How to get dog smell out of carpet


ken-odor-dudeHi Ken the Odor Dude here. Before we begin just wanted to say this page is for dog odor not dog urine odor. People get them confused but they are both very different If you have dog urine odor then click here for the solution
What causes dog odor?

Dog odor comes from the oil in the fur and from the anal glands at the rear end that express an oily material that is strong smelling and very hard to remove from carpet. Below is a shot of a dog rubbing its backside on the carpet and this odor we find is the strongest and most common. How to get dog smell out of house

How do I get rid of dog odor?

What you need to do is approach this step by step

  • Step One

Identify the worst areas. In most jobs we have done there are usually 2 to 3 areas that are worst affected and caused by the dog spending more time there. Look for a darker area on the carpet, look for dirty areas, or any other obvious sign. I usually smell the carpet and find the main contamination very quickly, however a lot of folk won’t be keen on this.
TIP. Look in social areas such the TV room, near the dining areas and as mentioned a usual sign of dog odor is a darkening in the carpet. Below is a typical sign of dog odor in carpet as the carpet is darker from the oil in the coat.


  • Step two

Check that these areas are contaminated by either smelling them or the easier way by applying some of formula one and apply it to the suspect spots. The worst spots will foam white as shown below or react with the chemical. You have to identify these areas first as they cause 70% of the odor usually. Mark them with a cloth or chalk so you don’t forget where they are

Applying the formula


The white foaming shown below when a reaction of dog odor occurs

Finding Dog Odor In carpet

  • Step Three

Once you have identified the areas then spray the carpet surface with Formula Two and watch for reactions. You want a heavy application and to ensure you cover all the areas that smell.

  • Step Four

If you have a wet vac then extract the area to remove chemical and contamination’s or  just leave the carpet to dry. Open doors and windows to allow plenty of fresh air or alternatively put a heater or dehumidifier in the room.

Once the carpet dries the odor will be gone as the formula will break down the contaminants. Job done!!

Job Done

*Carpets react differently to chemicals. Please consult with an industry professional about your carpet before treatment begins.

Also Ozone is very effective for odor removal and can boost the whole process plus sterilize your home

Here is the link to buy the ozone machine we use



how to get dog urine out of shag carpet