Sulphur smell coming from shower drain


A common question we get often is how to get rid of sulphur smells coming from a shower drain. The smell is strong particularly after showering and when the water has run through the drainage system and into the waste area a sulphur smell then comes back up the pipe and makes the room smell very unpleasant.

The smell is caused by bacteria trapped in the drain and because no oxygen is present the sulphury smell keeps increasing. The best way to treat this is pour some of more formula down the drain and then the job is done. See below

There are a few suggestions to get rid of the odor.
1. If you have access to the waste outlet i.e not the shower drain but the drain waste outside then you can pour my formula into the drain which will kill the bacteria and remove the smell. Ensure there is no blockage in the pipe such as trapped hair etc which may be preventing the waste water from flowing through. You can view my formulation here formula and tip this down the shower drain so that it eats anything stuck in the drain on the way down plus kills the bacteria in the outside waste. This a safer and more effective method.

How to remove sulphur smell from a drain

History of sulphur

When you are finished, Ozone the vehicle to complete. Ozone is very effective for odor removal and can boost the whole process plus sterilize your whole home

Here is the link to buy the ozone machine we use