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The best detergent to get odor out of clothing | Top Odor Removal Detergent Reviews

By / August 7, 2016

craig-transparantHi Guys, Craig here with our latest post about removing odors found in clothes such as jeans, hoodies, pullovers, t shirts, sports tops and so on. We have tested a lot of laundry washing powders and laundry detergents on a huge range of odors as shown below and the products that worked the best are listed with our review.

What is the best detergent to get odor out of fabric and shirts easily and effectively. Before we delve into the different types of detergents and powders to use, its important to look at the reasons fabrics and clothing get smelly and what the different types of odors are, as not all odors are the same.
First of all what is causing your odor and what sort of fabric are we dealing with?
Is it oil based odor or an organic type of odor?

No One: Oil Based Odors In Clothing

We found Huracane 40 laundry powder to work the best

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Some examples of oil based odors in clothing

  1. Petrol spilled onto jeans etc
  2. Diesel spilled onto clothing
  3. Oily foods such as canned sardines or smoked oysters spilled onto clothing
  4. Oily Garlic paste spilled onto a shirt front or apron
  5. Food odors from frying food.
  6. If  you can think of any more comment in the chat box and we will help you.

So if you have one of these odors listed above where oil is involved, its is essential to use a custom high alkaline washing powder with sodium per carbonate in as one of the components. Without these two ingredients you will struggle to remove the smell. The Huracan 40 product has just the right amount of all the ingredients needed to remove oil and organic based odors and leave the laundry smelling fresh and clean, plus looking clean too.

Step by Step guide:
No 1: Soak your item in clothing in a bucket overnight
No 2: The following day wash the product in the machine using 1/4 cup of Huracan 40 washing powder in warm water *Please be careful with color fast clothing. Some fabrics are not designed for washing so please read manufacturers advice first. Typically these odor contamination’s are in jeans or shorts, hoodies and so on. They are very hard to damage unless you put Huracan 40 directly onto wet fabric (NEVER DO THIS) always dissolve powder first before adding the garment


We rate this product very highly and give it a 4/5 reviewlaundry-washing-powder-review

No Two: Organic Based Odors In Clothing
We found Zero Odor Detergent to work extremely well

Examples of organic types of odor in clothing are:

  1. Body Odor from sweat
  2. Mold odors from damp storage areas
  3. Cigarette smoke
  4. Wood smoke
  5. Body odor from unwashed skin
  6. Feces odor
  7. If you can think of any more comment in the chat box and we will help you.

So if you have one of these odors listed above where organic matter is involved, the high alkaline component is not required and you can use a more technically advanced product such as I love this product and if you read the reviews of the product you will see how popular it is. These guys have nailed it with using science and technology to remove organic types of odors (with a presoak which is optional and advised for extreme odors) in a washing machine.

Step by Step guide:

    1. Soak your item in clothing in a bucket overnight (Extreme Odors Only)
    2. The following day wash the product following the instructions of the Zero Odor bottle. It is economical and very powerful product.

Once again for organic odors we rate this product as among the best and give it also a 4/5 review
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Some of these odors are very stubborn and may not go away even after washing. This is why eager house Moms are on the hunt for the best detergents and cleaner to remove smells from clothing.
So the real challenge is how to get rid of all these odors from your fabric without destroying the item with too much enthusiasm.
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The products that did not make the grade

Best detergent to get odor out of clothing

These laundry pacs may be very convenient because you don’t have to mess with liquids and quantities but they can be expensive to buy and really annoying to use!!. The cleaning power is good and the laundry smells fresh but we found the pacs did not dissolve completely on many occasions which is very poor. Coupled with that the fragrance is quite overpowering in a small area. You really need to make sure the pac has some room to move about so it can dissolve properly so this limits the load somewhat. Apart from that the price is worth it for the convenience and quality but there are better solutions out there.
Best detergent to get odor out of clothing

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Tide + Downy Odor Defense: Ok so here is a product where alot of work has gone into the odor removal aspect of it however we found the downside of using a product like this is the ratios to use in your washing load, mean you end up with empty containers while having half full ones also. The fragrances are also very strong and we never like an over perfumed product as it is very hard to determine if the Tide + Downy Odor Defense Laundry Bundle is actually working or not. Our reaction is decidedly mixed. Its confusing with the mixing and ratios required and we do not recommend this product for the uses listed above.

Making some odor removal products yourself to save money.

We recommend using the products rated 4/5 above, however you may have an item of clothing that just needs a freshen up instead of a  ful on odor removal treatment.  Here are some home remedies for removing odors in clothing for you to try.

HOT TIP NO 1: Use Homemade Fabric Refreshers
Instead of using store-bought fabric refreshers with all sorts of harsh chemicals and harmful ingredients, you may want to try a homemade fabric refresher spray especially if you have kids and pets around. This is not only inexpensive, but it is also safe and healthy for everyone.
All you need to do is add all the ingredients in a spray bottle, shake it well and spray it on your fabric
1 cup vinegar (to act as a deodorizer)
1 cup water
½ teaspoon essential oil (you can choose the one you like best or even combine a few. My favorite is Lavender)
½ teaspoon vegetable glycerin (to emulsify the essential oils)
Simply spray onto curtains and other furniture fabrics and your fabric will freshen up in no time

HOT TIP NO 2: Denatured alcohol and Essential Oils
Simple add 1/2 a teaspoon of essential oils into 1 pint of Denatured Alcohol (commonly known as methylated spirits) and spray onto bedding, curtains and carpet. This will freshen the area up and the methylated spirits will kill any bacteria in the area.

HOT TIP NO 3: A Sachet of Herbs
Another one from the old scrolls, a small sachet of dried herbs and flowers, especially lavender buds, can help absorb even the strongest of odors. You can tuck away the sachet under your cushions, in between car seats or even in your closet. Some ideas you can use to make your sachet include: lavender, rosemary, lemon balm, balsam fir or scented geranium.

If you want to make a simple sachet, you can just place the herbs and flowers in the middle of a handkerchief and wrap them up before placing them near your fabric.

HOT TIP NO 3 :Baking Soda
Baking soda is probably the most well-known ingredient for odor removal. You can even place a bowl of baking soda in your fridge to get rid of that typical fridge odor or put some in your cats litter box to absorb all of its smell. And if baking soda has the strength to absorb such strong smells, fabric odor should be nothing in comparison. To remove odor from your fabric or upholstery, just sprinkle some baking soda all over the material and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Vacuum it after 30 minutes and you’ll have an odor free fabric. If you don’t just want to remove an odor, you can add your favorite essential oils to the baking soda and mix it well. Use it in the same way and you’ll have all your fabrics holding your favorite scent.

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