How to Find Cat Pee in Your Home The Easy Way

frustrated finding cat urine smell

Nothing worse than the smell of cat urine and not knowing where the urine odor is located which is why I have put together this article to help you find cat pee in your home using my simple method.

It’s very likely every cat parent will experience this at some point, but don’t despair – I have the solution for you. 

Cat pee (or any other type of animal urine) is a major problem for many households and can ruin the smell of a room and create health issues for people. It is not hard to find, so you don’t have to wonder where it is.

Option 1: Use a Black Light to Find the Cat Pee

Use a UV light to locate old urine and make sure it has plenty of power. The light below is a good one.

A UV light is a reasonably reliable way to detect the salt crystals in the urine however you will get many false positives as other contaminants will show up also so make sure you smell test the areas to ensure it is cat urine and not food or some other spillage. 

Alternative Cat Pee Finding Option

The more reliable way is to mix up some of our DIY odor remover and spray the carpet or furniture looking for white foaming as shown below. The product reacts with urine in the form of a harmless white foam and you then know where to treat. Its easy!

First go here to buy the recipe

Second go the link below to treat the urine and remove the odor after you find where the cat pee is located

Click here to learn how to use the cat urine removal formula. 

how to find cat pee

Another Alternative to Find Cat Pee (but will take you longer!)

How good do you rate your sniffer? Personally, mine is pretty in tune to these types of smells and where they can be hiding. So, if you are up for the challenge, start sniffing around your home to see if you can find the culprit spot. You’ll have to get down on your hands and knees and it will take a bit longer – but you might just find the right spot. 

The other thing to consider is has your cat peed in a particular spot before? As a cat parent, you probably know that cats can be repeat offenders – if they’ve done it once, they are probably going to do it again so check their go to areas where they have done it before. 

If you are all sniffed out, why not ask your dog to help you out! They have a much better sense of smell – up to 10,000 times better in fact. So get your dog in the room to start sniffing around and they will surely find it (make sure you give them a treat for their efforts!)

Why Do Cats Pee In Random Spots? 

There’s a few reasons why a cat might pee outside of their litter box. A kitten of course might simply have an accident whereas an adult cat might be feeling stressed or hormonal. Here are a few reasons.

Marking or Spraying

If your cat is at sexual maturity they may start spraying. Your cat is simply marking their territory and trying to attract male cats. 

Territorial Cats

If you have a multi cat household, your cat might be making it’s territory as an expression that they are not willing to share! If they are doing this, it is best to have one litter box per cat. 

Their Litter Box Is Not Up To Scratch

Cats are very hygienic animals and if their litter box is dirty they will not be willing to go there. Think of it as an act of protest to get you to clean up your act! Keep their litter box tidy and fresh and you will have a happy cat!


If your cat is on heat, there is a good chance they will spray or mark their territory. The female cat will spray to distribute their pheramones to attract a potential suitor. 

cat sniffing carpet urine odor

Conclusion – Finding Cat Pee

Knowing there is cat pee just sitting somewhere in your home is never a nice feeling. Hopefully this has given you some handy tips on locating cat urine in your house!