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How to remove pet urine smell from carpet. My Top 5 tips to ensure you succeed

By / November 6, 2016

Hi Guys, Its Craig The Odor Dude here with my Top 5 tips for removing pet urine odor from your carpet and furniture. Update 2018

These are some of the main things that stood out for me over the 11 years in the business as a Professional Odor Remover and all these ideas can be used to remove pet urine from carpet and furniture.  (Can also be used to remove human urine odor old or new). If you are trying to get rid of dog pee smell out of your carpet, or looking get rid of cat pee stains out of your carpet, then you are in the right place.
Any questions you have please just ask and I will be pleased to help you. Read on below


Hot Tip No One: You must spend time to locate the urine or odor contamination before you start treating it.

Saying “find the source of the odor” may sound obvious, however in 95% of jobs we did, where the owner had already tried to treat the odors themselves, they had missed contaminated areas and this was why the odor was still remaining in the room.
In fact I think it may well be one of our best kept secrets and it seemed to be a recurring theme on a lot of the calls we did.
So today we are going to give you my best techniques we used to find ALL of the odor contamination’s and thus stop us getting call backs from clients because the smell remained (very expensive in our business, we hate call backs lol)
This applies to fresh or old urine by the way.
Here is a unique yet effective way to locate the source of the odor.
What you will need is a PET DETECTIVE
1. A piece of white chalk for marking the spots on the carpet or concrete
2. A Cat or a Dog
WHAT I hear you cry, Are you serious?
Yes we are, very serious. We have used this technique over and over again and it has made us alot of money. Its very effective!
Cats and Dogs are experts in finding other animals urine spills and they will take you to the exact spot.
They will most likely find areas you did not locate when you were smelling the floor. So all you need do is place a dog or cat in the room and watch where they go. This is a great way for removing dog urine odor from carpet. Make sure you have your piece of chalk ready to go and where ever the cat or dog starts focusing on (It is really obvious when they do so) mark that spot with your chalk for treatment. You can guarantee there will be feces or urine residues there that you may have missed.

Cats detect urine accidents with their acute sense of smell
Cats have a brilliant sense of smell and will find the source of your problem

Dogs also make great Odor Detectives
Or Use your human senses to detect the urine
Probably the least favourite technique for alot of pet owners, but this technique can be the most effective for some people. Not all peoples olfactory senses are capable of smelling urine close up and of course and this technique is not suited to the squeamish but if you can get the nose to the carpet or furniture then you will benefit from finding the areas better.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 6.25.40 pm


Hot Tip No Two: Make sure you use the Odor Neutralizer Product correctly

Once again this may sound obvious however we did see this very often where by people had used a Pet Odor Neutralizer (See our reviews on Pet Odor Neutralizers here) and not used the product as recommended on the manufacturers label.
Most common Mistake We See:
When using a Pet Odor Remover we see alot of pet owners who typically sprayed the product onto the area that needed treating, when in fact the product either needs to be poured on or a deep spray achieved from a commercial odor sprayer. When spraying a carpet with a domestic sprayer 9 times of out 10 the product is unable to penetrate deep enough into the carpet to neutralize all the urine. This was evident more often when doing cat urine odor removal treatments, where as dog owners typically used more product. (I guess Dog owners are used to seeing their dogs pee more, cats are more discreet right?)
Also we found that a lot of cat owners thought their cats didn’t produce much urine, when in fact we have seen cats produce half a cup of urine on occasions. So if you were treating that accident as an example, just spraying an odor remover onto the carpet that contains half a cup of cat urine….well you can guess it won’t do much at all. That’s not how professional carpet cleaning people do it for pet odor removal!
So here are some tips on how to use a Pet Urine Odor Remover the right way.
Leave the product to soak in and then extract it. The extraction method is an insider secret that works extremely well. Basically you have a wet vacuum with good suction, and some diluted odor removal product.
You flood the area and let it soak in deep to break down the contaminants. Then you extract it with your machine and before leaving pour on some full strength odor removal product (please check manufacturers instructions first) and leave it in the carpet to continue working. You can find out more information about how to extract urine professionally here.
Also please show the carpet some love and don’t rub it.
We all love out carpet right, it keeps us warm at night, provides something soft and squiggly to walk on in bare feet, is a lovely comfy spot for the kids to play on and ideal for “Scamp” to cock his leg and pee on. When treating dog urine pee spills, never ever rub the carpet. Rubbing the carpet will not only push the dog pee contamination in deeper but it will also damage the fibers and make the carpet look like it is stained. Not a good look and once down is impossible to restore.


Hot Tip No Three: Choosing the correct Pet Urine and Odor Neutralizer is another important step for getting rid of urine smells.

