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By / August 5, 2020

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Hi its Craig here, welcome to our Ozone generators review page.  
If you are looking for the best Ozone Generators for odor removal, mold removal smoke odor, and cleaning purposes then you are in the right place.  We advise commercial Ozone operators and domestic customers on which Ozone purifier will work the best for you.

I also advise on ozone shock treatments for urine spillage, smoke contamination, mold treatment, odor caused by decay, rot and stale rooms.

Over all we score this Ozone Generator 4.85/5. These represent incredible value for money, has an outstanding output of  Ozone gas for domestic and commercial applications (upgraded to 5000mg in 2019) and has been purchased by many of my customers with great success. It is even used to minimize smog seeping into apartments in big cities!  Mammoth commercial ozone generator has a great portability attribute also.


For the price this Ozone Generator is manufactured very well and is durable for normal use. An amazing precursor to large ozone generators for commercial operators.

User Friendly

Easy to use controls and useful timer. Ozone Generators can be hard work some times but not this one. Excellent carry handle for transporting and a good weight, not too heavy and not too light.

Ozone Output

The Ozone output is outstanding and definitely the highlight for us along with the awesome manufacturing of this unit. We are blown away by the output and quality of this ozone generator. Its a great machine.

Our review of the Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator

We own 5 of these machines and have had them for a over 5 years now. We purchased these to do interior ozone shock treatments in cars, houses, basements and pet facilities. We find them more reliable than UV ozone machines, and extremely inexpensive. 
The machinery will do a whole house (good amount of o3 output) if you move it room to room (make sure you let the gas dissipate first) or you can leave it in a central position and  for 24 hours with airflow generation done with fans . Great for sanitizing dander also. The Mammoth purifier is a powerful little unit and the Ozone Pump is strong enough to penetrate into the far reaches of a whole house.
The first thing that impressed us about these machines is the solid manufacturing and the amount of small bolts firmly holding the machine together. Some other Ozone machines we have used are very poorly constructed and do not have enough fastenings to handle the rugged life a contractor gives it, but not these units. They are very solid.
The unit is lightweight and easy to transport and a sensible size for storing away and placing in the work vehicle.
Size: 6.75″(H) x 8″(W) x 5.75″(D)
The generator weighs about 5 pounds and comes with US 110 voltage and 55 watts of power for the generator. It uses Corona discharge method of generating ozone which means less maintenance and all in all these are incredible value for the price.  The corona discharge means  no copper lining and no UV bulbs to break. But at the price of these ozone machines its not a concern as they last for years any way. We have found the slide connectors inside the units to be quite thin however this also is not a big concern and very cheap to replace if required. The  Commercial Ozone Generator has a powerful 5000 mgs/per hour of output, and a very useful timer with max setting of 2 hours. You can run the machine on “continual” and turn on and off manually. This is very helpful when using the machine for Ozone Shock Treatments such as getting rid of cigarette smoke smell in car .
The machine is well constructed and very good value for money.
Over all we love this machine and for the price you won’t beat it.
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  • Easy to Carry
  • Well built
  • High Ozone Output
  • Very Economical
  • Does the job beautifully
  • Long lasting (years!!)


  • Power cable could be longer (You will need to use an extension)

Client Comment :
Amazing Machine!
…Does what it says. It got rid of the stale cigarette smell in the car we bought for my daughter. .
Published 2 days ago by Bob

Our Review Airthereal Ozone

Over all we score this Ozone Generator 4.5/5


User Friendly

Ozone Output

Our review of the Ozone Power Airtherea Commercial Air Ozone Generator  REVISED 2019

Incredible Output of Ozone at 5000mg Per hour.
This was the machine we used when more Ozone is required. This Ozone Generator Machine has 5000mgs per hour of Ozone output (high) which is good for air contaminants and with a 5 year warranty you would think this must be the best value on the net however lately issues developed with the workmanship and some of the internal parts on this unit and the reliability is now not great.

It also led to testing the 5 year warranty and this being a return to base warranty meant most people can not ship it as the postage is too prohibitive.

It is still well priced however and the unit has excellent ozone output when it does work.

Feedback has been that after 3-4 months of use, the machine parts fail and it is dead. If you are happy to proceed and accept that the life span will be short then this unit has the timer like the  Ozone Generator ozone power op5000 and was of solid construction like the Mammoth, (but as pointed out above it now seems some of the parts are only lasting 4-5 months).

The unit is bigger, was better constructed and more powerful (does up to 5000 square feet) and for a humble $25-00 more than the Mammoth it makes perfect sense if you need a more powerful unit. The downside is the life expectancy of the unit and the return to base warranty which means you have to ship it back the manufacturer in Canada to get it repaired and that freight for most people shipping the Ozone machine will cost more than buying it.

The Airthereal is named due to the 5000mgs per hour of Ozone Output. For a heavy duty Ozone generator we feel this is could be improved. 

