How To Remove Dog Urine Smell

Hi I am Ken The Odor Dude and this is how to remove dog urine odor.

Cat urine odor and dog urine odor can be easily fixed using  my unique cleaning formulation containing 4 simple inexpensive ingredients that you can mix together and apply to instantly destroy urine but not harm your carpet, leather furniture and so on. There is nothing worse than trying to learn how to get smell of old dog urine out of carpet when you don’t have a successful technique and formulation to use.

How to get dog urine smell out of carpet

All odors can be easily fixed using a cleaning formulation specifically designed for most surfaces. The formulation will clean dog oils, dog urine and dog feces from carpet, clothing, vehicles, shoes, flooring, wood, and concrete garage floors,  If you want the best urine odor remover then follow these simple steps. This is a very effective urine neutralizer.

Step No 1. Make the formulation using 4 simple household chemicals in mix into a large bucket

Mixing the odor neutralizer


Step No 2. Detect the areas that need treating by applying the formulation and then watching for a reaction as shown below. Spray the area and watch for foaming which indicates there is a contamination there.



Step No 3.

Once you identify where the urine is you then need to douse the area with the formulation as shown below.



Step No 4. Wait for 5-10 minutes to allow the chemical to work.The formulation will then eat into the contaminants i.e uric acid, salt, and other ingredients of dog urine to remove the odor without damaging your carpet.

Step No 5. When the foaming has stopped you can remove the residues with old towels or you can suck them up with a wet vacuum cleaner. I often flush the area with warm water and then suck that up with a wet vacuum. Old towels does just as good a job but you do need a lot of them to get all the residues. If it is a hot summers day then the carpet will dry quite quickly. if it is cold and wintery use a lot of towels or a wet vacuum cleaner. No 1 urine neutralizer. This is how to get rid of dog urine smell the easy way. If you need to learn how to get rid of dog odor in house then click here

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Also Ozone is very effective for odor removal and can boost the whole process plus sterilize your home

Here is the link to buy the ozone machine we use

The other trick I learned which I have passed onto thousands of people all over the world is how to find the dog urine odor.

This simple trick is so helpful and you don’t need a black light!

Here is what you do

Place another dog into the room where you think the odor is. The other dog will go straight to the source of the contamination’s and this is the most accurate way of locating the odor source.

Don’t for get to donate to your local animal shelter

How to get rid of dog urine smell in a yard

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    1. ken Post author

      Hi Ralph
      I have emailed you with the details. You are set up in the system which means you were emailed automatically the information. please check spam also as the automated email may have gone there although it is unlikely. Hope that helps Thanks ken

      1. Chris

        Ken, I use your formula is very good to move the smell, after I apply the formula and then I use the portable to wash it which is very good. however my customer have a new carpet, because of special reason, we can not wash it.. Can I just apply the formula and leave it.. Will the solution damage the carper if I doesn’t use the cold water or warm water the wash/clean it..

        1. ken Post author

          Hi Chris
          I always recommend testing an in conspicuous area first and see how it reacts. Leave it overnight and then investigate
          There are many different carpets coming out now so best to be safe than sorry

  1. Marcy

    Hi Ken,

    I want to thank you for getting back to me so promptly. Great customer service. :) A+
    I really do appreciate it.

    Thanks again,
    Marcy Vautour


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