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dog odor removal

Dog Odor

We love our dogs but boy they can produce some horrid odors! Dog urine or poop smells outside - Odor Dude has dog odor solutions for you that work.

cat odor removal

Cat Odor

Cats can be sneaky and suddenly you are wondering where is that smell coming from! Cat urine in couches or carpet, Odor Dude has the solution for troublesome cat odor.

rat odor removal

Pest Odor

These annoying critters aren't fun to have around but rat urine, skunk smells and other rodents won't hold back. Get on top of pest odor with Odor Dude's expert tips and advice.

house odor removal

House Odor

Oops, forgot about the old food at the back of the fridge? Or wondering who put that smelly food in the microwave? Control household odors with Odor Dude's expert household odor solutions.

car odor removal

Car Odor

Keep your car smelling fresh by getting on top of a range of odors from cigarette smell, unexpected accidents like pet urine or vomit and even removing spilt milk.

odor removal product reviews

Odor Removal Products

Don't waste your time with odor removal products that don't work. Odor Dude has reviewed a range of odor removal products to save you time, money and help you solve your odor problems FAST.

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Hey Guys! Thanks for stopping by Odor Dude! I built this site after working in the odor removal industry for over 12 years. I have seen the impact that smelly odors can have on people and their homes. It’s embarassing and you just get plain sick of it! But rest assured, you don’t need to put up with the stink any longer! I have odor removal solutions that will neutralize your problem odor and solve them fast. I have even shared with you my own DIY odor removal formula that really works. From animal odors, house odors and car smells, I’ve seen it all and am here to help. 

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A regular question we get at the Odor Dude headquarters is what dissolves dog poop in the yard and which product works the best? Here is what we have found…

If you have the misfortune to have a sewer smell in your house or yard and you are concerned at the terrible odor and potential health problems then read on for some simple solutions to remove the smell.

Wet Vacuum machines are the best tool available for cleaning up pet urine or feces in carpet as the ability to suck out the residues out after treatment ensures the odor does not return in the months or years to come.

Dog urine odor in a yard can be very unpleasant, unhygienic and annoying to the neighbors. So how do you get rid of dog pee smell outside and what is the best outdoor pet odor eliminator. 

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