Successful dog urine odor removal depends on the type of product you choose and in this article we will help you with your decision. You can read our pet urine odor neutralizer reviews here by the way.
So what do we mean by the “Right Odor Removal Product”?  Well for instance a lot of pet owners use a general-purpose disinfectant when their animal urinates on the carpet or furniture. This unfortunately is a common practice used in dog odor removal and when cleaning pet odor. A disinfectant does not contain the correct components for removing dog pee smell yet it is the most common mistake we see from dog owners. What disinfectant does serve to do is kill bacteria efficiently, which contrary to popular comment, is not the main issue that causes dog pee to produce a smell. Bacteria forms a part of urine odor but is just one of many complex components found in dog urine smell hence the reason disinfectant on its own is useless.

There is also confusion between a carpet deodorizer for pet urine (also used for cleaning up fecal matter) versus a professional odor neutralizer. Both these products work in different ways. A carpet deodorizer does not contain enzyme based or chemical  based odor neutralizers so therefore will not neutralize urine. It does however typically contain disinfectants and deodorizers which provide a temporary solution for urine smells.   A professional odor neutralizer typically is tested on old urine and is designed to break down the residues.

As is some other home treatments such as applying just vinegar to the carpet. Vinegar will not neutralize the urine completely. It lacks the alkaline component so critical for removing pet pee completely. It also smells horrible!

urine odor treatment using vinegar

Along with vinegar there are also theories of using dish washing detergent with water to neutralize dog urine, which not only won’t neutralize the urine but will also most likely cause “browning” to the carpet. Browning is when the carpet backing releases its dyes causing cellulosic browning particularly in older carpets. To avoid this you should not over wet a carpet and use dish washing detergent.

Hot Tip No Four: Look for white foaming to indicate urine contamination

Because dogs tend to pee in several places, identifying the areas is critical to success. Products that foam on contact are very useful for this purpose. All you need do is spray some of the foaming odor neutralizer on the carpet or furniture and look for white fomaing to indicate a contamination. This is how professional dog pee odor removal companies do the work FOAM WHITE indicating where the contamination’s are . Cunning aye?  You can do this on flooring, carpet, wood, concrete, and bedding, including mattresses.

Once you see where the white foam is you can apply more chemical to that area as shown below. White foam indicates a dog urine contamination. Look for the white foam and it will guide you to where you should be applying your efforts.

The best way to find new or old dog pee smell is to use our formula mix up product and spray the top of the carpet. Leave it for 5 minutes then look for white foaming. If you see white foaming it indicates a cat urine contamination and these are the areas to treat.

The above photos show the formula applied in different circumstances ranging from carpet to concrete and in each photo you will note the white foaming indicating an odor contamination.


Hot Tip No Five : For Old Urine Contamination’s use a Wet Vac and extract the residues out using our special system shown below

The facts are when urine ages it changes it’s chemical compositions, which in turn makes it harder to remove than fresh urine. You will be familiar no doubt with cat pee making a come back every spring when the weather starts to warm up. This is due to the acid and alkaline crystals being present in old dog pee which attach themselves to a substrate such as carpet. When the warm weather hits these crystals expand and release that wonderful fragrance we so commonly call dog pee. So in order to remove these crystals from the carpet or furniture fibers, you need to break them down with a chemical and then if possible extract them out of the carpet with a wet vac. Wet vacs (wet vacuum) also can come with a wand that injects hot or warm water into the carpet. This water can be applied on top of the chemical and then extracted out in one go with the broken down urine residues. We are currently writing a review for the best wet vacuum for carpet and will release this soon. We will include the best wet vacuum cleaner for pet stains also in this review.
Preferably use a wet vac with a “wand” as shown below to inject warm water on top of the odor neutralizer and then extract he whole lot out.
Sample of a carpet cleaning machine wand below
Carpet Cleaning Machine Wand

Here is a sample video of a wet vac being used in conjunction with our Odor Removal Product to remove 4 month old milk from a Volkswagen. You can see how it injects water into the carpet while extracting the milk (or urine) residues efficiently. Note also the foaming where the product is indicating the main areas of the contamination.  These are great machines also if you are wanting to learn how to remove dog urine smell from a mattress. For mattresses we only use extraction as this is the best solution when urine penetrates deep down into furniture such as a mattress.

To see a foaming odor neutralizing product click here

Well we hope you enjoyed this article on How to Remove Pet Urine From Carpet and you learned the difference between pet odor spray deodorizer and a dog urine odor removal product, plus you found my top 5 dog odor removal tips worthwhile.

Any questions please hit me up and thanks for visiting my Odor Removal website.

Craig The Odor Dude
How to get dog pee smell out of carpet


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