product yourself using 4 common ingredients and remove the smell
Use our special dog odor remover product formula for $9.99 which can be purchased here. Bookmark this page and return after purchase and Click here to learn how to use it.

how to get rid of dog odor in your house

Option B:

Buy a ready mixed product and apply to the odor contamination
I HAVE USED THIS PRODUCT BELOW FOR REMOVING DOG ODORS AND DOG URINE ODOR AND I RECOMMEND IT. This product sells up to $155 but I have found a discounted product for you at Amazon and it is only $61 for a gallon of concentrate (Economical and works well on dog odor and dog urine odor) Click the photo for more details.

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Guide for removing dog pee and odor from your carpet.

Step One : Identify the worst areas.

Typically there 2 to 3 areas that are worst affected and these are usually the areas where the dog has spent the bulk of its time when sleeping or relaxing. Look for a darker area on the carpet, look for dirty areas, or any other obvious signs.
Look in social areas such the TV room, near the dining areas and as mentioned a usual sign of dog odor is a darkening in the carpet caused by the oil in the fur.
It is also possible to smell the carpet up close which will find  the dog odor contamination very quickly, however a lot of folk won’t be keen on this. 🙂
It can stink and if its dog pee then it can also be quite old so harder to find.
Once you have located the main areas of dog odor, mark them by laying a small piece of cloth on the carpet or use a piece of chalk. This helps you remember where the main dog odor contamination’s are are before applying the dog odor removal product.

HOT TIP: Spray our product on the floor and look for white foaming. White foaming indicates a dog odor contamination. If using X-O Plus Odor Neutralizer dilute as per manufactures instructions and apply to contaminated areas.


Step two: Apply the odor neutralizer product to the contaminated areas you located

Apply the liquid product to the suspect spots by pouring 1/2 a pint onto the contaminated areas. The worst spots will foam white if using our formulation as shown above or if you are using X-O Plus Odor Remover it does not foam which is fine. Apply the bulk of the product to the areas you have located as they cause 70% of the odor usually.

Step Three: Leave it to dry

Once you have put the smell removal product onto the carpet surface keep it wet for at least 5 minutes and then leave to dry.
You want a heavy application and to ensure you cover all the areas that smell.Your pretty much done with your fixing your dog smell in the carpet

Step Four :Optional. Extract the residues with a wet vac

If you have a wet vac then extract the area to remove chemical and contamination’s or just leave the carpet to dry. Open doors and windows to allow plenty of fresh air or alternatively put a heater or dehumidifier in the room.

This is a good machine with a good reputation and reviews

wet vac for extracting urine

Wet Vac Reviews
Once the carpet dries the odor will be gone as the formula will break down the contaminants.
That’s how to get dog smell out of the house …. Job done!!

Here is a video explaining how we get rid of dog odor in a home

*Carpets react differently to chemicals. Always spot test in an inconspicuous area and leave overnight.

How to get cat urine out of carpet

If your backyard smells like dog urine then click here for the remedy.

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Thanks from Craig

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