How To Remove Cat Urine From A Car Seat

Hi Its Ken The Odor Dude here.
Quite often cat owners have the unfortunate incidents when they are taking their beloved to the vet or a cat boarding facility. The cat gets very nervous and then decides to stand up in the cage and empty his or her bladder. More often than not the urine goes over the edge and straight into the car seat…deep.

How to remove Cat urine from a car seat. (also Dog urine)

Step One.

Mix up some of our cat urine remover (Formula One)

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Step Two

Spray the seat with a spray bottle filled with our formula to identify where the urine is. (Only required if you don’t know where the urine is). The photo below shows the seat foaming after a light spray to find where  the urine contamination was.


Step Three

Douse the affected area with formula two
Once you know where the contamination is mix up 1 quart of Formula One (Use Formula two if the urine is older than 2 weeks) and spray a very heavy application onto the area. Ensure you have towels underneath the seat to catch the residues. This saves having a wet floor as well as wet seats.

Step Four

Check on progress
Smell the area you just treated. If you can still smell cat urine then reapply the product and repeat the treatment. Usually 2 applications will be the maximum you will need to do.

Step Five

Remove the chemical and urine residues
Either extract the area with a wet vacuum or use dry towels folded in half and push them firmly on the seat to absorb some of the cleaning product. Any wet vac is ok for this as shown below

Commercial Operators use this one

Small spills and urine treatment this will do the job nicely.

Or if you do not have a wet vac then use folded up towels and apply pressure onto the car seat.
Thats it you are done. Leave the window open slightly and leave to dry.

What to do if the smell persists

Ozone is very effective for odor removal and will boost the whole process plus sterilize your vehicle

Here is the link to buy the ozone machine we use