What are the best odor eliminators for shoes

5 simple ways to keep teenager sneakers smelling fresh every day

By / August 1, 2016

What can be worse than a stinky football jersey at the end of a great football match? Well I think a teenagers sneakers can be alot worse and can in fact make peoples faces melt in confined spaces. So below we look at the best odor eliminator for shoes and some simple techniques you can use.

Teenagers are an active lot and do alot of running around and playing sports, plus they aren’t exactly that diligent in making sure the socks are replaced each day. You get home from a long day, walk into the house and what hits you.

What does a teenagers show smell like?

A combination of rotting peas with a light vinegar undertone blended with a dead animal.

stinky shoesWhy do shoes smell

The bad odor in shoes and your feet is due to the fact that bacteria accumulates in these areas which cause the unpleasant smell and you definitely start thinking about throwing them away.
However, we understand how much you love your sneakers because you consider them lucky as they always help you win. Worse still if you are a parent of stubborn children who wouldn’t ever consider throwing away their shoes no matter how much they smell. Hence, in both these cases, you need to find a tentative and tangible solution to help yourself to get rid of the stink and find the best odor eliminator for shoes inside your house.

How do you get rid of the stench easily and effectively

Here are some of the best ways to get odor out of your shoes which you can try without any hassle, because they are thoroughly tried and tested:

1. Using Baking Soda
If you are a fan of natural products, then this one is definitely for you because it is an amazing natural way to get rid of the odor from your shoes. You don’t have to spend hours rubbing the shoes or throw them in a washer. Throwing shoes in a washer may only work when your shoes are washable because otherwise, you might not even want to know what the washer does to your beloved sneakers. This easy remedy includes putting baking soda in your shoes and letting it get absorbed in the shoes and kill the bacteria. Leave overnight and then shake the shoe out the following day to remove all the remain baking soda.
2. Using Cinnamon or Clove Oil
Both these oils are readily available in health stores near you. They have great antiseptic properties which can help you get rid of the stink-producing bacteria. Simply put any one of this oil whichever you want in a spray bottle and add with water. Then you need to spray the mixture on the inside as well as the outside of your shoes thoroughly to get the odor out of your shoes.

Hot Tip: The Freezer!!
3. Putting Shoes in the Freezer (My favorite)

This is an overnight procedure similar to the baking Soda above, but is very effective for removing the smell. It is quite simple as the bacteria inside the shoe freezes and dies due to the extremely low temperature. I put my shoes in side a plastic bag so no contaminants can get onto te food and you ou may also consider keeping the foods in the freezer covered to make sure the smell does not enter them.
You will be amazed at the results!
4. Using Rock Salt Deodorants
One of the most durable and effective remedies is to use a rock salt or crystal salt deodorant for getting the odor out of your shoes. These deodorants are quite cheap and are readily available in both liquid spray forms or in solid stick forms. The sprays are easier to use however the solid sticks can be absorbed in water and used to help you enjoy odorless shoes and save yourself from the embarrassment of having stinky feet or shoes.

Now if that all fails then you could try these best odor eliminator for shoes on Amazon. These have good recommendations and you can learn more by clicking the image below.
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