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Top 5 Best Ozone Generator Reviews 2021

By / August 5, 2020

Updated 2020Hi its Craig here, welcome to our Ozone generators review page.  If you are looking for the best Ozone Generators for odor removal, mold removal smoke odor, and cleaning purposes then you are in the right place.  We advise commercial Ozone operators and domestic customers on which Ozone purifier will work the best for […]


Best Carpet Drying Fan Blower Reviews

By / February 27, 2017

Updated February 2018 Hi its Craig here and welcome to our reviews of the best Carpet Drying Fan Blowers. We have noticed over the years that alot of our web traffic are commercial carpet cleaners looking for help with choosing Ozone Machines  and other associated products such as Carpet Air Moving Fans and Blowers. We […]


Best Odor Neutralizer for Pets | The Top Pet Odor Removers Reviewed

By / November 24, 2016

Get rid of Pet Urine Odor for GoodHi its Craig The Odor Dude here . So lets face it guys, we all are passionate about our pets, but they can be frustrating little so and so’s when they discreetly urinate behind the couch and not tell you!!! Annoying to say the least. But don’t worry […]


Best Wet Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Stains

By / November 17, 2016

Updated 2018 Check out the Best Pet Urine Neutralizers on our Reviews Page. Before we get into it , we know that some of you will be commercial operators, like carpet cleaners, or floor work companies, or professional Odor Removers, so we thought it only fair to give our view on the best commercial carpet […]


Holistic Dog Food Review

By / November 15, 2015

Introduction:There is no doubt the competition on holistic and organic dog food is increasing as pet owners get more health conscious and only want the best for their beloved hounds, but some of the crazy pricing around is enough to send you back to the supermarket isles again getting less than desirable dog biscuits that […]