The machine is slightly heavier at 6 pounds which is caused by the a heavier outside metal casing. Size: 9 x 9 x 7 inches. It comes with US 110 voltage and 55 watts of power for the generator. The OP5000 is very well constructed using solid 3mm metal casing and it uses the Corona discharge method of generating ozone which means less maintenance (unlike ultraviolet filtration) and all in all these add up to incredible value for the price when it is working.

The Ozone Power OP5000 Commercial Air Ozone Generator & Air Purifier has an even more powerful 5000 mgs/ per hour of Ozone output which is suited for larger areas and stronger odor contaminations such as cooking smells inside a house, or strong mold odors in a basement area or garage. This unit also has the very handy timers or you can run it continuously as well. These types of units when we first started in 2002 were over $1000 . Not any more, at the price point the ozone machine sells for we say good value and great for air contaminants.

We used to recommend the enerzen commercial ozone generator but the enerzen commercial is no longer available. As far as air purification products go this one is ok. Beats a lamp system anyday!

See pricing by clicking here


  • Easy to Carry
  • High Ozone Output
  • Very Economical
  • Durable but don't drop it.


  • A bit heavy for domestic purposes
  • Power cable could be longer again!! (You will need to use an extension)
  • Alot of Ozone so be careful. It kills plants
  • Parts failing and life expectancy of unit reduced to 4 months in late 2019
  • Ozone cleaner could be better 

Worth the Money!
Used it to remove cigarette odor from our car and the results were great.
Neighbors couldn’t even believe the results.
Published 10 days ago by RON NICELY

Overall we score this unit 5/5


User Friendly

Ozone Output

Our review of the Odorstop 2500 Ozone Generator Another great unit from the Odorstop Stable and this one caught our eye due to the ease of servicing the Corona Discharge Plates and the ability to buy spares as shown below, The parts are easy to install and are very well priced.

  • Price: This unit is dearer than the others and the reason for this is it’s a commercial grade machine with the ability to service and replace parts. It is also a silent ozone machine. Most Ozone machines use a Corona Discharge Method where a current is passed between metal plates and the air passing through is oxidized and turns into O3 gas. The plates get build up on them of contaminants and this can affect the Ozone Gas Output. Service as at 2019 is good
    This machine allows you to easily remove the Metal Ozonator Plates and replace them inexpensively with new ones thus making the unit last for years. The commercial operators or landlords will be interested in this unit as it will last longer than the cheaper ones due to the ability to be serviced and have the Ozone parts and plates replaced. We think for some one working in a business using this machine, this is essential.
  • Design: The machine also has an air inlet filter (albeit thin) but at least it is something to try to keep the dust out. The units are quite pricey but for a commercial operator these come highly recommended for the ability to replace the ceramic plates. With Ozone machines you have two choices really. Buy something cheaper like the Mammoth and when it fails throw it away or invest more and get a commercial unit like this one and service it to make it last for 10 years or more. The machines are well constructed, solidly built and  weighing in at 9.5 pounds she is quite heavy, but if you are a commercial guy weight is good!. It means the machine will be well constructed and have solid parts which is what we need for durability. Odorstop also do a great range of blowers as well as ozone machines Click here for more information
Commercial Ozone Generator Machine Reviews

Overall we score this unit 3.5/5


User Friendly

Ozone Output

Our Review of The Green Air Purifiers Green Air Classic Plus Alpine Air Purifier Ozone Generator.

The Green Air Purifiers Commercial Ozone Generator and Air Purifier has a powerful 3500 mgs/per hour of output and has the distinct advantage of having washable carbon filters at the air input area to prevent the machine from sucking in debris and dust particles but we feel the extra price and clunky packaging makes this unit not as desirable for commercial operators. The filter makes the machine last longer and guarantees the output of Ozone is not affected by dirty corona discharge plates . Having no dust entering the air inlet means the ozone output should always be as rated, there won’t be a requirement for servicing and cleaning the inside, where as the cheaper units that do not have filters, need the production units cleaned to ensure the ozone output is maintained. Typically the fan gets coated in dust particles and allergens. The ozonator has a nice electronic control panel for operating the machine and easy to follow controls . The body however although its well built is very impracticable for commercial use without handles and a wooden styled outer that is scratched easily.


  • We love the filter, means longer production times for ozone as less contaminants on Corona discharge.
  • Solidly constructed throughout
  • High Ozone Output
  • Very Economical


  • Quite large
  • Power cable could be longer again!! (You will need to use an extension)
  • No handles to pick it up and the wood finish gets scratched
  • Over complicated control buttons which are unnecessary and prone to failure

Overall we score this unit 4.8/5


User Friendly

Ozone Output

This is very handy for doing larger areas
Our review of the A2Z Ozone MP 8000 Ozone Generator

This is just one of the commercial ozone machines from the “stable” from A2Z. We have been very impressed by the quality of their units and we love these machines as they have some features that the other commercial machines lack which make them very versatile for the applications they can provide. A2Z are targeting the commercial operators.

