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Craig is an Odor Removal Expert and ran a Odor Removal Business for 11 years. He is a specialist in cat urine removal, dog urine removal, Dog Odor, and cigarette smell removal.


Best Odor Neutralizer for Pets | The Top Pet Odor Removers Reviewed

By craig / November 24, 2016

Get rid of Pet Urine Odor for GoodHi its Craig The Odor Dude here . So lets face it guys, we all are passionate about our pets, but they can be frustrating little so and so’s when they discreetly urinate behind the couch and not tell you!!! Annoying to say the least. But don’t worry […]


Best Wet Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Stains

By craig / November 17, 2016

Updated 2018 Check out the Best Pet Urine Neutralizers on our Reviews Page. Before we get into it , we know that some of you will be commercial operators, like carpet cleaners, or floor work companies, or professional Odor Removers, so we thought it only fair to give our view on the best commercial carpet […]


20 Common Household Odors and How to Remove Them Fast

By craig / November 16, 2016

With our busy lives, hectic work schedules and the thrills and spills of modern living, its no wonder we can end up with some strange odors in the house from time to time. Listed below are the most common odors and some solutions to help you get rid of the smells. If you find this […]


5 Easy ways to get burnt smell out of a microwave oven

By craig / November 12, 2016

Here are 5 Simple Steps to get burnt smell out of a microwave and how to get rid of other Odors in your microwave also. Introduction: Quite often certain foods you cook in your microwave leave a nasty odor which can be transferred to other foods, ruining the flavors. In this article we cover off […]


How cleaning up and removing dead body odors made me $54,897.64

By craig / October 30, 2016

Hi Its Craig The Odor Dude here. This article details why business opportunities sometimes come from the most unlikely sources and why you should act on them. If  you are interested in learning more about this business opportunity then click here for my Free 7 Day Course Introduction It was back in 2002 when I […]


How to remove diesel or petrol smell from clothing

By craig / October 30, 2016

This is a question that is coming up more often than before and it is usually boat owners or small vehicle owners such as track bikes and so on who ask it. “I have spilled petrol on my trousers and no matter how many times I wash them I can still smell it” Like alot […]


A simple technique to kill odor in a shower or bathroom drain.

By craig / September 20, 2016

Currently I am holidaying on the Sunshine coast in Queensland Australia. The apartment we have rented for 3 weeks is beautiful, it has excellent sea views and we love it, however there is one problem that is very noticeable and unfortunately a common occurrence in apartment blocks all around the world. The old smelly drain […]


How to find cat urine accidents the easy way..even if they are old

By craig / September 15, 2016

Hi guys, Its Craig here today and in this short post I am going to reveal to you what we believe is the main reason that odor still lingers after people have treated the area and that is they do not spend enough time finding all the locations all they do not know how to […]

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