“Proven Odor Removal Formula Guarantees To Get Rid of Odor Contamination’s Or Your Money Back”

For the First time, Odor Expert Reveals his Personal Recipe for making an ODORLESS Pet Urine Odor Remover using 4 simple ingredients you can get from the store. 

REMOVE Cat and Dog Urine Odors, Rat Odor, Cigarette smoke and more, Instantly and Effectively
Easy To Make, Safe On Carpet, Furniture and Safe For You To Use.

Used by 1000’s of pet and home owners globally since 2002 with 100% positive feedback.

The price seems cheap and the reason is I want as many people as possible to be able to afford to buy it. The money helps me run the members area and although people think I am mad to do it so inexpensively I enjoy interacting with folk all around the world. I like to help people and I am happy to share it with you today for a small fee. You can be assured of my best service regardless of how much I charge.

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Saved My Carpet!
“I generally don’t provide feedback unprompted but wanted to this time, for the fact you just saved my new carpet! We had terrible dog feces and horrible urine smell in our carpet after a vacation..long story!!  While I was hesitant to pay for an online recipe it was the best money I ever spent.  Had i not found you I am sure I would have replaced the brand new carpet and underpad. Thankyou Odor Dude” Thanks Keith

The payment today gets you access to a members area and here is what is inside.

* The exact DIY recipe that The Odor Dude has used since 2002 (with a surprise ingredient that makes it work like crazy) to remove stubborn odors from pet urine, human urine, deceased estates, rat urine, vomit odors, rotten food odors, rotten milk odors, cigarette smoke in vehicles and much more.
It’s unique and there is nothing like it on the market.

* Video (and text) guides showing you step by step how to mix the formulation and how to apply it to the contaminated area. I leave nothing out so by the time you watch the short video you will know exactly how to make the formulation and how to use it.

* Advanced techniques for stubborn odors and insider tips learned from being in the odor removal industry since 2002. These will fast track you with serious odor contaminations and give proven suggestions on what to do.

* An effortless technique for old urine contaminations particularly for rat urine in attics and old dog or cat urine in a concrete basement. Pour on and walk away.

* Support from one of the worlds leading odor removal experts

Severe Dog Urine Odor

“Amazing!! I must say that I was skeptical at first but still bought the formula because of the replies from your satisfied customers. I have 6 dogs, three are very old. When I have the dogs at my mom’s house in town, the only yard they have to go potty in is cement. You can imagine the smell.
My mom is ill so I am there often. I used to hose off the cement hoping that it would not only get rid of the urine but also the smell. Wrong!! The next door neighbor let us know that they thought we might be having a sewage problem because the smell was horrible and suggested we call a plumber immediately.
I was mortified because the last thing I needed was another issue to deal with, the stress of my mother’s failing health was almost more than I could handle already. I started surfing the internet and came across your web sight. I cannot thank you enough! It works!! The neighbors thanked me for quickly taking care of the “sewage” problem, I never did tell her it was my dogs! No more worries!!”
Patti G Dog Owner Ohio

Watch This Short Video To How It Works

REMOVE Cat and Dog Urine Odors, Rat Odor, Rotting Food Odors and more, Instantly and Effectively.
Used since 2002 and shared with 1000’s of Pet owners globally with amazing feedback

I share this unique DIY product with you today and ask that you make a small payment to help me cover the costs of running the members area and running this website. It can be made strong for concrete and weaker for carpet and furnishings.

Was $17.99
Now Only $9.99

Was $17.99 Now For A short Time Only $9.99

The price seems cheap and the reason is I want as many people as possible to be able to afford to buy it. The money helps me run the members area and although people think I am mad to do it so inexpensively I enjoy interacting with folk all around the world. I like to help people and I am happy to share it with you today for a small fee. You can be assured of my best service regardless of how much I charge.

Our Formulation Treats:
* Old Cat Urine Odor from Carpet 
* New Cat Urine from Carpet 
* Old Cat Urine in Concrete and Basements 
* Dog Odor in carpet 
* Dog Odor in a vehicle 
* Dog Urine Smells 
* Dog Odor in a Basement or Garage 
* Fishy Odor 
* Removal of Skunk Odor 
* Feces in Carpet, Furniture, Mattresses, Vehicles 
* Rotten Milk Odor in Car flooring 
* Rotten Milk Odor in Carpet or Furniture 
* Human Urine Odor from flooring and Tiles 
* Human Urine from Mattresses and hundreds of other odor issues

Severe Rat Urine Contamination in Roof

Hey, I have done it, The smell has gone. The problem was as you suggested, that I did not know where the main areas of contamination were so I was treating the wrong area.
I sprayed the formula around and looked for the foaming as you suggested. (there was a lot of foam by the way) I then applied a heavy dose and left it over night. I repeated that the next day and one day later the odor now is 5% of what is was.
It has made such a difference to us and I can not thank you enough. It know it will keep working over the coming days (love how it does this) which gives us peace of mind. Thx!!!
Alistair P Atlanta

Was $17.99 Now For A short Time Only $9.99

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t remove your odor issue over the next 30 days, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund. We have helped thousands of pet owners since 2002 with severe pet urine odor issues and The Odor Dude is an honest rooster.

The hard fact is professional odor removers don’t use the “expensive miracle odor neutralizing products” because they just don’t work!! I am going to reveal to you what does work and only costs a few cents per application

Remember, you’re covered by my “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied I will refund you no problems.
All the risk is on me, and all the benefits are for you.

Was $17.99 Now For A short Time Only $9.99

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Discover the simplest and MOST effective pour on and walk away, Odor Removal Solution on the market.

Don’t Waste any more Time and Money on Enzyme Based Odor Removal Products, DIY Internet Recipes, and other so called solutions that Continue To FAIL!

What does it cost to make

The ingredients are easy to obtain and some are most likely already in your home. They are very inexpensive to purchase and once mixed the Odor Killer concentrate costs approx 50-90 cent per gallon depending on costs of ingredients.*

Does it work outside?

Yes it is perfect for garages and yards, A very cost effective way to remove dog urine and cat urine odors, rat urine, milk spills, feces and vomit

Is it safe on wood?

You can use the product on wood however it is best to spot treat and leave overnight first to be sure.

Will it stain my carpet?

We have used this formulation on all types of carpets successfully and had no issues since 2002, BUT we recommend always to spot test in an inconspicuous area and leave overnight as all fabrics are different.

Is it safe around children?

Once the product has dried it is fine around children however you would not want children crawling or playing on the area when it is wet just like any other cleaning product in the house. Be careful with kids around.

Is it safe around animals?

All chemicals and cleaners should never be used close to animals including ours however once it is applied and has dried it is fine for your pets to walk on the areas treated.

Can I use it on plants?

No definitely not. It is not designed to be used on plants. Grass is fine.

What happens if it does not work for me?

From time to time customers have such severe odors that they feel the product has not worked for them. We understand and are here to help and WILL refund you no questions . You have nothing to lose. Our payment system is backed by Secure payment gateway, so you can have complete confidence we are here to support and help you even if it means refunding your money. You can also see on our Facebook page that we respond very fast to any question or complaint. Click Here to see our Facebook Page
You can contact me from within the members area and I will respond personally.

Is it suited for metals?

Prolonged use of the formula on metal areas is not recommended