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Craig is an Odor Removal Expert and ran a Odor Removal Business for 11 years. He is a specialist in cat urine removal, dog urine removal, Dog Odor, and cigarette smell removal.


Top 5 Best Ozone Generator Reviews 2019

By craig / February 5, 2019

Updated 2019 Hi its Craig here, welcome to the best Ozone Generator reviews.  Reviews of Ozone Generators for odor removal, mold removal and cleaning purposes.  We advise commercial operators and domestic customers on which Ozone purifier will remove smells and odors.I also advise on ozone shock treatments for urine spillage, smoke contamination, mold treatment, odor caused by […]


How to get pee smell out of couch

By craig / June 26, 2018

Hi Craig the Odor Dude here. In this article we are going to look at a professional Odor Removers advice on how to get pee smell out of couch. There is nothing worse than getting home from work, walking in the door and smelling old cat or dog pee. Removing pee smell from your couch is one […]


How to get dog pee smell out of carpet

By craig / February 3, 2018

For years now we have been answering how to get dog pee smell out of carpet and dog urine odor in carpet is a widespread problem in alot of pet owners homes. Dog urine if left unchecked in carpet becomes a long term issues and becomes finicky to remove when old. So lets break down […]


Best Carpet Drying Fan Blower Reviews

By craig / February 27, 2017

Updated February 2018 Hi its Craig here and welcome to our reviews of the best Carpet Drying Fan Blowers. We have noticed over the years that alot of our web traffic are commercial carpet cleaners looking for help with choosing Ozone Machines  and other associated products such as Carpet Air Moving Fans and Blowers. We […]


How I made over $100,000 PA Removing Pet Urine Odors

By craig / February 10, 2017

Hi Its Craig The Odor Dude here. This article details how rescuing a black cat led to a great business opportunity and how you can benefit from this too. Introduction It was back in 2002 when we heard about a cat who was on her way to the Vets to be put down by the […]


How to remove dog odor from your car

By craig / December 4, 2016

Hi Its Craig The Odor Dude here Dog Odor in a vehicle is a common occurrence for dog owners and the smell of a dog can be very stubborn to remove particularly in cloth seats and vehicle carpets. Different dogs produce different types of odors also and we over the years we have come across […]

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