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How to remove diesel or petrol smell from clothing

By craig / October 30, 2016

This is a question that is coming up more often than before and it is usually boat owners or small vehicle owners such as track bikes and so on who ask it.

“I have spilled petrol on my trousers and no matter how many times I wash them I can still smell it”


Like alot of the “oil based” odors we face in the field, petrol and diesel are also difficult to remove using normal means as the oil content of the two products means the odor will stay for a long time. Diesel is worse as it has more oil whereas petrol contains For what ever reason, oil penetrated deep into the clothing fibers and encapsulates the contaminants meaning the smell stays around for a very long time.

There are two ways of dealing with oil based odors and these are to use high alkaline cleaners and heat to boost the sodium per-carbonate ingredient found in the high alkaline cleaners.  
You can see our review of the best washing powders for this purpose here.

The alkaline will break down the oil and the sodium percarbonate will create oxygen and agitate and disperse the oil and make it float to the surface of the water column. This is done through a soak and rinse type style of washing and this is done before the final load is done in the machine. It is important to remove as much of the oil as possible using the recommended laundry washing powders, along with some heat to boost the product.

So in summary here is how to remove petrol and diesel smells from clothing.

Step No One: Soak the clothes in high alkaline cleaner over night. Use a double ration of powder and dissolve first

We recommend this product for the soak 

Step No Two: Rinse thoroughly in warm water

Step No Three: Repeat the process one more time and this time soak for ten minutes and use a normal ration of laundry detergent powder.

Step No Four: Put the item into a normal wash using our favorite odor removal detergent “Zero Odor”

Both these products are listed on our reviews page so click over there now and get rid of those terrible diesel smelling clothes.


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