For example the most noticeable feature is the ability to add an Oxygen Generator to the unit, which in turn will boost the ozone output to very high levels plus remove the Nitric Oxide Component of the O3 gas. The machine also has a external vent to allow a hose to be attached and run into the treatment areas i.e the hose into the room with odor issues. This is very handy for doing larger areas where the source of the Ozone, i.e the machine is located outside of the treatment areas thus allowing clean air input with no contaminants to jeopardize the quality of the Ozone gas or the machine internal components being damaged by the actual gas itself. Ozone cleaner is part of the system.

The unit has a very efficient internal pump to push the ozone out if you are not using the Oxygen Generator Option and we feel for the money the pump could be a little bit more powerful however as alot of the commercial operators know, A cheap fan on the floor will push the ozone gas around very well regardless.
These Ozone machines are the real deal and we are impressed by the range put out by A2Z so far. Click here for more information


  • We love the ability to add a Oxygen Generator, means longer production times for ozone as less contaminants on Corona discharge.
  • Solidly manufacturing process throughout
  • High Ozone Output
  • Very Economical


  • Nothing
What is Ozone 

o3 Ozone gas is a naturally occurring substance which is present in our environment and is caused by electrical currents in UV rays reacting with oxygen and forming a short life gas called o3.  Ozone generator machines (that we do machine reviews on) are a manmade way of duplicating nature and increasing the amount of ozone particles.

o3 Ozone gas is prevalent in the ozone layer and provides protection by breaking down ultraviolet radiation from the sun.  
At times Ozone gas is very prevalent on earth, particularly after an electrical storm,  when O2 gas (oxygen) is split by the electrical currents in the lightening storm and o3 gas (ozone) is created.  

Ozone breaks down very quickly particularly when there are a lot of electrolytic particles in the air known as contaminants. In highly populated areas on earth, ozone is not as effective due to the pollutants in the air. Pollution is reduced when satisfactory levels of ozone are around however humans can not breathe large levels of ozone gas as it is toxic to breathe in when it is concentrated. It will cause an irritation to the throat and lungs.
An Ozone generator machine simply  replicates nature and splits oxygen into ozone gas as a discharge via an outlet, however because the amount of ozone produced is high it is toxic to breathe. The machine typically pumps the ozone out into a room and can be turned off when required and allowed to dissipate before entering.
Ozone gas contains nitric oxide and this is why oxygen generators are often attached the source of air to form pure ozone. When moisture is mixed with ozone a residue called Nitrogen dioxide is formed and is corrosive to many items, so care is needed. High levels of moisture and humidity are required for this to happen so it is recommended to use dry air as a source for your machine.

Is Ozone effective at disinfection?

Ozone at the right concentration, is effective for apartments and living areas to provide sterilization for bacteria and viruses if done regularly using shock treatments. (small doses at regular intervals)
Ozone o3 is widely used in pet shelters to treat enveloped and non enveloped viruses. This is done with stronger levels on ozone gas. (More than 30 grams per hour) and is done overnight when all animals are removed and after a thorough clean down first. Note the treatment needs to be done on dry surfaces to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Is it safe to use Ozone in my home?

Lets be very clear. Ozone is a toxic gas and needs to be used with ozone 03 safety precautions in place. An expert commercial operator who understands the dangers of o3.  Humans are not designed to breathe in concentrated forms of ozone gas o3 and doing so will lead to  problems. Your ozonator sellers should provide some service manuals with the precautions listed.

Having said that even the best Ozone generators used incorrectly will still do damage. However using a ozone machine at the right concentration, with the right safety precautions is a very effective way to provide sterilization for apartments and living areas. Ozone Shock treatments is another effective way to remove mildew and mold, however it should be noted that most ozone machines output nitric oxide when o3 is live which is toxic to humans  and should never be breathed in. So when searching for ozone generator reviews it is worth noting if the machine has an effective timer. If not then you can pick one up from a local hardware store. The critical thing here is all ozone shock treatments should be performed using a timer so the o3 gas has time to dissipate and turn back into oxygen before the occupier of the house comes home.  

Ozone is used for removing arsenic from water

Should you buy corona discharge method, ceramic ozone generator, ozone purifiers, Hvac, or ionizers. 

Its fair to say I am biased towards using ozone generators and in this article we review the best ozone generators.
We look at timers, weight and quality of manufacturing, engineering and portability attribute.
With the incredible amount of uses for an ozone generator around the home or office, Ozone is a great solution for odor removal, deodorizing, and sanitizing including  getting rid of cigarette smoke from vehicles.

As Odor Removal Experts we are happy to share what we have learned about the best ozone generators for the home and commercial work. Ozone generators. We list our opinions and findings below. We hope you enjoy our reviews useful and as you will notice this page is updated regularly so you know the information is latest breaking news. 

Buying online allows home and pet owners alike to source a reliable machine that will serve them for many years to come if they buy it right. There are of course many ozone generator machines that we don't recommend as the parts are inferior.
This Ozone Generator Review page is updated regularly and we don't hold back if the machine is a dud!!


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