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Common Questions on Odor Removal

Hi Craig The Odor Dude here
Here are some of the common questions we get from our clients.

Q. Is the Odor Dude Formula safe on leather?
A. Yes we use it on leather regularly but we always recommend a spot test as some leathers have been treated with poor quality dyes that could be damaged.

Q. I think my cat peed on a mattress. Can I use that OdorDude formula and how should i go about it? thanks!
A. Hi Tara. Yes you can use it and it is perfect for your situation. If it is just your cat marking then apply the formula with a spray bottle and spray a heavy application on, but if he/she has emptied her bladder then you will need to pour it on and make sure it soaks into the inner layers then leave to dry in a warm area

Q. Will this formula work on pebble tech floors? I rent so.I don’t want to ruin the floors?
A. Hi Becky. I have never used it on pebble tech floors but looking on google they seem to be made of epoxy in which case the formula will be fine. Epoxy will withstand most chemicals. I suggest you make up a small amount of formula and test it first in an inconspicuous area overnight. Flush it off with water and you will know.

Q. Do I do things differently on laminate flooring like maybe use less product?
A. You don’t do things differently on laminate, you just apply the product as you normally would by tipping it on to the area. You would use less product than if it was carpet because you don’t need to penetrate deep into the carpet layers

Q. If I buy your formula about how much would it cost?
A. The recipe costs $9.99 and can be found by clicking here

Q. I like that the product foams up to see where urine is. So it foams up no matter if I buy your formula or purchase X-O
A. Only our formula foams up. XO plus and other odor neutralizers do not.

Q. After applying product that foams u talk about applying another product? Is there another product or just the one that foams?
A. I can see how that would be confusing yes . the foaming is useful to just identify where the area is so use sparingly to identify the areas and then tip on a heavy application once found.

Q. Do I use a spray bottle to apply product?
A. You don’t have to just pouring from a Jug is fine. We use a spray bottle to help find the locations as it foams up and also it’s handy if you’re doing cupboard doors etc but it’s just treating a laminate floor tipping from a container is fine.

Q. Do I remove product or leave it on after applying? If I remove it after how long do I take it off?
A. Leave the product on for 10 minutes then mop up with old towels.