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Best way to get rid of shoe odor revealed | 5 Top Tips by Odor Expert

By / June 27, 2016

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The best way to get rid of shoe odor is listed below but before we go there we need to understand why peoples feet smell, particularly when someone casually mentions that they may have a best way to get rid of smelly shoes to you, indicating your feet smell. Hint hint…..
Nothing is more embarrassing than being in a smelly room where people are gasping for breath due to a stinky shoes particularly if they are your shoes or a family member that is with you. Teenagers and stinky sneakers go hand in hand right?

Listed below are the best ways to get odor out of shoes using homemade odor removers that are inexpensive and effective plus we review some of the best shoe sprays for odor, best socks for sweaty stinky feet and some of the numerous odor remover foot powders available.

How to get rid of smelly shoes

HOT TIP: Natural Materials Like Leather Reduce Foot Odor up to 40%. This shoe below is ideal.
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Shoe Odor Leather Shoes

We also look at some of the causes of smelly feet and some simple solutions for reducing the odor.

What causes stinky feet?

There are many reasons that people get smelly feet and here are a few of the main reason shoes and feet smell.
Feet produce reasonably large amounts of sweat for their size in comparison to other body parts, and this is what causes smelly feet, and leads to the age old question people ask, why do my feet smell so bad. The reason is that within sweat is bacteria and bacteria from our bodies and feet will produce odor when confined and no air is able to circulate. Air has natural odor eliminators known as oxidizers which will kill bacteria.

What causes foot odor in shoes

Once again there are many reasons but the main reasons for foot odor in shoes is caused by a combination of sweat and bacteria as discussed above being absorbed into the material the shoe is constructed form. Particularly when a shoe is made from non-natural fibers such as vinyl or plastic that don’t breathe at all, the odor can build up very fast.

Best way to get rid of shoe odor

Listed below are some of the best treatments for smelly shoes and the best way to cure stinky feet so this should cover off your problems plus we review the best shoe spray for odor which has helped alot of people.
So get ready to kiss your stinky hooves goodbye forever!! (After all no one else will kiss them right?)  So Read on for how to get rid of stinky shoes.

Method for the best way to get smell out of shoes

Bacteria is what creates the odor in the shoes, we all agree on that, and a great tip for reducing the bacteria in your shoes is to spray them with Methylated spirits after use. Meths is made from denatured alcohol (so you wont drink it!!) and alcohol kills the bacteria straight away and and even breaks down oils and body fats which prevents a build up in the future , which of course in turn prevents shoe and foot odor.
In fact Methylated spirits or meths as it is known in some country is a very handy inexpensive product for freshening up clothing, bed spreads, rooms and so on.Spray it directly onto bedding to make the sheets fresh and sanitary.

If you don’t want a home made shoe odor eliminator, then this product below comes highly rated on Amazon and has the ingredients that are the best way to eliminate shoe odor.
best spray for stinky shoes

best way to get smell out of shoes

HOT TIP. Essential Oils for increasing Odor Eliminating Power

Drop a small amount of essential oil into the meths to make your own deodorizer. One or two drops is all you need. The Meths evaporates quickly after a spray application and leaves a lovely fresh smell in the house or on the garment. It is not sticky or corrosive like some sprays and a excellent item to have in the pantry.
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She odor eliminator

Excellent Quality – No Leaks – These Are The Ones I Consider To Be Truly ESSENTIAL Essential Oils – Excellent Starter Set and so well priced

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That’s all for now. Don’t forget my amazing formula which will remove shoe odor and remove 20 other odors including cat urine.

5 tips for keeping teenagers shoes smelling fresh

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