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How to remove dog odor from your car

By / December 4, 2016

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Dog Odor in a vehicle is a common occurrence for dog owners and the smell of a dog can be very stubborn to remove particularly in cloth seats and vehicle carpets.
Different dogs produce different types of odors also and we over the years we have come across most of them.
So this article serves to help you with removing dog odor from your car.
First of all lets look at the different types of dog odor.
How to remove Dog Odor In a car

1. The really strong sour dog butt smell:
The reason for this is dogs have an anal gland that on occasions excretes a foul smelling oil that leaks onto fabrics and fibres and is accentuated when the dog rubs its backside when the area gets itchy . This is the worst kind of dog odor possible and is very tricky to remove due to the oily nature of the contaminant. It is prominent in certain breeds of dogs such as older Dachshunds, Corgis and many others. Poor diet can also contribute to these glands emitting odor.
2. Wet Fur Dog Smell
Most dogs produce oil in their dog hair as a natural protectorate against the elements. Once again certain dog breeds are stronger smelling than others and diet has a place to play in it as well. Different dog shampoos also can impact on oil production and of course alot of dogs do not get washed correctly and therefore have strong smelling dog hair. This is the more common dog odor we run into with dog owners vehicles, and is easier to remove than the anal gland odor. See below for the solution.
3. Dog Slobber Odor
Dog slobber is best summed up by the people here. If a dog has poor teeth this can lead to saliva leaking from the mouth, commonly known as drooling. Drool can also have a very unpleasant odor particularly from old dogs and is often found on windows and on seats. This is very easily cleaned with just a simple detergent and a wet vac for the seats and the window just needs a good quality spray cleaner and a warm damp rag with warm water. Wipe it off and dry thoroughly.
See our wet vac reviews here
Or you could mix up some of our odor neutralizer and apply same to the affected area.
4. Bad Breath Odor
Another smell that can be unpleasant in a car is bad dog breath. You may have been called “Dog Breath” by your partner in the morning and some dogs have a very strong breath. Not much you can do here apart from wind the windows down and get the dog to a dentists for some plaque removal.
5. The Old Poo In Dog Hair Trick
You know the old saying. It sticks like %$#@ to a blanket. Well so does dog poo to dog hair and this can be very unpleasant if some gets onto your car seats or vehicle carpet.
remove dog poo odor on car seat

Solutions for removing the smells.

Strong dog smell caused by the anal glands is usually focused on the most popular spots the dog sits in the car so is easy to find. Because oil is the base cause of the odor the technique for removal involves our odor removal formula being injected into the carpet and then extracted after very hot water is also injected.

The formula and heat is essential to break down the oil and remove the contaminants.

Spray the areas with our odor remover
and then apply warm water on top of the formula.
Extract out the residues and repeat until extraction water runs clear. EASY PEASY



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