What Dissolves Dog Poop In The Yard. Best DIY Method Revealed.

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A regular question we get at the Odor Dude headquarters is what dissolves dog poop in the yard and which product works the best? Here is what we have found from our many years of testing and feedback from our clients who have tried dissolving dog poo.

The best doggie doo dissolver is calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide and sodium carbonate which will remove moisture from the dog feces and make it dissolve fast and break down into the soil. This in turn makes the waste break down very rapidly. See below for a DIY method of doing this and where to get these easy access chemicals from.

dog poop dissolving compound

Option One: What dissolves dog poop in the yard

Here is a simple sprinkle on the product that works very effectively on dog feces. It can’t be used as a spray but can be poured on and is safe for your pet.
This innovative product will suck moisture and bacteria out of the stool and help make it dissolve. See below if you want a DIY product to clean dog poop.

Product Test

The product we tested is called Yard Odor Eliminator which is highly effective for your yard. It contains an incredible new patented enzyme, is environmentally friendly and will save you having to use a plastic bag and take the waste to landfill. The patented enzyme disperses a completely green magic substance that seems to work well.

You simply sprinkle the Yard Odor Eliminator on the dog feces and leave it. This will reduce it up to 80% in a short period of time and the further 20% will dissolve over time.
The non-toxic chemicals inside the product quickly remove any odor and dries the feces, dissolving as it goes.

We love this product and so do our clients.
A great system for removing dog poo from your yard or soil. Dog stools dry out fast with this product.

A homemade DIY dog poop dissolver that works effectively.

There is no doubt that the yard odor remover shown above is patented however you can use a homemade DIY doggie doo dissolver for pet waste that works over time and does a similar job. It’s similar to the bought products as it dries out the stools, the only difference is you will need more of it and the process will take slightly longer. It also is safe for your pet and works naturally.

How to make your own homemade Dog Waste product.

To make your own homemade pet waste dissolver you will need some good quality, Pure Sodium Bicarbonate and some Pure Peppermint Essential Oil.

Killing bacteria and removing moisture is required to make the feces dissolve. It is critical to only use quality ingredients as inferior ingredients will not kill all the bacteria and will not remove all the moisture to make the DIY dog poo eliminator.

We recommend the products below. These are a safe chemical to dissolve dog poop if you want to DIY.

Place a handful of the Sodium Bicarbonate in a bowl and then simply add 15 drops of peppermint essential oil and stir to mix throughly. Be generous with the peppermint oil and only use a good quality as this helps significantly in killing the bacteria.

Apply and leave to start drying out as shown. Works naturally

We recommend this peppermint oil here

Instructions For Use

Simply mix the ingredients in a bowl and then apply liberally to the doggie poop and it will break down over time. The mixture neutralizes dog poop on grass.

A Dog Waste Station. An economical and easy to use Doggy Doo Waste Disposal System

If you have multiple animals or big dogs that produce a lot of waste then you may want to consider your own economical doggy enzymatic waste dissolver system. It sounds expensive but it’s not and it is a very environmentally friendly dog waste eliminator. It beast using plastic bags to pick the dog waste up. There is a link below and they will ship it to you. There will be contact details also and this system saves using application product. The Doggie Dooley Pet waste removal system rocks and no bags needed.
More information below.

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A very cheap and highly effective method to remove dog poop from your yard is to scoop it into an in-ground dissolver system as shown and add in a pellet to start the process to dissolve the feces.

Don’t forget you will need some pellets to add to the system which is very inexpensive too. A great system for removing poo from your home.

Read the reviews and make your own mind up. We only hear good things about this system. You need good drainage and takes a week to activate. It will change your life!

“I’m not really sure as to why this product hasn’t received more reviews. I’ve owned dogs first without a system and now having one with. What a HUGE difference! It killed me to think of using a plastic bag to pick up my dog’s poo every single day he did his business. It’s so bad for the environment and it stinks up your bins. This doggy sewer has been a game changer and cannot imaging disposing of his poo any other way now. I just pick it up with a scooper, dump it in and make sure to fill it with water and deodorizer once a week- easy peasy! We really love this system!”

