How to remove rat urine smell

image7How to remove rat urine odor from an attic or ceiling space.
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My formulation works very well on rat urine but the difficulty for alot of people is usually trying to find all the contamination’s and treat them. If the rat urine is in a confined space it is easier but a large attic with poor access can be alot more difficult.

Here are the step by step instructions on how to remove rat urine odor from a attic and ceiling


Step No One

Locate the source of the rat urine odor

It is usually quite easy to locate the rat urine however if you are having trouble mix up some of my special formula recipe (Formula two) and spray a light amount onto the wooden framing or dry wall substrate.
IF IT FOAMS WHITE RAT URINE OR FECES IS PRESENT and you should move to step two

rat urine in insualtion


Step No Two

Ensure there are no electrical cables or live sockets in the area you are going to treat.
Also ensure that any liquid you apply is not going to drip through into the room below. Once you have done that make up a gallon of my rat urine odor removal formulation and treat the area by dosing with a heavy spray application (DO NOT BREATHE IT IN AND WEAR A MASK IN ENCLOSED SPACES)

Step No Three
Investigate the sprayed areas and see how much foaming is present. This will indicate the levels of the contaminations i.e minor equals light foaming and serious is indicated by heavy white foaming.

The ability to remove the rat urine smell relates to what the ceiling or attic space is made from. Urine will penetrate to different levels depending on what the substrates are in the roof. Typically the framing is raw wood which absorbs rat urine quite easily and if the rat urine is over a long period of time then you will need lots of treatments to penetrate in as deep as the urine is and the other issue is the ceiling lining and insulation if there is any.

The video below gives a step by step guide on what treatments to use.
If the ceiling material is made out of fibreboard, plaster board or gib board or similar then that is also very absorbent and hard to remove. Easier to replace the boards in some cases

In a lot of cases we had to treat the timber 3-4 times with Formula two then once dry, seal it with a very resilient sealer to lock in the residues

Drywall can be treated however if the contamination is severe it can often be easier if budget allows to replace it. A good way to test it is to apply formula two and watch for foaming. let it settle for 5 minutes then apply more chemical. If you get the same amount of foaming it means it is a severe contamination and will either require multiple applications over a period of a day or replacement

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rat urine in attic

Photo shows rat urine and feaces

When you are finished, Ozone the entite area to complete. Ozone is very effective for odor removal and can boost the whole process plus sterilize your home and serve many hundreds of useful purposes around the home

Here is the link to buy the ozone machine we use