How To Remove Cigarette Odor From A Car


Hi I am Ken The Odor Dude and I am delighted you have found this webpage.

I use a formula in this procedure which you can buy here for just $9-99

There is no doubt that cigarette smoke in a vehicle is very upsetting to a non smoker and if you are unlucky enough to buy a car that has a cigarette smoke contamination then rest assured there is a way to remove those toxic chemicals that come from smoke and reside in the ceiling.

Step No 1.

Using a large spray bottle pump the chemical into the fabric of the vehicle to help break down the smoke particles.


Step No 2.

Once the formula is injected with a commercial spray bottle into the ceiling and tops of seats and headrests leave it for 5-10 minutes to work. I use Formula 2 for this purpose.

For unpaid members to access my formulation click here

Step No 3.

Using the wet vac and injection system inject with very hot water (close to boiling) into the same fabric that has the formula in it


Step No 4

Extract the residues (hot water and smoke odor control product) with your wet vac (I use the small wand for this). Below is a typical result from extracting a ceiling. These are the waste residues from cigarettes

Note we have used our formula on most vehicles and never had any issues. If your ceiling is drooping or damaged then we do not recommend using the formula or a wet vac as it could suck the material down. If the ceiling is firm then you shouldn’t have any problems. Please note some JEEP and CHRYSLER brands do have ceilings that are flimsy and floppy and will need care and attention.
We have found Nissans, Toyotas, to be very durable. Please try first in a small area first *NOTE WE take no responsibility if ceiling damage occurs. Always spot test in an inconspicuous area first

Step No 5

Finish with very hot water again and leave to dry. If this does not remove the cigarette smell smoke smell then repeat process or use an ozone machine to neutralize smoke residues when the seats have dried thoroughly (always clean before ozone treatment)

Craig is going to run us through the process in the video below.

To get smoke smell out you will also need a carpet cleaning machine that has the ability to inject hot water and extract residues at the same time. I use a wet vac for smaller jobs and it works brilliantly. I use the smaller wand (not pictured for cigarette smoke removal)

Here is the link to buy an ozone machine

Thanks for learning how to get cigarette smell out of your vehicle. Any problems contact me below or via my facebook page

6 thoughts on “How To Remove Cigarette Odor From A Car


    How can you get cigarette smoke residue out of a house? A smoker lived in my bedroom before I moved there, but I can still smell the cigarette smoke.

    1. admin

      Hi Basically the same proceedure as a car. You need to clean the residues of the wall (the formula is excellent for this) and clean the curtains etc in the washing machine if possible (only if they are washable) If they are thick, old and really stink replace them. You will need to clean the ceiling also as the bulk of the residues go into the paint or ceiling substrate.
      Ozone is very effective (you can hire a machine) for removing smoke smell from a bedroom after cleaning. hope that helps

  2. Luanne Trees

    I just started out blogging and I’m looking for some great contacts on the web. Your blog seems useful, I like the design too. I just put your website in my bookmarks. I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog.

  3. Jardine

    Worked really well. Thanks ken My Toyota Corolla smells like new again. I used a very cheap vac unit from Walmart which worked very well.
    Glad i don’t smoke!! Yuk to the brown residues

    1. ken Post author

      Glad you like it Jardine and thanks for the feedback. Yes it gives you a wake up call when you see what comes out of cigarettes that is for sure


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