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Best Wet Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Stains

By / November 17, 2016

Updated 2018

Wet/Dry Vacuum machines are the best cleaning tool that you could use for cleaning up pet messes, so we searched high and low for the Best Wet Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Stains to assist you in purchasing one. A Wet/Dry vacuum is ideal for maintaining a clean work space and home and perfect for urine removal and feces removal when combined with a chemical treatment. Most of the machines come with useful tool accessories which are mainly designed to remove sawdust, dust, lint etc but some have a “wand” that can be used for injecting water on top of urine and extracting the whole lot out in one movement. This is a recommended process for urine extraction from carpet and furniture. Today we have selected 5 wet/dry vacuum cleaners for pet stains and ran them through the testing with cat urine and dog urine both old and new. The machines varied in efficiency and performance so please feel free to research below before buying one for your use. Also, there are hundreds of brands and models available in the markets and picking the best among them becomes a daunting task. So this article serves to bring you the best wet dry vac for the money

Before we get into it , we know that some of you will be commercial operators, like carpet cleaners, or floor work companies, or professional Odor Removers, so we thought it only fair to give our view on the best commercial carpet extractor as shown below. These are considerably dearer then the domestic machines shown down the page.

2017 Best Commercial Carpet Extractor for Odor Removal 

Our Review 5 / 5

These are made in USA, heavy duty, great backup, plenty of spare parts if needed for servicing, exception value for money and comes with a beautifully designed carpet extraction wand for removing the contamination. Now available at a discount rated. Click here to see pricing These are awesome machines and so good to see something built in the good Ole USA instead of overseas.
Best commercial carpet extractor

If you are a commercial carpet cleaning contractor then the Mosquito Range listed below will serve you well.

2017's Reviews of the Best Wet Vacuums for Odor Removal Domestic


Product Name


Price Point

Editor Rating


16 Gallon, 5 Yr Warranty, Excellent Suction



14 Gallon, 4 Yr Warranty on Motor , Excellent Suction



16 Gallon, 1 Yr Warranty, Good Suction



4 Gallon, 1 Year, Good suction, Washable Filters, Brittle plastic fittings



12 Gallon, Lifetime Warranty, Moderate Suction,


At a Glance: Our Choices for The Best Wet Vacuum for Carpet

To make your search easier, we have come up with the top 5 wet vacuum cleaners that are reasonably priced and durable to use. We have done a detailed research on the vacuum cleaners based and tested the best wet vac for dog urine, cat urine, rat urine and more. We mention their features, pros, and cons and keep the reviews non biased. Depending on the purpose of use, there are some considerations that you need to keep in mind before purchasing the vacuum cleaner. These have been tested on tile floors, carpet, furniture and more. Read on; and our honest reviews will certainly help you to pick the perfect cleaning machine for your odor removal project.

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that will last for years and years without any problems, then the Workshop Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner WS1600VA will be the best choice. The cleaner comes with a 5-year limited warranty and is inbuilt with numerous amazing features.

However, it is a bit louder than the other vacuum cleaners so I usually use ear plugs while running it but this is only caused by the powerful motor that generates the incredible suction in both wet use and dry use. Great for dog urine in carpet once it has been treated. You will however have to purchase some accessories based on the work you are wanting to do, like the wet foam filter and the fine dust filter but if your intended use is removing cat or dog urine odor the machine is good to go. So, depending on the intended use, you can place an order for its accessories which are all easily available online. It is still exceptional value for money even with the added accessories!!  Just saying.

The machine is nicely-designed and a very sturdy product. Installation of the metal casters to the feet will take a few minutes but once done, you can start using the machine instantly. No assembly required (Yay) The Workshop WS1600VA has the added benefit of filters that can be cleaned without any difficulty by removing and tapping it on the side of a waste can or washing. It is easy to empty out liquids in wet mode without removing or unlatching the lid by the valve at the base of the unit. The suction power is excellent and its attachments work amazingly well. Great for a pet owner to treat urine spills with.

Here are some features of the Workshop WS1600VA Vacuum Cleaner:

  • It is easy to setup and has a 2.5” x 7 foot locking hose. The locking tab ensures that the dual flex hose is well-connected to the vacuum machine during use.
  • The filter fastening system will make the entire session of changing filters easy and quick.
  •  Its auto shut-off float mechanism will make sure that there isn’t any kind of spill over during wet cleaning.
  • The vacuum is easy to use for wet cleanups as its drainage port can drain out any liquids.
  • The 16-gallon drum can effortlessly manage large cleaning tasks.
  • Its integrated blowing port enhances the machine’s versatility completely.
  • Operating and maintaining the vacuum cleaner is quite easy.
  • It is accurately designed so that the included accessories have enough space, and there is room to accommodate even more.


