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How to find cat urine accidents the easy way..even if they are old

By craig / September 15, 2016

Hi guys, Its Craig here today and in this short post I am going to reveal to you what we believe is the main reason that odor still lingers after people have treated the area and that is they do not spend enough time finding all the locations all they do not know how to find all the spots. Todays post aims to solve that problem and suggest some simple ways to help.

This is the most common mistake that we see so here is the insider secret hacks for finding the source of the urine contamination’s from your beloved furry friend. Because cats tend to pee in several places!

How to find Cat Urine Smell

Tip No 1: Look for white foaming

The best way to find new or old cat urine is to use our formula mix up product and spray the top of the carpet. Leave it for 5 minutes then look for white foaming. If you see white foaming it indicates a cat urine contamination and these are the areas to treat.

The above photos show the formula applied in different circumstances ranging from carpet to concrete and in each photo you will note the white foaming indicating an odor contamination.

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Tip No 2: Use a Pet Detective!

Cats and Dogs are experts in finding other animals urine spills, old or new and they will take you to the exact spot. They typically go straight to the areas where the other animal has urinated and you will most likely have missed these spots when treating.
Great tip huh, its one we used regularly on the job and is highly effective. We used to mark the spots with chalk just so they are easy to find again once you remove the cat or dog.

Tip No 3: Use your human senses to detect the urine

Probably the least favourite technique but this technique can be the most effective in some people. Not all peoples olfactory senses are capable of smelling urine close up and of course and this technique is not suited to the squeamish but if you can get the nose to the carpet then you will benefit from finding the areas better.

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Craig is an Odor Removal Expert and ran a Odor Removal Business for 11 years. He is a specialist in cat urine removal, dog urine removal, Dog Odor, and cigarette smell removal.

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