How to remove dog urine and dog mess odor from a yard

Hi. It is Craig the Odor Dude. Here is the step by step tips on how to get rid of dog urine smell in yard. Don’t put up with the smell any longer! I have a simple to make homemade outdoor odor eliminator that works fast and effectively or you can choose from one of the recommended products shown below. We make it easy for you to clean this up once and for all.

What tools will you need

1. A bucket to mix in your yard killer in.
2. A stiff broom (Use in areas where feces and urine contamination’s are obvious) * Optional
3. A plastic watering can
4. A hose to do a wash down

How to apply your yard odor killer

Work the yard odor killer into the concrete

Move the product around using a soft broom

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If you have bought our Homemade yard odor eliminator then you generally do not require a broom as the product works actively on solids and residues removing and breaking down the odor.

Option A: Purchase these recommended odor removal products

If you want to buy a product already made up we recommend the products below. We have tested these products and the results were excellent.
Click the images below to find out more

1 Gallon X-O Plus Odor Neutralizer. yard-odor-killer

32 OZ NaturVet Yard Odor Killer yard-odor-neutralizer-dog-piss

Our Recommended Premixed Products
how-to-get-dog-pee-smell-out-of-carpet-the-easy-wayScreen Shot 2016-06-24 at 8.20.11 pm

Option B : Use our economical DIY yard odor killer Formula and make it yourself

how to get rid of dog urine smell in yard

Mixing Up The Homemade Odor Neutralizer

Use our DIY Dog Pee Smell Remover
(To mix up a 3.5 gallon bucket of the product will cost you around 50 cents.)
I developed this formula over a 12 year career in odor removal It is very effective and uses 4 simple ingredients you can get from the stores. You can boost it too for severe odors very easily and it just plain works!! It makes a great yard odor killer.

Directions for using your dog pee and feces yard neutralizer

Ok so you purchased your product or purchased our formulation. What next?
Follow the step by step guide below and be odor free in no time at all. Any questions, just ask us at the bottom of the page.

Step No one. Remove all solids from the area. Dog feces can be collected and disposed off in an environmentally friendly way.
Step No two: What ever product you use the process for treating the odor contamination is the same. Mix up the product in a bucket as per instructions on the bottle. The NaturVet Yard Odor Killer product shown below attaches to a hose so no need for a bucket. 🙂
Step No three: Dispense the product into your plastic watering can and evenly distribute the solution over the concrete areas using your broom on any areas that have debris stuck to the surface. The broom will help dislodge it. You can also use the solutions on grass and dirt. See more detail How to remove pet odor from grass
Step No Four: Leave the product to soak in for 10-20 minutes.
Step No Five: Hose the area with water and leave to dry.
Its a simple solution that will take your yard odor away for good

Client Testimonial

“Amazing!! I must say I was skeptical at first but still bought the formula because of the replies from your satisfied customers. I have 6 dogs, three are very old. When I have the dogs at my moms place in town, the only yard they have to go potty in is on the cement. You could imagine the smell. My mom is ill so I am there often. I used to hose off the cement thinking that would remove the odor. Wrong!!!!! The next door neighbor let us know that they thought we might be having a sewage problem because the smell was so bad and suggested we call a plumber. I started to surf the Internet looking for a yard odor eliminator and came across your website. I can not thank you enough. It works!! The neighbors thanked me for taking care of the “sewage problem” so quickly. I never did tell them it was my dogs that caused the odor. No more worries now”
Patti G
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If you are using our formula you will see white foaming when you apply it and this is normal as it indicates dog urine and dog feces in your yard. Its a great way to locate where the main areas are.

locating dog urine in a BBQ area in a yard

White Foaming Indicates urine or feces contamination

Using a plastic garden watering can is a good way to get even distribution of the formula for strong poop.


Q: Do I need a broom?
A: If you want to you can agitate the solution on the concrete with a broom to help break down the dog urine it helps however the product will do the work for you without having to scrub the surface with a broom. If you have coarse concrete allow the product to soak in longer. Dog urine smell outside can be worse then inside sometimes so its important to follow the instructions and remove it properly

Q: Should I buy your formulation or by a premixed product? What is best?
A: This is an individual choice. Making and mixing your own product is more economical but takes more time as the product is assembled before use. I generally tell people that if they have an ongoing problem and have to get rid of dog urine smells in their yard on a regular basis, and they have time, then use our product however if time is a problem then use the premixed concentrates shown below.

Q: Can I use the products on grass?
A: Yes you can and dirt is fine as well.

Q: Will the product kill my plants?
That depends on the plant however it is recommended to keep the products away from your plants.

So you mow know the answer to how to get rid of dog urine smell in yard, and the above products will help your backyard smell clean and fresh again in no time. You can say goodbye to that horrible dog pee odor goodbye for good.

What products to use to clean urine and feces odor from your back yard.

It’s confusing right? So many odor removal products to choose from and so many different instructions and reviews. Well we have got your back as over the years we have tested just about all the products on the market and the ones we recommend are shown below. We even show you how to make your own yard odor eliminator.

Please bookmark or save this page so you can come back to it to follow instructions on how to use the yard odor eliminator.

About the author


Craig is an Odor Removal Expert and has been professionally removing odors since 2002. He is a specialist in cat urine removal, dog urine removal and cigarette smell removal.

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