Option Four: Will lime dissolve dog poop? Using Lime to Get Rid of Dog Urine Smell

Dog poop in grass is very annoying and unhygienic for kids to play on. If you plan on using lime as a DIY dog poop dissolver please read the following. It saves sending the dog waste to landfill inside plastic bags. We are not keen on plastic bags!

Gardening Lime is an oxidiser and when applied to dog poop will make it crumble and dissolve. Lime extracts the moisture from the dog waste which in turn makes it breakdown and dissolve.

Lime is a good product to get rid of waste and stops the landfills from getting filled up, however, the downside if someone walks on it with bare feet (or dog paws) the lime will burn the skin, so much care is needed. Lime is calcium carbonate and when mixed with moisture it becomes calcium hydroxide and caustic in nature.

If you are in a controlled environment i.e the dog is watched and on a leash so it can’t come in contact with the Lime. Will lime break down dog poop? Now you have a DIY dissolver that needs care when handling and ensure children and animals are kept away for the first few days.

Step One.
Apply a 1/2 cup of lime to the feces and leave it.

The Lime will destroy the dog poo and it dissolves over a few days at which time the residues dissolve into the soil also. Its very efficient and works great and you can buy it from your garden supply on account. As dogs are prone to dig a hole on lawns it will hurt them so take care.

Please take care with the product as it can cause burns to skin. Wear gloves, eye protection and skin coveralls when applying it.

Also do not buy a “pelleted donolytic limestone” You need the white powder variety. You may need to search online for suppliers in your area to start making your doggie doo dissolver.

dissolve dog poop on lawn


Will vinegar dissolve dog poop?

It’s strange how many folks ask this question and I guess it relates to the fact that vinegar is harmless and very inexpensive. maybe it was on the news?

Vinegar is an acid with a high percentage of water (approx 95%) and contains no oxidizing compounds like bleach or peroxide, so it will make the stool more moisture-laden and will not break it down. Vinegar will make the dog poop last longer due to the increased moisture levels. It’s not great for the compost either and being liquid it won’t help sort out the problem.

What to do about dog poop in the yard

The simplest way and the cheapest way is to cover the area in lime and leave for two days (without rain). Keep animals and humans away from the area while the lime is decontaminating the dog feces.
After two days it will be ok to hose the area and wash the remaining product into the soil.

If you are in a controlled environment i.e the dog is watched and on a leash so it can’t come in contact with the product then all you need do is apply a cup to the feces and watch it destroy it in the soil. The poop reduces over a few days on your lawn and the residues eventually wash away without waste going into our landfills. If yopur dog is on the loose then lock it away.

Please take care with the product as it can cause burns to the skin and will hurt you. Wear gloves, eye protection and skin coveralls when applying it and keep the pet away.

Also do not buy a “pelleted donolytic limestone”

The product you buy must be in a white powder format. You may need to search online to locate it.

How to neutralize dog poop on grass?

Use our homemade DIY dog poop dissolver shown above.
It works over time and does a good job. We think it is a very effective doggie doo dissolver and saves using plastic bags.

The chemicals are safe, completely green and without the expense of a patented enzyme! Your pet will love you for it

Does rain dissolve dog poop?

Unfortunately, rain does not dissolve dog poo waste. Rain can actually help the bacteria flourish which in turn will make the poop take longer to break down as the moisture will keep the components alive longer. To make dog waste break down quicker you need to dry it out, not make it wet. Your pet could also stand in it when outside and bring it into the home. UGH! The DIY product starts to work on your pet doo within two hours so use that instead of waiting for a weather event. Your lawn will thank you for it and your dog will still dig holes in the lawn!

A torrential downpour that lasts for hours will reduce the size of the dog waste but it won’t make it liquesce into the ground and that means the poo will stay around longer.

What happened to doggie doo dissolver?

News flash! This was a popular dog waste dissolver however unfortunately it was taken off the market. The recent search revealed the site is down. We do not know why however there was some suggestion that it did not work as well as portrayed. It was meant to contain a patented enzyme which was to remove the pet waste but the news of it going did not surprise us. The patented enzyme disperses moisture but you can search Google for more information. At least you won’t be wasting your money on something that doesn’t work.

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