Remove Dog Urine Smell Outside And In Your Yard

how to get rid of dog urine smell outside

Dog urine odor in a yard can be very unpleasant, unhygienic and annoying to the neighbors. So how do you get rid of dog pee smell outside and what is the best outdoor pet odor eliminator.
You can use a homemade yard odor eliminator and this is what we found works best.

To neutralize dog urine odor outside you need to apply an oxidising wash which will neutralize the dog urine components and then soak into the soil. The best product we tested is a homemade yard odor deodorizer that works very effectively at removing the foul smell instantly. It is very economical to make and you will notice a difference immediately after you apply it.
Unfortunately the enzyme based commercial products that we tested were expensive for large areas and did work effectively on the day plus they made very little difference long term.

Step by Step Guide On How To Neutralize Dog Urine Odor Outside
Here is what you will need.

A plastic bucket
A plastic watering can
A stiff outdoors broom for the concrete

1. A bucket to mix in your yard odor killer in.
2. A stiff broom (Use in concrete areas where feces and urine contamination’s are prevalent) * Optional
3. A 2 gallon plastic watering can as pictured
4. A garden hose attached to a tap to do a wash down after a few hours of the product soaking in.

How to Treat The Area To Remove The Dog Urine Odor

Step One.
Mix Up The Odor Neutralizer as shown below
Use our homemade yard odor eliminator
(To mix up a 3.5 gallon bucket of the product will cost you around 50 cents.)
I developed this formula over a 12 year career in odor removal and it is very effective, particularly if you are wanting to neutralize dog urine odor outside. The formula uses 4 simple ingredients you can get from the stores and for outdoor use you can boost it for severe odors. Particularly if the urine and feces is old or you have a lot of dog poop waste. It is very easily applied and it just plain works!! It makes a great inexpensive yard odor killer.

Step Two. Remove all poop from the area. Dog poop can be collected and disposed off in an environmentally friendly way. You will be well rewarded with a cleaner yard if you do. Or you can try our homemade recipe for dissolving dog poop here

Step Three: Poured the mixed solution into your plastic watering can and evenly apply it over the concrete areas or grass. Use your broom on the concrete areas or paths which will help shift any debris stuck to the surface and help the yard odor eliminator soak in. Use a rake on grass to open up the soil.
You will notice white foaming in areas as you apply the homemade yard odor eliminator and this is normal.

Cleaning dog urine on concrete
Moving the formula around with a broom

Step Four: Leave the product to soak in for 10-20 minutes.
Step Five: Hose the area with water and leave to dry.
Its a simple solution that will take your yard odor away for good

Client Testimonial
“Amazing!! I must say I was skeptical at first but still bought the formula because of the replies from your satisfied customers. I have 6 dogs, three are very old. When I have the dogs at my moms place in town, the only yard they have to go potty in is on the cement. You could imagine the smell. My mom is ill so I am there often. I used to hose off the cement thinking that would remove the odor. Wrong!!!!! The next door neighbor let us know that they thought we might be having a sewage problem because the smell was so bad and suggested we call a plumber. I started to surf the Internet looking for a yard odor eliminator and came across your website. I can not thank you enough. It works!! The neighbors thanked me for taking care of the “sewage problem” so quickly. I never did tell them it was my dogs that caused the odor. No more worries now”
Patti G

If you are using our formula you will see white foaming when you apply it and this is normal as it indicates dog urine and dog feces in your yard. Its a great way to locate where the main areas are. Use your plastic watering can and apply a light dose to areas to find the spots that need treating as shown below. The only way to neutralize dog urine odor outside.

White foaming Indicates urine contamination. Use your plastic watering can to find the spots that need treating
My yard smells like dog poop, what can I do

Pickup as much of the poop as possible and then apply a heavy dose of our Formula Two. See links above to get the formulation.

Is it safe to apply when animals are in the yard?

NO it may irritate the dogs feet so best to remove the hounds for the day of treatment and by the next day it will be fine. It won’t hurt the dog long term but oxidizers and bacteria eliminators can irritate skin when they are active and be annoying.

How much should I mix up of the outdoor pet odor eliminator

I would recommend mixing 2 gallons to start with (its very economical to make so don’t worry about being generous with the application) and judge for yourself if it was enough. If you get alot of foaming in certain areas then you know that area is heavily contaminated and may need another application. Details will be inside the members area.

Does the DIY outdoor pet odor eliminator work on grass?

Yes our yard deodorizer and urine neutralizer works brilliantly on grass. In face we first tested it on grass in the first formulation so no problems to remove dog urine odor from yard and from grass.

Do I need a broom?

If you want to you can agitate the solution on the concrete with a broom to help break down the dog urine and help move the DIY yard deodorizer around the area, however the product will do the work for you without having to scrub the surface with a broom. If you have coarse concrete allow the product to soak in longer. Dog urine smell outside can be worse then inside sometimes so its important to use your outdoor pet odor eliminator regularly.

Will it harm my plants?

It may do which is why it is best to use it just on the areas that the dogs pee on such as concrete and grass.

Does it work on dog poop?

Absolutely, it is designed to work on urine and feces. Give it a go and it will make your backyard smell better.

What is the best dog pee neutralizer for grass & soil

Dogs often urinate on the same area of grass and this causes unsightly dead grass for a start, and of course the urine smells that tend to get worse when the warmer weather hits.

To neutralize dog urine odor in grass or soil apply a weakened oxidizing solution (mixed just prior to application) liberally using a garden watering can. The soil will render the solution PH neutral within 30 minutes and the odor will be gone and the urine neutralized, i.e the chemicals are broken down and can not return. See what we use below.

Step No 1. Rake the grass to loosen up the top layer and expose the dog urine

A technique that tends to work well is to rake the dirt and grass where the dog has been urinating. This loosens the area up and introduces oxygen to the soil ready for treatment.

Step No Two.
Apply our DIY Formula (Use Formula One) to the grass and wait till the foaming stops. Leave it for one day and then hose the area.

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