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Best Carpet Drying Fan Blower Reviews

By / February 27, 2017

Updated February 2018
Hi its Craig here and welcome to our reviews of the best Carpet Drying Fan Blowers. We have noticed over the years that alot of our web traffic are commercial carpet cleaners looking for help with choosing Ozone Machines  and other associated products such as Carpet Air Moving Fans and Blowers. We review here the best commercial carpet drying fan based on our own experiences with carpet cleaning and odor removal. Having a reliable air mover not only assist with Ozone distribution during odor removal treatments but also when carpets are cleaned and need to be dried or if a flood has occurred and excess water needs to be air dried also. So as you can see the carpet drying fan or blower as they are called is a useful price of equipment to have if you are a commercial operator or if you are a home owner or landlord. Its always useful to read several carpet blower reviews before purchasing and get a unbiased view on what is good and what is not good. We list our opinions and findings below and we hope you enjoy our machine reviews.

Our reviews of the best Air Movers and Carpet Drying Machines

Our Favorite Commercial Unit

Over all we score this Carpet Air Dryer 5/5.
We love the solid construction (see video below for demo), we love the durability and we love the price. Just to be clear if you are a commercial operator that uses drying fans regularly this is the unit for you. If you have a one off application then you may want to consider something more cost effective such as the Conair shown below.
Odorstop is an American company with excellent equipment that is made to last and withstand the knocks a carpet cleaner or flood restoration operators can give them when out in the field or in the van. Their customer service is excellent and they are making some quality cleaning products for commercial carpet cleaners who want mid range products that are affordable and well constructed. These represent incredible value for money and we have no hesitation in rating them at the top of the list. PS Don’t buy from their website as its considerably dearer than the link below

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The manufacturers Odorstop use a very durable method of construction called Roto Moulding for their floor drying fan, which means the plastic casing is in one piece and is very solid. You can see the demo below where the guy stands on it. Most portable carpet dryers have a plastic casing that is split and joined with thin threaded bolts that break apart with vibration or come loose. Carpet Air Blowers usually get knocked about a bit in the back of the van so they need to be made tough to withstand the knocks plus be reliable at the same time so they are cost effective if being used commercially. No one likes call backs.

User Friendly

Easy to use controls and a simple switch for the 3 speed Fan which at full speed will give you unbelievable output and drying abilities. Also suited for pushing air around to improve ventilation and Ozone treatments. The unit is stackable, easy to transport, and is not too heavy and not too light. Just right.

showing quality of the carpet drying machine

Fan Quality

We are very impressed with the machine and in particular the fan . It pushes air for a very long way and has the unique tool of a carpet lock which means you attach the carpet to the machine so it pushes air underneath the carpet making it dry even faster. With out this the carpet will flop over and wont dry as well. We are "blown" away  (sorry could not resist) by the output and quality of ozone. Its a great machine.

Showing the all important feature the carpet clamp. Video shows demo of it below

Our review of the Odorstop OS2800 Air Mover


Its no doubt these guys are out to impress and take the quality and durability of their floor dryer very seriously. Over the years we have used a number of carpet dryers and the machines varied in quality and price. Its fair to say the price has come down since 2000 as alot of the units are now made in China however the quality on some of them is terrible. Not with Odorstop, these are tough and work brilliantly. With its 3/4HP blower engine the blower can push air out they say to 100 feet. I actually think it is more. The units also can stack

We also love the 30 foot commercial cable (its yellow too!) that gives plenty of coverage and of course the carpet clamp which keeps the carpet above the air when place in the corner of the room or carpet you are drying.

We also are big fans of Odorstops Ozone Machine too


  • Easy to transport and store
  • Extremely Well built
  • Powerful 3 speed fan
  • Very Economical
  • Does the job beautifully
  • Long lasting (years!!)
  • 30 foot Yellow Power cable


  • Wish we had this unit years ago, could have saved us heaps of time and money

Client Comment : Amazing Machine!…Stronger fan then I thought it would be, 3 fan speeds made it nice for floating the carpet without flapping . Verified Purchaser by Gavin Green.


