The Best Smoke Eliminator for Cars – Recommended Products and DIY Options

Struggling with cigarette smoke odor and wondering what’s the best smoke odor eliminator for cars? You’ve come to the right place! Regularly smoking cigarettes in your car can leave a repelling stench over time, creating awkward moments with most non-smokers. 

With an effective cigarette smoke odor eliminator, you can rid your car of any noticeable stench, leading to more comfortable social interactions. That’s because the best smoke odor eliminator for cars goes beyond musking the cigarette smell, by removing it completely. 

But with so many options available in the market, how do you determine the best option? Well, that’s where we come in. As an odor expert with years of experience, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.  And, because we’d like to help you spend more time driving and less time browsing for odor removal products, we’ve curated a list of what in our view are the top choices for eliminating cigarette smell in your car. 

Ozium Odor Eliminator

The Ozium Odor Eliminator is an excellent option if you’re looking for the best smoke odor eliminator for cars to use in the air. It has been specifically designed to remove germs and odor from the air. What’s more, it’s a reliable cigarette smoke odor eliminator with consistent performance.

Ozium contains natural ozone gas made out of oxygen atoms. But, unlike the air we breathe that’s bonded into an 02 molecule, Ozium is bonded into an 03 molecule. In other words, Ozium exists in an unstable form, which is what makes the Ozium Odor Eliminator extremely effective in getting rid of cigarette smoke.

When you spray the Ozium Odor Eliminator in your car, it releases the unstable 03 molecules which break down to an 0 atom and an 02 molecule. The 0 atom then floats around, wallowing in loneliness and in desperate need to bond with other atoms because of its atomic properties.

In effect, the 0 atom bonds with the odor molecules, or breaks down their molecular structure by taking an atom from them to bond with. This gets rid of the cigarette odor and changes the way the odor-causing molecules interact with your sense of smell.

We recommend this product because it uses all-natural ozone gas without any synthetic chemicals. This allows it to destroy odors and airborne germs instantly, leaving the air feeling fresh in as little as 20 minutes. With such effectiveness, it’s no surprise that the cigarette smoke odor eliminator continues to be a popular choice for over 50 years since its entry into the market.

Armor All Smoke X 

Armor All Smoke X is the best smoke odor eliminator for cars when odor molecules attach to floor mats, fabric seats, and other surfaces. Unlike other air fresheners that only mask the odor, Armor All Smoke X uses a uniquely designed Odor Elimination Technology to get rid of cigarette smoke and other strong odors. 

There are two choices of scents available for the Armor All Smoke X Odor Eliminator: Midnight Air and Citrus Breeze. We recommend using the Midnight Air scent to treat cigarette smoke odor. Its unique activation system ensures that your entire car is treated including the duct and vent system, leaving a delightful Midnight Air scent.

For the best result using this smoke eliminator for cars, we recommend the following steps:

  • Park the vehicle outside in a cool, shady area away from people, plants, or pets. 
  • Get rid of anything you suspect of causing the odor.
  • Start the car’s engine and turn on the interior recirculation feature and HIGH fan on the A/C, then close the windows.
  • Holding the nozzle facing away from you, activate the Armor All Smoke X Odor Eliminator. 
  • Place the Odor Eliminator in a flat and central position in your car such as the center console.
  • Close the door for 15 minutes, while leaving the A/C on.
  • Open the doors, turn off the engine, and allow your vehicle to air out for five to 10 minutes.

Odor Dude’s DIY Smoke Eliminator

Odor Dude’s DIY Smoke Eliminator is the best smoke odor eliminator for cars with serious cigarette smoke contamination. It is the last line of defense for odor removal, as it rids your vehicle of deep and old cigarette smells that have permeated through your car’s seats, ceiling, and sun visors.

I recommend you read our full article here – How to Remove Cigarette Smell from Your Car

To get the smoke smell out of your car using Odordude’s DIY solution, you’ll need to apply a heavy spray of the oxidizing premixed product on the affected areas – typically behind the sun visors, on the ceiling, headrests, and top of seats – and leave it for five to 10 minutes. Ensure you’re wearing breathing and eye protection during the application.

We highly recommend using our DIY Smoke Eliminator for car ceilings. But, this only applies to firm ceilings. Using the formula or a wet vac on a damaged or drooping ceiling may do more damage than good by sucking the material down. 

Recap – Removing Smoke Smell For Cars

The best smoke odor eliminator for cars are Ozium Odor Eliminator if you want an over the counter product. If you wants to do it yourself,  Odordude’s DIY Smoke Eliminator will do the trick. 

Each eliminator has its unique application. For example, Ozium Odor Eliminator is the best option for removing germs and odor from the air.  Odordude DIY Smoke Eliminator is your best bet for removing cigarette odor that’s deeply embedded in your vehicle’s ceiling.