  • Excellent Suction
  • No complex assembly
  • Great range of accessories
  • Washable filters
  • Auto shut off valve for safety
  • Excellent support for manufacturers
  • Exceptional value for money


  • Quite loud but this you are getting a very powerful motor so its a small sacrifice to make we feel.

If you need a vacuum cleaner with super quiet sound level then the Shop-Vac 5951400 Wet/Dry Vacuum is a good choice.  A dependable machine that can be used to clean variety of surfaces and great suction but...some flaws that made the reviewer score this unit lower. A short power cable, poor instructions for assembly, brittle plastic fittings all added up to a lower score. It is however a powerful and stylish vacuum cleaner with excellent provision for dog urine treatment jobs with the powerful wet suction but a power cable of 6 ft ? and the assembly instructions, plus customer support bring this unit down in ratings.

Personally, I found the hose to be a bit short so I bought an extension for it, which was easily available online. All in all, it is a reasonably priced product that can solve most of your needs related to cleaning of your home, garage, patios, basement, etc. 

Here are some features of the Shop-Vac 5951400 Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner:​

  • The product arrives with several accessories like the 14” floor nozzle, collection filter bag, 8 feet lock-on hose, cartridge filter, and much more.
  • The filter minder will make sure that your filter system remains protected for longer and provides better performance.
  • The hose length is 8 feet.
  • You will be provided with a 4 year motor warranty.
  • It has a strong suction and is extremely easy to move because of its big wheels.
  • The hose locks well so you can pull the machine without any worries of the hose coming loose.
  • It works amazingly well for wet spillages as the machine has a drain plug so you don’t have to lift it.


  • Excellent Suction
  • Very quiet
  • Large rear wheels great for moving around
  • Drain plug for water (great for the back!)
  • Warranty of 4 years but hard to contact company


  • Assembly required and lame instructions
  • Short Power Cable (keeps pulling out)
  • Not supported well in USA

Another amazing vacuum cleaner is the Craftsman XSP, which will be an appropriate tool for those who are looking for a sturdy, powerful, and robust machine. It will help you in vacuuming some of the tough places that are filled with wood chunks, sawdust, broken glasses, metal shards, nails and screws, and much more. Furthermore, water or liquid in a flooded room can be easily cleaned with the help of this machine. The company even provides a gutter kit, which is sold separately online and comes handy for removing debris and leaves from gutters.

However, it is quite big compared to the other cleaners so you will have to think of a place to keep it in your home before purchasing. If you have a garage or basement, then you can keep it there. Overall, the machine is worth every penny and is much better than the other vacuum cleaners that are available online. As it does not require paper filter bags, I personally found this to be quite economical. 

Here are some fantastic features of the Craftsman XSP Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner:

  • It has been designed meticulously to tackle the toughest cleanup projects for home, shop, garage, or jobsite.
  • The tool can easily be converted to a blower for job site.
  • It has an innovative top-tray storage space that can be used for storing power drills, screws, mechanics tools, etc. for easy accessibility.
  • Its secured hose system makes cleaning simpler as it keeps the hose in place when the machine is in use.
  • The huge drain helps in clearing tanks of liquids that is sucked by the cleaner.
  • Mobility of the tool has been enhanced by adding heavy duty 360 degree swivel casters.
  • Transporting the tool from one place to another is easy and comfortable as it has an integrated ergonomic handle.
  • It comes with a 7” hose, 20” power cord and extension wands so that you can reach larger areas effortlessly without unplugging the tool.
  • Pumping out water is fast and effortless with this tool.
  • The on/off switch is easy to use and can quickly control the power.


  • Excellent Suction
  • Reliable and hard wearing
  • Gutter cleaning kit available as an extra
  • Drain plug for water (great for the back!)
  • 20' Power Cord


  • Be careful with the castors, they are  a bit brittle

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that can help in vacuuming, blowing, inflating, deflating, shampooing upholstery, etc. then the New Prolux Garage Shop Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner will be the right choice. The machine has been designed in such a way that it will help you to complete most of your cleaning jobs and is excellent for urine treatments.

You will receive several accessories with the vacuum cleaner like the floor squeegee, hand held sprayer, upholstery tool, floor tool, shampooer extraction tool, various sized inflators, and much more. These accessories will enable you to vacuum your car, shop, home, or garage easily. Once you purchase this vacuum cleaner, shampooing the upholstery in your car or cleaning the melted snow in winters will be like a cake walk for you.