No 2: Contair FLO800GY Carpet Dryer and Air Blower

carpet air dryer blower

We had to include a good, more economical unit in our review for those that  just need a machine for a one off type application or for the commercial people that don’t use the machine on a day to day basis. From this standpoint the Contair is perfect. It is very inexpensive to buy, has a suitable fan for moving air and drying cleaned carpets very well and at the price it is and a one year warranty its a no brainer to buy it. But if you are a commercial operator then we recommend you invest more and buy the OdorStop Unit shown above.

Over all we score this Ozone Generator 4/5


The quality of these units is good enough for moderate usage and at the price point these machines are they are well suited for applications such as Kitchen Floods, A fan for moving air around a house in Summer, or where the user is a commercial operator and uses the machine every now and then rater than a Flood Restoration Company as example who would be using it daily.

User Friendly

No problem with any of the controls and the 3 speed fan is easily accessed. The unit comes with a 15 foot power cable which could be classified as a bit short by some. It has a good circuit breaker in it and twin power or daisy chain meaning you can run another machine of this one. We don't recommend this type of usage and prefer a one on one type power source.

Fan Output

The fan is suitable for the price but at 1200 CFM and at only 25 ft reach it is limited compared to the more expensive unit shown above which has 100 ft or more. 25 ft  is considered a bit light for heavy applications or commercial applications. If you are wanting to dry a kitchen or laundry flood then this unit will push the air around just fine, however for under carpet drying we prefer a bigger fan to ensure the carpet is lifted by the air. But at the price point and for uses such as Ozone Treatments it is fine to move air around.

Our review of the Contair FLO800GY Floor Dryer and Air Mover.

This is a machine best suited to a one off incident like a laundry flood or for a pushing ozone around in a Ozone Treatment. It is also great for carpet cleaners that want to dry the carpet after a clean. This carpet floor dryer is moderately priced and you definitely get what you pay for but it has a place in the market and has good reviews from the people who purchased it. 
So lets take a look at some of the specification of this air blower and then advise you who it is suitable for.
The air blower is a 1200 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute( which according to the manufacturers provides 25 Feet of air flow)
If you are a home owner or commercial operator and air drying is not  a big part of your business then this unit is perfect for drying a laundry flood, or Kitchen Flood. It is not however suited for placing in the corner of a room and drying UNDER the carpet. The fan is simply not strong enough to lift the carpet. However you will see by the feedback below people who purchased this carpet floor dryer are very happy with the results it provides. Cheaper units like these can be louder than something more expensive but for most people a fan blower noise is something that is not considered to be a problem.
We used to do a lot of work in a Old Peoples Home and having a quiet machine was critical as a lot of our work was in empty rooms at night after a days treatment of urine and feces in the flooring.  To have a noisy engine kept other residents awake.

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  • Easy to Carry and stack
  • Very well priced so if it lasts a few years its great value
  • Does the job well for moderate floods and carpet cleaning
  • Durable enough for the purpose described above


  • Poly construction with split casing which is not as strong as Rota Moulding once peice
  • Power cable could be longer again!! (You will need to use an extension)
  • Fan is too weak for heavy duty commercial jobs
  • Return to Base 1 years warranty and unknown where that is.

Worth the Money!
My uncle’s house was damaged by flooding recently and every store in a 50 mile radius was sold out of fans. I sent him two of these w/ Prime shipping and he used them in his basement and was able to salvage the foundation. Great buy.

Renee B Amazon Verified Purchaser

Another more inexpensive but reliable air mover that we wanted to include in our reviews. Overall we score this unit 3.85/5 and the score is reflected by the fact that its is rated high by a lot of commercial users that view the machine as a if it lasts 2 seasons they have got their moneys worth. For some one who is not using the unit every day this machine is perfect also and it then gets down to warranty. This unit is also marked as a "Mini" so it does have a place to play in smaller rooms and lofts etc . Weighing in at only 11 1bs  it is easily transported and handled and the body seems very well constructed although it is  a two piece shell.


