Best Wet Vacuum For Pet Urine

Best Wet vac for dog urine

Wet Vacuum machines are the best tool available for cleaning up pet urine or feces in carpet. This is because of its ability to suck out the residues after treatment which ensures the odor does not return in the months or years to come.
We have used many machines over the years and believe we have the best unit for you to buy today. The unit recommended is suitable to pet owners and as a back up unit for commercial operators to use in confined spaces.

For details on the best formulas to eliminate urine from carpets, check out our top articles for removing dog urine from carpet or learn how to remove cat urine from carpet.

The best wet vac for pet urine is the WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vac WS1600VA due to value for money, quality of the manufacturing, very good suction, 20 foot power cord and robust clips for holding suction hose to the body.


  • It is easy to setup and has a 2.5” x 7 foot locking hose. The locking tab ensures that the dual flex hose is well-connected to the vacuum machine during use.
  • The filter fastening system will make the entire session of changing filters easy and quick.
  •  Its auto shut-off float mechanism will make sure that there isn’t any kind of spill over when vacuuming dog pee up.
  • The vacuum is easy to use for wet cleanups as its drainage port can drain out any liquids.
  • The 16-gallon drum can effortlessly manage large cleaning tasks.
  • Its integrated blowing port enhances the machine’s versatility completely.
  • Operating and maintaining the vacuum cleaner is quite easy.
  • It is accurately designed so that the included accessories have enough space, and there is room to accommodate even more.
  • There are many accessories for this unit including a long hose of 20 feet, a wet filter for cleaning wet debris (makes emptying and cleaning the unit easier)
  • 20 foot power cord means less need for extension power cords (This is an upgrade from the 5-6 foot one on older models)
  • East to drain. No need to strain your bag lifting 16 gallons of waste water


  • We don’t use the dry vac for dry vacuuming however feedback suggests the filter can be hard to remove. We did not experience this as the unit comes with Qwik Lock Filter Fastening System and we were able to remove the filter easily
  • Seems the only problems users are having is with dry vacuuming and these typically relate to not having a dust bag. personally we see this as an advantage.

The WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vac WS1600VA has impressed us now for many years and the most recent model launched in 2020 has some extra features added such as the longer power cord. The price is very competitive and it seems the customer service levels have also improved over the last 2 years.
we use this machine in conjunction with a commercial carpet cleaner .

More benefits of the unit.

Easy draining from the base of the wet vac

As shown above the unit is very easy to drain the waste urine residues out of the wet vac without having to lift the unit and potentially straining your back.
We find this a major advantage and something you should consider when looking at wet vac reviews as repeated lifting of heavy wet vacs can hurt your back. This also means that older people can use the wet vac easily.

We tested the wet vac on dog urine, cat urine, rat urine and more. We have also tested on tile floors, carpet, furniture, concrete, wooden floors, car mats, car carpet and more.

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro For Pet Urine Removal

We have seen alot of people recommending the new machine from Bissell which is a wet vac and dry vac for cleaning up pet urine from carpet, flooring and other surfaces. You can check it out here as it does have its uses for floor cleaning but not for urine cleaning.

We don’t recommend this unit for pet urine stains or pet urine cleaning for the following reasons.

  • Poor suction . When extracting pet urine from carpet the operator needs to use a concentrated suction wand to apply to the actual spot that has been treated so you can extract the maximum amount of residue from the carpet. The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro does not have this not do they have a seperate hose fitting, meaning you are only able to use the floor suction. #Fail
  • Poor suction design. Suction through a floor brush is the most inefficient method for extracting moisture from a carpet.
    The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro leaves water on the floor due to the scouring brush retaining water and the suction unable to suck it out completely. When you move the machine there is water left on the floor which is very poor. and the bulk of this is coming from the brush which never drains properly and drips from the holding tank above.
  • The unit is designed for dry vacuuming floors which means it is not versatile for cleaning furniture or inside your vehicle. As example if you are cleaning dog hair from a lounge you can’t use this machine as it is only suited for floor cleaning.
  • The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro has filters that become clogged very quickly when dealing with pet hair and in particular dog hair. This means constant changing of filters and cleaning of filters.
  • Compared with the recommended machine this unit is very expensive and unjustifiably in our opinion. You can get a much better bang for your buck with the WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vac WS1600VA

Do not buy the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro if you plan on treating pet urine on a regular basis.

Why should you buy a wet vacuum cleaner?

A wet vacuum cleaner is an important cleaning utility for extracting pet urine from carpet, floor mats in a vehicle and upholstery in the home or vehicle, and in our experience is the best way to prevent odors returning in the future.

However, before picking one for yourself you need to consider two important things – the suction power and the construction of the unit. You want less maintenance and durability for many years. The models we use can suit most peoples budgets and will help you clean and maintain carpet surfaces so you and your family can have a healthy and clean environment.


We hope you enjoyed this Wet Vacuum Review and that the information is useful. We wish you all the best with your odor removal.

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