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How to get rid of weed smell in your car

By / May 14, 2016

So you had a toke in your vehicle, the weed smell has remained in the car and now you are looking for how to get rid of weed smell in car. You are worried about someone else smelling it too. We understand and at the Odor Dude we get alot of questions like how to get weed smell out of car, and how to get weed smell out of room so I have put together a short article which gives you the answers below.

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There are a few odor eliminator sprays for weed but the best odor eliminator we have found is Ozone Gas and believe it or not you don’t need a big machine. There are plenty of options as shown below for Ozone machines that run from a cigarette lighter.

Ozone is very fast and very effective on eliminating and neutralizing weed and marijuana smoke as it will produce O3 gas which bonds with the weed smoke residues and oxidizes them. Simply turn it on and the smell and smoke is neutralized instantly. Very Easy! Best to do this when you are not in the vehicle, and give it 10 minutes and you will be done.

This unit below works very well .
plugin air purifier for weed smoke
If you have a severe contamination then you may consider a larger machine as shown below. Even the larger Ozone Generators are very inexpensive to buy (see the recommended machine below) and do not need any consumables to run. Plugin to power and turn on. Its that simple.

Our Recommended Ozone Machine

Testimonial for removing weed smoke using ozone



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How to get rid of weed smell in your car

Step No One : Try the portable machine as shown below first. If this does not remove the odor then you will need more ozone gas.

Step No Two : Put an Ozone generator into the vehicle as shown below.
Use an extension power cable and leave the windows down 1/2 inch on both rear windows.
weed smoke odorRun the Ozone Generator for one hour on full power.
Open the doors up for 10 minutes then shut the doors and run the machine for another 40 minutes.
Assess the vehicle the next day for smoke odor, You will be amazed at the results.

How to hide weed smell in an apartment

If you are living in a smaller apartment then the smell of weed can be quite obvious sometimes.
If you notice the smell of weed then others will too so here are a few simple steps to follow to help hide the odor of marijuana.
Step No One: Wrap your stash in a odor proof plastic bag.
Step No two: Use an ozone machine and run it for 10 minutes with you out of the room. The Ozone will completely remove the remaining odor instantly. Be sure to let the ozone turn back into Oxygen and follow directions for use for going back into the room.
How to get weed smell out of clothes Once again you can use your ozone machine to remove weed smoke odor from your clothes.
Step No One: Plug the Ozone Generator into the power using an extension cable. (This is so you can turn it off easily with out having to enter the room and breathe in ozone gas!
Step No Two: Place the Ozone machine on the ground with the outlet facing your open clothes closet.
Step No Three: Run the machine for 40 minutes and ensure all your clothes have air around them so the ozone can move freely between the fabric.

Step No Four Turn the machine off at the wall and wait for 30 minutes for the ozone to disperse
That’s it, your done. Your clothes will be back to smelling fresh again. No need to cover the weed smell any more as it will be gone.

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