Find cat pee in your home the easy way

frustrated finding cat urine smell

Nothing worse than the smell of cat urine and not knowing where the urine odor is located.

Cat pee (or any other type of animal urine) is a major problem for many households and can ruin the smell of a room and create health issues for people. It is not hard to find, so you don’t have to wonder where it is.

Use a UV light to locate old urine and make sure it has plenty of power. The light below is a good one.

A UV light is a reasonably reliable way to detect the salt crystals in the urine however you will get many false positives as other contaminants will show up also so make sure you smell test the areas to ensure it is cat urine and not food or some other spillage.

Alternative option.

The more reliable way is to mix up some of our DIY odor remover and spray the carpet or furniture looking for white foaming as shown below
. The product reacts with urine in the form of a harmless white foam and you then know where to treat. Its easy!

First go here to buy the recipe

Second go the link below to treat the urine and remove the odor after you find where the cat pee is located

Click here to see the cat pee removal product finding cat pee in carpet

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