Cleaning Cat Urine From A Concrete Floor

remove cat urine from concrete floor

Cleaning cat urine from a concrete fall does not need to be a hard and laborious task. Yes, it’s not fun when your cat pees on concrete – afterall it does soak in and causes a horrible smell. But at the end of the day we do love our pet cats (unless of course it’s the neighbors cat that has come for a visit and left an unwelcome present!)

Concrete put under a microscope has thousands of small holes like honey comb that makes up the composition of your concrete floor so imagine when you your cat urinates, the concrete sucks it up like a sponge. Cat urine contaminations not treated correctly will keep smelling and that always gets worse when the area heats up in summer. If you are cleaning cat urine from concrete floor here is the technique that has served us best.

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I will show you my expert tips to remove cat urine from concrete. It’s not as hard as you might think.

To get cat urine smell out of concrete you need to apply a strong oxidiser, and anti bacterial compound (see recommendation below) that penetrates deeply into the concrete floor and comes in contact with all the urine to neutralize it. The solution is then extracted out or left to dry. This is the best urine remover for concrete floors that we have tested.

What Takes Cat Urine Smell Out Of Concrete?

Removing cat urine from concrete is much easier than people think. Sure concrete is porous and the cat pee can soak right in, however the beauty of concrete is you can treat it with very strong odor neutralizers and not hurt it. Cat urine smell in basement areas can be difficult to locate which is why people often have problems trying to neutralize it, however following the steps below will make it easy for you.

Step By Step Instructions for Cleaning Cat Urine From A Concrete Floor

Step No 1 : Locate the source of the cat urine odor

Identify the area where the urine is situated first. If you don’t know where the smell is coming from then spray some of our odor removal formula on to the concrete areas and look for white foaming. The formula has a built in urine finding system (foams up white when exposed to urine) so you know where to treat. The image below shows where the urine contamination is located indicated by the white foaming.

Step No 2 : Mix up a gallon of our formulation

Simply mix the ingredients together in a plastic bucket or plastic garden watering can using formula two

Mixing DIY urine odor remover
Mixing a DIY formula for old cat urine

Step No 3: Treat the area with formula two.

Once you have found the contamination pour about 5 pints of the solution onto the areas. You can find the formula on our information page.
Leave the chemical to soak in for 5 to 10 minutes so it has a chance to penetrate into the porous concrete.
You will notice more white foaming at this stage which is the chemical working on the urine residues and this is totally normal. The chemical will start to break down the urine residues so they are able to be removed easily as shown in the next step.

Step No 4 : Check progress of removing the cat urine odor.

Once the chemical stops foaming (can take longer tup to 30 minutes or longer depending on how severe the contamination is) the chemical has burnt itself out, so simply mop up with old rags or towels or use a wet vac and you are done.
Give it the sniff test. If there is still strong odor repeat the process.

That is how to remove cat urine from your concrete. So easy and so fast and 100% guaranteed to work.

Q: My empty garage smells like cat pee or poo. How can I clean it and remove the odor?
A: Remove any solids first if possible and then empty the garage completely so you can then see what you are dealing with.
Mix up 1/2 gallon of our formula one and place some of it in a spray bottle. Spray the garage floor looking for any indication of white bubbling and foam. This will tell you where the cat wee areas are. Once you find them then treat generously with formula two following the instructions inside the Odordude members area.

Conclusion – Cleaning Cat Urine From A Concrete Floor

Put simply, cat urine stinks and when it has absorbed into your concrete floor, it really can be unforgiving. But, cat pee on concrete is not the end of the world and if you use these techniques listed above, you will find significant improvements in the cat urine odor. I hope this article has been helpful in removing cat urine from concrete!