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How to get dog pee smell out of carpet

Hello I am Craig the Odor Dude. If I had a dollar for the amount of times I am asked “how to get dog urine smell out of carpet” I would be a wealthy man.

In my game I see the worst of the worst, the situations where some kind friend has said “Just put vinegar on it” and the home owner has ended up with odor, a spot or stain and is more frustrated than when they started . Unfortunately just adding vinegar does not neutralize all the components of urine so this in turn does not remove the smell or the spot.

If left then a permanent stain appears and the carpet is damaged for ever. (please note the same applies to cat urine)

Cleaning urine odor requires a professional dog urine remover that can soak in and fix the accidents quickly and effectively long term. A dog urine odor remover that can be used on carpet, carseats, wood, laminate flooring, fabric, couch, curtains, concrete floors, bedding, tiles, yard

Another popular question is how to get dog urine smell out of wood which can be tricky based on the type of timber we are referencing.

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