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How to dissolve dog poop in a yard | Effective, simple to follow step by step instructions

By craig / June 29, 2016

Hi Craig The Odor Dude here.

A regular question we get at the Odor Dude head quarters is not only how to clean dog poop off concrete but also how to dissolve dog poop in a yard. Dog poo or dog poop can be very annoying at the best of times, however not everybody likes to pick up the feces with their hands and a lot of dog owners want a way to make it dissolve and vanish. So here are some options to help you dissolve your dog poop issues.
Lets start off with a simple method using Lime

Option No One: Typically Lime is a good product to dissolve dog poo, however the downside if someone walks in it with bare feet (or dog paws) the lime will burn the skin so care is needed. If you are in a controlled environment i.e the dog is watched and on a leash so it can’t come in contact with the Lime then all you need do is apply a cup of lime to the feces and the product will  destroy it. The poop dissolves over a few days

Please take care with the product as Lime can cause burns to skin. Wear gloves, eye protection and skin coveralls when applying it and keep animals away.Also do not buy a “pelleted donolytic limestone”The Lime you buy must be a powder format and be white. See below for the best type to use

Click here for more information on the best lime to use


Option Two

Step One: Remove the bulk of the poop with a spade or scoop

Click the photo below to find out more 


dog poop scoop

Step Two: Dispose of the dog poop into a Eco friendly waste : NEW

Utilize natural bacteria and enzyme cultures to reduce dog waste to a ground absorbing liquid. Simply open the lid and put your dog poop in there. Click here for more information


A great way to get rid of dog poo and fertilize your garden

Step Three: Getting rid of the residues

Hose off and any remaining waste  mix up my odor removal formulation . Pour a generous amount onto the remaining feces residues and it will dissolve over a few days. Note this will not work on large stools only the residues

Step No One: Remove any solids and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way.

Step No Two: Make up our odor removal formulation and use it at the normal strength.CLICK HERE TO BUY and tip it onto the area where the dog poo was. You will notice white foaming as shown by the BBQ photo shown below.


For future contamination’s dilute the product with water to make it go further and use regularly

Well I hope that has been helpful for you and you now know how to dissolve dog poop in your yard.Any questions about the techniques shown above please ask me below and i will do my best to help you.

Important Tips

Make sure you locate where all the feces is

This may sound obvious however quite often the contamination is spread by peoples feet or dogs feet, so having a good look around is critical to locate all the waste. You may need to do it a couple of times if you don’t locate all the residuesDog Poo depending on the dog breed can vary in complexity and older dogs on medication can produce dog feces that produces a very pungent odor and is more compact and dense than younger dogs.

how to get rid of dog poop in yard


There have been many people think of ways to make dog poop vanish into thin air or  “faeces”   as they called it

You may remember Jack Blacks movie “Envy” in 2004 where he made poop disappear with a spray called Vapoorizer, however it all came back one day and made a big mess of dog poo in his yard. 🙂


If you need information or help on how to clean dog pee from carpet then click here

Will lime break down dog poop?Yes

how to eliminate dog poop odor

dog poop foaming white after treatment

About the author


Craig is an Odor Removal Expert and ran a Odor Removal Business for 11 years. He is a specialist in cat urine removal, dog urine removal, Dog Odor, and cigarette smell removal.