The instruction booklet provided with the machine has clear and detailed information to mount the cleaner. Also, all of the hardware was provided with the machine so that the entire process of assembling and mounting becomes easy. The amount of accessories provided with the tool is quite impressive. One thing that I liked the most was that the filter can be washed when dirty, which is not possible for most of the vacuum cleaners as they recommend you to change the filter entirely and on a regular basis.

Listed below are some of the wonderful features of the New Prolux Garage Shop Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner:​

  • It is a multipurpose wall mounted vacuum cleaner that can help you to clean water, dust, dirt, snow, and much more.
  • Squeegee hard floor surfaces will become simpler with this tool.
  • The wall mounted tool caddy is extremely handy as each and every tool can easily fit into it.
  • It has a powerful 1500 W 12 Amps of suction so that your vacuuming process is awesome.
  • The cloth filter and the HEPA filter that is provided in the starter pack can be washed effortlessly when it gets filled up with dirt.
  • It is a durable and robust tool that can last for a lifetime.
  • The tool is extremely easy to use and can be quickly mounted to the wall when not in use.
  • It arrives with a 30 feet hose that will let you clean large areas without difficulties.
  • The wet/dry ability of the tool will solve most of your pet urine cleaning worries.


  • Excellent Suction
  • Reliable and hard wearing
  • Easy To Clean Filters
  • Drain plug for water (great for the back!)
  • 30' Power Cord


  • Hose is a bit short

Last on our list is the the two in one vacuum cleaner the RIDGID Wet Dry VAC 1200 Vacuum. The tool is equipped with innumerable accessories such as the utility nozzle, 8 foot locking hose, car nozzle, blower wand, two extension wands and much more. Its 12 gallon capacity drum and a powerful motor are perfect for wet pick-ups but there are some challenges with this machine and the company supporting it.

Its innumerable accessories will enable you to effectively clean your house, car, or garage however they are very cheaply made and will break easily so take care!. . Assembling the cleaner is easy as the instructions provided in the booklet are detailed. The machine is larger than expected so you need to plan for a place to keep it in your home or basement and although the fliters are washable they are also very sensitive so make sure you buy spares. Also, you need to clear the filter regularly when it clogs otherwise it will reduce suction and make the cleaning process a long task.

Mentioned below are some of the features of the RIDGID Wet Dry VAC 1200 Vacuum Cleaner:

  •  It is a versatile 2-in-1 tool with wet dry vacuum and a blower that makes the cleaning process effortless.
  • The cord length is 20 feet and the hose length is 8 feet.
  • You can convert the detachable blower into a handheld blower; thus cleaning the house or garage conveniently.
  • The suction is powerful and can easily manage heavy-duty dry and wet vacuum cleanup as it has a 5.0 peak horsepower motor.
  • It has a large drain so liquid disposal becomes quick and simple.
  • The caster feet enable easy rolling movement while it is in use but they break easily.
  • You can store its accessories or attachments at the accessory storage space provided.
  • It has a dual-flex locking hose, which keeps the hose in place while the machine is running.
  • Transporting or carrying the vacuum cleaner is trouble-free as it has comfortable side handles.
  • Changing the filter is quick as it has the Qwik-lock filter system. Also, you will not require any kind of small tools for installing or removing the filter.
  • The utility nozzle makes the cleanup of large areas simple.
  • For cleaning carpets and upholstery, you will be provided with the car/blower nozzle.


  • Easy Change Filter
  • Good suction
  • Great range of accessories
  • Excellent power cord length (20ft)


  • Poor quality fittings
  • Customer support questionable

Why should you buy a vacuum cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is an important cleaning utility that can be used for diverse cleaning chores and can help in making your life easier. However, before picking one for yourself you need to consider two important things – the suction power and the filtration process. Once you are certain about the purpose of using a vacuum cleaner, you will be able to make the purchase accurately.

Also, ensure that your pick requires less maintenance and is durable enough to work for many years. The aforesaid reviews of the top 5 vacuum cleaners will help you in your hunt to find a perfect tool. All these 5 models are quite promising and can fit everyone’s pockets too. So, select the best one for yourself and lead a healthy and clean life.


We hope you enjoyed this Wet Vacuum Review and that the information is useful. All the machines above are budget and suited for domestic uses. We wish you all the ebst with your odor removal. For more tips on removing dog pee from carpet click here. You may also find useful information about Vacuum Cleaners here also.

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