Have you a sulfur smell coming from a shower drain? Fast simple solution from Odor Dude - Odordude

Have you a sulfur smell coming from a shower drain? Fast simple solution from Odor Dude

By / June 1, 2016

Hey Its Craig the Odor Dude here.

If you step into your shower and you get a sulfur smell coming out of the drain, it usually means that trapped Anaerobic bacteria is producing the sulfur odor somewhere down deep, and it will keep getting worse unless you take some simple steps to neutralize it. Anaerobic bacteria thrive in areas where little amounts of oxygen is present (i.e deep in drains) so what you need to do is kill the bacteria, using a simple odor neutralizer which will remove the smell instantly and clear any material that is causing the odor.

Caustic chemicals are harmful to the Environment so we recommend this product which is plant based and highly effective.


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Now, as to what is causing the bacteria to occur is a separate issue and can be related to many issues. It may be that something is trapped there such as hair, so if your drain is not working correctly then please call a Plumber however in experience most smells come from the trap

Step One
Ensure your drain is removing water efficiently first. If not you will need to clear it. Check for any hair, or other matter that may be stuck inside the drain and remove.
Step Two
If your drain is flowing freely, tip down half a pint of bacteria remover drain cleaner down it.  You can mix this up very quickly and it is very effective in shower drain sulfur smell issues.


We recommend the following products below for cleaning your showers and removing sulfur smells.

Step Three

Leave the chemical in the drain for 5 minutes then pour normal water down the drain to flush it through. The odor will be gone. If odor persists then either use an approved drain unblocking product as something is stuck down there and needs flushing out or consult with a plumber.

Wear safety googles and gloves plus protective clothing in case it splashes back on you


Hope that helps you with your shower smells

Best Regards Craig

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