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A simple technique to kill odor in a shower or bathroom drain.

By / September 20, 2016

craig-transparantCurrently I am holidaying on the Sunshine coast in Queensland Australia. The apartment we have rented for 3 weeks is beautiful, it has excellent sea views and we love it, however there is one problem that is very noticeable and unfortunately a common occurrence in apartment blocks all around the world.

The old smelly drain in the shower or bathroom trick!
This one is particularly bad, so much so that when returning from the beach the whole unit smells of a foul sulfur smell.

So I am sure a few of you will encounter this in your travels so here is a simple trick to remove the odor and make your stay more enjoyable.

Step No One: Locate the toilet cleaner in the apartment and inspect it to see if it has the following ingredients. These are the base of a good cleaning bleach which will in turn kill bacteria in the pipes and drain that is causing the odor

  • Sodium Hypochlorite,
  • Sodium Hydroxide


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Step No Two: Locate the drain that is smelling


Step No Three: Apply chemical into the drain
Squirt a concentrated amount of the toilet cleaner into the drain. Typically these bottles have a squeeze styled dispenser for getting up under the toilet rim so use this to inject around 1/8 of a pint into the shower drain. Leave it for 5 minutes to move down the pipes.


Step No Three: Fill and Boil the jug
We need lots of boiling water so a full jug is required.


Step No Four: Pour the boiling water down the drain
pour the boiled water into the drain, being very careful not to splash any on your clothing or skin as the chemicals in the toilet cleaner even when mixed with water will bleach your clothes.

Step No Five for removing drain odor

Make a cup of tea and relax on the balcony enjoying the view and a nice smelling apartment.

This technique will typically last around 7-14 days and then the odor will start to re-emerge so at that stage just repeat the process.
We hope this helps you enjoy your next holiday

Cheers Craig The Odor Dude



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