Using Lime to Get Rid of Dog Urine Smell Outside

lime for dog urine odor removal

Using lime to get rid of dog urine smell is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy environment for you and your dog. No one can deny that dogs are a man’s best friend, however, they can be quite a handful in producing waste. On some days they warm your heart and make you laugh. On other days, they leave behind a huge mess for you to clean up.

One of those messes is an uncomfortable urine smell. An awful urine smell in your backyard can take away all the fun of enjoying warm weather outside. It can also be very annoying and unpleasant to your neighbors.

lime for dog urine odor removal

The good news is that removing dog urine smell outside and in your yard isn’t much of a problem.

Read our DIY Step by Step Guide on How to Neutralize Dog Urine Smell Outside for best results. 

So, what options do you have to eliminate dog urine odor in your backyard? 

For starters, you can use our homemade yard odor eliminator. It is designed to remove dog urine smell and is formulated for outdoor use. What’s more you’ll be able to use it around pets without a problem because it doesn’t contain any toxins or chemicals. It is also safe to use on outdoor furniture, rocks, cement, plants, shrubbery, and grass.

Does Lime Neutralize Dog Urine?

Yes, Lime does neutralize dog urine. If your dog has made some mess outside, using lime to get rid of dog urine smell is a great idea. Not only does it neutralize the smell, it also restores the soil to a pH level that is more conducive to the growth of grass.

Our homemade yard odor eliminator is one of the best products for neutralizing dog urine. It is cheaper than most enzyme based commercial products, but works just as effectively.

What Kind of Lime Is Used For Odor Removal?

The best kind of lime for odor removal is hydrated lime, also referred to as calcium hydroxide. Hydrated lime made from pure calcium oxide comprises about 24% chemically combined water and 74% calcium oxide. Dolomitic hydrated lime comprises about 17% water, 48% calcium oxide, and 34% magnesium oxide. 

Because it’s an alkaline product produced from limestone, hydrated lime is very effective in purification and odor control. Unsurprising, using lime to get rid of dog urine smell is common practice. In fact, hydrated lime has been the go-to product for odor removal for thousands of years.

It is used mainly in construction, environmental purification, and agriculture. However, it also has similar industrial applications with quicklime. Hydrated lime also helps reduce soil acidity in gardens, farms, and lawns.

One of the advantages of using this kind of lime for odor removal, is that it acts much quicker and is more effective than lighter versions of lime. One shortcoming, however, is that it is quite potent and may burn grass if overapplied.

pet urine on grass

What Is The Difference Between Quicklime And Hydrated Lime?

Quicklime is calcium oxide – a white powdery substance created from lime kiln following the process of calcination. Hydrated lime, is quicklime to which water has been added until all the oxides of magnesium and calcium have been converted to form hydroxides. Quicklime is mainly used as a catalytic agent in industry, while hydrated lime has more uses including odor removal.

Enzyme Cleaner Or Odor Eliminator, Which Is Best?

Enzyme cleaners help reduce dog urine smell and other organic odors outside and on grass. They generally work on grass, concrete patios, deck or sidewalk. Our homemade yard odor eliminator does all this and more! And all at a fraction of the cost of enzyme cleaners.

What’s great about our homemade yard odor eliminator is that, unlike enzyme cleaners, you don’t have to worry about repeating the application because the enzymes didn’t penetrate where you needed them to. Our odor eliminator also has a longer shelf life than most enzyme cleaners. So it’s safe to say you’ll be getting more with less!

Read our Step by Step Guide on How to Neutralize Dog Urine Smell Outside for best results. Having worked in the odor removal industry for over 12 years, I have developed this formula that is super effective and just plain works! It uses 4 simple ingredients and makes a great, inexpensive homemade yard odor eliminator.

Preventing Urine Smells In The Yard

Using lime to get rid of dog urine smell is a brilliant option. But what if you’d rather avoid treating urine odors?

That’s where disposable potty patches come in handy. Potty patches may be made with artificial or real grass and provide an excellent alternative resting place for dogs. They also provide an outlet for them to relieve themselves without damaging your yard.

Teaching a dog to use a dog lawn isn’t very difficult because dogs are naturally drawn to their lawn and need little guidance for regular use. What’s more, because some potty patches come with disposable components, you never have to break a sweat about cleaning them.

Perhaps, the biggest selling point of potty patches is that they can be placed in the garage, porches, or balconies, depending on the weather. That means your pet stays protected and healthy during foul weather.

An example of a disposable potty patch. Click on the image to check them out on Amazon!

Bottom Line – Using Lime to Remove Dog Urine Odor

Dogs, no matter their level of obedience, age, or how well trained they are, will alway end up making a mess from time to time. Perfection is not very realistic for us humans, and neither should we expect it from our pets.

When these “messes” occur, it is essential to keep bad odor at bay. This is good for your nose and also prevents your pet from using the same spot in your yard to relieve itself. Because if a spot stinks of urine, your dog might find it perfectly acceptable to mark that spot as its “territory”, making the odor much stronger.

The good news is that you can use lime for odor removal. And, it works very well. It eliminates the smell of your dog’s urine, creating a more comfortable environment for you and your neighbors. If you have been on the fence between using an enzyme cleaner or an odor eliminator, you’ll be glad to learn that you will achieve better results at a cheaper price when you choose our homemade yard odor eliminator.

All in all, you’ll find using lime to get rid of dog urine smell to be quite an effective solution to your pet’s menace in the yard.