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How To Remove Cat Urine From A Car Seat using simple, professional technique

By / January 15, 2019

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We have all done it at some stage, the cat is ill and we rush off to the vet forgetting that cats don’t travel in cars every day so they tend to get nervous and pee inside the car! Then we have to remove the cat urine from the car seat and more often than not the urine goes in deep, which can cause horrible cat urine odor smells for many years to come, if not treated correctly.  Fortunately we come across this issue regularly and have 2 simple solutions for you below, even if the cat urine is old.

OPTION A: Buy a concentrate cat urine neutralizer and apply to the car seat or

OPTION B: Make your own cat urine neutralizer using Craig the Odor Dudes formulation available for sale and apply to the car seat

Lets look at Option A first

We have tested 22 Odor Neutralizers over the years.
In 2005 we came across the X-O Plus Odor Neutralizer and Cleaner and have been recommending it ever since. 2019 it still is our most popular product. We have found XO-Plus to be economical (its a concentrate that dilutes with water) and if used as per their directions, works well on cat pee odor. We believe this to be among the top rated and even in the top 10 cat urine odor removers on the market (apart from ours of course !!)

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How to remove Cat urine from a car seat. (also Dog urine)

Step One. Identify the main contamination area

Best Cat Urine Odor Remover  Method.
Hopefully you know where the cat peed so you don’t have to do this important but unappealing process. The best way to find cat urine is by  sniffing the area with your nose, which is a reliable but kinda gross for alot of people. A more effective way is to mix up some of our cat urine remover and spray it onto the seat which you can see in Option B below.
Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 6.25.40 pm

Step Two: Treat The area with a heavy dose of  XO-PLUS+ Cat Urine Neutralizer (approx 1 pint)

Dilute the XO-Plus as per manufacturers instructions with water and apply a heavy application ensuring the product penetrates deep into the fabric and seat.
Applying cat urine neutralizr

Step Three: Leave the XO-PLUS Product to soak in approximately 15 minutes minimum

Once it has soaked in dry the top of the seat with towels and leave the car in the sun with the windows down 1/4 inch. Test the odor when dry and re-apply if necessary.
That’s it for XO-PLUS Cat Urine Neutralizer, Awesome product and highly effective on cat urine in a car seat and carpet. Now lets look at the second method for treating cat urine odor.

Option B: Make your own urine neutralizer and apply as below

Step One : Mix up our DIY Homemade Cat Urine Neutralizer as per the instructions in members area.

Buy It By Clicking Here then come back and apply the steps below.

how to get dog pee smell out of carpet easily

Step Two: (IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHERE THE CAT URINATED) Put the Home Made Cat urine Odor Killer into a spray bottle and spray onto the carpet and cat seat area and look for white foaming as shown below.
The white foaming on the seat shows exactly where the cat urine odor is located.

Removing cat urine odor from a car


Step Three: Treat The area with a heavy dose of neutralizer (approx 1 pint) of formula two.

Once you know where the contamination is mix up 1 quart of Formula One (Use Formula two if the urine is older than 2 weeks) and spray a very heavy application onto the area. Ensure you have towels underneath the seat to catch the residues. This saves having a wet floor as well as wet seats.
Check on progress as you go along. Smell the area you just treated. If you can still smell cat urine then reapply the product and repeat the treatment. Usually 2 applications will be the maximum you will need to do.

Hot Tip
The urine can quite often run into the seat fold and in between the seats, so its important to dose it with a least a pint of my formula.

Step Four Remove the chemical and urine residues

Use a dry towel folded in half as below and push firmly on the seat to absorb some of the cleaning product.  Thats it you are done. Leave the window open slightly and leave to dry.


There are several products on the market that are very good to use and we show those below however in 2002 Craig  developed our own product using four easy to buy ingredients.This was due to doing alot of odor removal and we needed something a bit more economical to use. We did hundreds of hours of tweaking and testing and perfected our formulation on dog pee odor . You can buy the formula here for $9-99. Thousands of pet owners all around the world have used our homemade recipe successfully.

What to do if the smell persists

Ozone is very effective for  cat urine odor removal and will boost the whole process plus sterilize your vehicle.
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To remove cat urine from carpet click here

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