How to remove dog urine and poo odor from a yard

Ken The Odor Dude
Hi. It is Ken the Odor Dude here and I can help you remove dog poo odor and dog urine odor from your yard, garage and BBQ area easily and effectively
. See below for step by step instructions on yard odor neutralizer


Hi Ken here

Here is the step by step tips to remove dog urine from your yard or patio using a homemade yard odor eliminator.

Step No One
Mix up my yard odor neutralizer formulation (Formula No 2)
Real easy and very cheap to do.

Here is the link to my formulation right here.

(To mix up a 3.5 gallon bucket of the product will cost you around 50 cents. Very inexpensive and very powerful)
I developed this formula over a 12 year career in odor removal It is cheap to use and 100% effective

Fold towels first
Photo shows putting in 1 of the 4 components into a 3.5 gallon (10 litres) bucket ready to treat a yard or BBQ area.

Step Number two
Tip the formula onto the ground around the dog urine or dog poo in your yard.
You will see white foaming and this is normal as it indicates urine. Use a PLASTIC garden watering can to apply it so it is spread evenly.


Step Number three
Move the chemical around with a broom (DO NOT SCRUB) 

Pour the chemical on and spread it with a broom. You will get a lot of foaming but let the odor elimination formula soak into the concrete for approximately 10 minutes, then you can safely hose the area or just let it dry. If you want to you can agitate the solution on the concrete with a stiff broom to help break down the dog urine however the chemical will do the work for you. Occasionally you will have very coarse concrete surfaces but once again either use the chemical on its own or agitate the area in conjunction with the chemical and you will be fine.

Step Number Four
Hose the area down and let it dry.

Once you have hosed the concrete do the sniff test and see if you are happy with the results. For severe cases you may need to do a second application of your homemade yard odor eliminator and then your concrete area will be clean and smelling fresh again.

Click here to get the formula

Tips for removing dog urine smell from your grass areas


If your dog has peed on your grass then you can use our DIY formula easily and inexpensively however you will need to douse the area with the product which may kill off the grass if the dog urine hasn’t already done it.

You can use the formulation for old urine smells in the grass also.

Quite often a regular hosing of the grass will control the odors if the urine is recent and the grass and soil is dryish. The problems arise in winter when the soil is very wet and the urine is not evaporating off.

Rest assured if the issue gets worse you can always use my amazing DIY formula for removing dog urine odors.

You don’t have to waste anymore money on products that don’t work

* 100% Money Back Warranty

* Pour on and walk away

*Just a few cents each application

All the best Ken

See below a gentle contamination. Note the white foaming and also the wet concrete. The wet concrete is not contaminated with urine only the white part. EASY AS!!!

removing-dog-urine-odor-from-a -yard-step-one How to get cat urine smell out of carpet

12 thoughts on “How to remove dog urine and poo odor from a yard

  1. Patricia Mccammon

    Needing to know if this will work on asphalt. The dogs live in this very small confined asphalt area. They will need to be put back in there once it is cleaned with your formula. .

    1. ken Post author

      Hi Patricia
      Yes it will work on asphalt. Make sure the chemical has stopped working before you put the dogs back in and preferably you should flush with water to remove it after treatment if it is a confined area.

  2. Leesa

    Hi Ken
    I have several dogs that run together in my yard and while we don’t notice an odour, our neighbours have. I’m wanting a solution and just wondering if yours will work on our yard (mainly dirt from the dogs) and if it’s safe to use regularly eg every week? Thank you :)

    1. ken Post author

      Hi Leesa
      Yes it is perfect for the application you mention. Very economical too and will work like a treat for your neighbors. You can use it weekly or even daily if you wished without any harm done to the flooring. Keep the dogs off it when you are treating it though. Thanks Ken

  3. Fran

    Hi I just found your website, really pleased that I did! The problem I have is that my dog wees on the grass lawn in the garden. As soon as the sun comes out, which luckily is not very often in the UK, it smells horrible. Would your formula, or maybe a diluted version, work on grass?
    Kind regards

  4. Jerry

    My dog is ok in the back yard and it does not smell. The issue I have is our next door neibour has to very large dogs and they do their business beside our frence and the smell is very bad. Is there a masking item that I could pray the fence with to cover the smell – not hurt the animals?



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