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How To Remove Rotting Milk Odor From A Vehicle

By / July 4, 2016

Hi Its Craig The Odor Dude here.
It never ceases to amaze me how many people spill large amounts of milk in their vehicles.
One of my clients left a 2 gallon milk container in her new BMW for 3 months while she was on vacation.

The bottle swelled up and burst putting most of the milk into her carpet and the thick sound proofing underlay. Then odor causing bacteria got to work and she got back to right cheese factory complete with fungus and enough mold to please any science teacher. I used my natural odor eliminator at double strength to get the milk smell out of carpet and flushed and extracted it in just over an hour. End result was a beautiful smelling car versus a rotting cheese factory. Removing sour milk smell from carpet is not difficult when you know how and you have a good odor control product (I make my own for just pennies)

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Milk Smell Out Of Car Carpet

Step No 1 : The first thing to do is locate the actual contamination

The first thing to do is locate the actual contamination so you are not treating areas that don’t need treating which is wasting your time and wasting chemical. If you know where the milk spilt then treat that area but you still need to check and make a thorough examination as it can spread deeply and quickly, particularly if the floor is sloping.

Helpful Tip: How to locate milk smell in car carpet or seats.

Apply some of my formulation and look for white foaming as shown below. Apologies for quality of photo but this is a car floor with 4 pints of milk in it that smelt really bad!. There is a live demonstration in the video below however here is a photo showing what I mean.

removing milk odor in a vehicle

Step No 2 Apply a heavy dose of odor neutralizer to the contamination

Once you have located the contamination apply a heavy solution of formula two at double strength and leave it until it stops bubbling. So use approximately 3 gallons of my formula (use formula 2) and tip it onto the carpet where you think the main contamination is. Wait for 5 minutes and see which areas foam and which areas do not foam. This is a great odor detector and the best odor neutralizer for stinking old milk.
(See in the video below)

Step No 3: Extract the rotten milk residues using a wet vac and then flush with hot water and extract again

Please watch the video below which shows this process
That is it repeat until all the milk residues are gone

Part Two Below

When you are finished, Ozone the vehicle to complete. Ozone is very effective for odor removal and can boost the whole process plus sterilize your whole vehicle. Click the machine below for more information

Using Ozone For Milk smells

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