User Friendly

Fan Output

Our review of the Odorstop 2500 Ozone Generator Another great unit from the Odorstop Stable and this one caught our eye due to the ease of servicing the Corona Discharge Plates and the ability to buy spares as shown below, The parts are easy to install and are very well priced.
  • Price: This unit is dearer than the others and the reason for this is it’s a commercial grade machine with the ability to service and replace parts. Most Ozone machines use a Corona Discharge Method where a current is passed between metal plates and the air passing through is oxidized and turns into O3 gas. The plates get build up on them of contaminants and this can affect the Ozone Gas Output This machine allows you to easily remove the Metal Plates and replcae them inexpensively with new ones thus making the unit last for years. The commercial operators or landlords will be interested in this unit as it will last longer than the cheaper ones due to the ability to be serviced and have the Ozone parts replaced. We think for some one working in a business using this machine, this is essential.
  • Design: The machine also has an air inlet filter (albeit thin) but at least it is something to try to keep the dust out. The units are quite pricey but for a commercial operator these come highly recommended for the ability to replace the ceramic plates. With Ozone machines you have two choices really. Buy something cheaper like the Enerzen and when it fails throw it away or invest more and get a commercial unit like this one and service it to make it last for 10 years or more. The machines are well constructed, solidly built and  weighing in at 9.5 pounds she is quite heavy, but if you are a commercial guy weight is good!. It means the machine will be well constructed and have solid parts which is what we need for durability. Odorstop also do a great range of blowers as well as commercial ozone machines Click here for more information

Overall we score this unit 3/5


User Friendly

Fan Output

Our Review of The Shop-Vac 1032000 Mighty Mini Air Mover.

The Shop-Vac economy unit or Mini as they like to call it has a under powered fan for commercial use  and this machine is most likely suited to someone who just wants to move air within a house. People are buying these because of the price, as in they are really cheap but there is an old saying written in 1824 by John Ruskin that is very true. He said in summary “Its unwise to pay too much but its worse to pay too little” When you pay to much all you lose is money, when you pay to little you sometimes lose everything because the Air Blower you buy can’t do the job you need”  I improvised about the air blower but you get my point.

They have sold 400 of these on Amazon so clearly there is  a need in the market for a cheaper 3 speed air blower, however I can’t see how these would dry carpet with the small fan so in fact they are a glorified house fan made to look like a blower shape to try to tap into the commercial market.

Fro my stand point I would not buy one for our application but you may have a use that they are perfect for.


  • Cheap
  • Can be stacked and is light to carry
  • Can be daisy chained but we don't recommend this
  • Established Company with 1 year warranty


  • 10 ft Power Cable
  • Fan is too small for commercial use

carpet Dryer

Overall we score this unit 4/5


User Friendly

Fan Output

Our review of the OdorStop OS1000 Carpet Dryer and Air Mover
This is just one of the many machines from the “stable” from OdorStop. We have been very impressed by these guys and the attention to detail with the manufacturing of all their machines.  OdorStop are carpet cleaners and ex carpet cleaners so they understand what is needed when evaluating and using a good carpet dryer and air blower machine. They have alot of experience in Odor removal as well as the manufacturing process.  An example is their engines are thermally protected to ensure they have enough air circulating to keep them cool. Most of the issues with smaller air movers are the fans overheating. No so in this case. The units are lightweight also and weighing in at 12 lbs they are easily moved and stacked also. The blower is an incredible 1/5HP and 1400 RPM which is fantastic for  a compact unit and totally suitable for drying carpets after cleaning and for small flood work plus in tight corners where using  a big machine is not suited. Overall we love this little machine and it has a very important place in the market for all commercial operators. Ideal for ceilings and other areas where space is limited. Click here for more information


  • We love the attention to detail and the durability of this machine. The Roto Moulding is unbreakable
  • Solidly constructed throughout
  • Excellent fan Output for such a small unit
  • Very Economical
  • Ideal for areas that are narrow or when you need to lift a unit into a ceiling space, and other narrow areas where a heavy machine is too hard to use


  • 15ft power cord
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