How To Get Cat Pee Smell Out Of A Couch

There is nothing worse than getting home from work, walking in the door and smelling old cat pee in your couch. I hate the smell of cat urine.
Over the years I have treated many hundreds of lounge suites and couches contaminated with old cat urine odor and this is what I have done since 2002 with excellent results.

I am going to share with you my professional couch cleaning solutions for cat urine.

Apply an oxidizing fluid that breaks down the urea, salt, acids and other residues found in cat urine. See my recommendation below. Leave for 5-10 minutes to let the chemicals work, then extract the residues with a wet vac machine or place folded towels on the area and apply pressure using your knee or a heavy weight to soak up the remaining treated residues. Once towel has stopped absorbing liquid place the couch in a sunny spot to finish drying.

Step One : Identify where the urine is in the couch. (Very Important)

Would it surprise you to know that the majority of odor removal jobs I have done over the years has a common theme from the clients?
“I don’t know where the smell is coming from”

This is very common among pet owners when I meet up with them. It is very tough to know if you don’t have some methods of finding the urine source.
If you do not know where the cat pee odor is coming from, then here are some tips to help find the source of the contamination.
1. Check the back of the couch and in corners of the couch for pee contaminations. (It is seldom that cats relieve themselves where they lie with you so typically they will mark the back of a couch or on the sides of the couch not where they rest)

2. Another way to find the contamination is to spray our formula on the couch to locate where the urine is. The formula foams white when coming into contact with cat urine as shown below. This makes it easy to locate and saves you having to sniff it as an option.
Picture shows the product foaming in carpet but you can use it for a couch as well.

Step Two : Treat the area by soaking the cat pee with my recommended pet urine neutralizer.

Now that you have located the areas where your cat has urinated you need to apply a cat urine neutralizer and make sure it comes in contact with all the cat wee. I premix a 4 part product that once mixed creates very effective oxidizing components which will break down the residues of old cat urine.

If the urine is very old you may need several applications to break down all the residues as the salt particles and uric acid combined with urea form very hard particles that can take several times to fully break down. The product contains an ingredient that will stay in the carpet and continue to work on any bacteria that resurface.

Step Three. Leave the chemicals to work.

Wait for 5-10 minutes to allow the chemical to work. The formulation will break down the urine including uric acid and alkaline crystals in your couch . Once the couch dries the odor will be gone and if you can still smell it repeat the above steps. Job done!!

Treating Cat Urine on Couch Using a Wet Vac.

Leave for 5-10 minutes to let the chemicals work then extract the residues with a wet vac machine. Place folded towels on the area and apply pressure using your knee or a heavy weight to soak up the remaining treated residues. I used my knee quite often with towels and it is a very effective method for absorbing fluid residues. Once the towel has stopped absorbing liquid, place the couch in a sunny spot to finish drying.

Summary – Removing Cat Urine From Your Couch

The durability of cat urine is closely linked to the solution for fixing it.
The components of urine such as uric acid and salt combined are the offending ingredients that make the urine odor so long lasting in fabrics, carpet, wood and concrete.

It is critical to have a chemical or a combination of chemicals that have the capacity to break down the cat urine components effectively. Once broken down I prefer to extract them using a hot water inject and extraction at the same time using a wet vac with a carpet cleaning wand on the end of the suction pipe.

More often than not, some areas will be worse than others. For example if a cat pees consistently in one area then it is likely to smell stronger than areas it just sprays on. So make sure you treat the areas using common sense.

  1. How long has the cat been urinating in the same spot for?
  2. Is that cat spraying the back of the couch or is it emptying it’s bladder on the couch and into the carpet.?

Use as much urine neutralizer as needed so it will come in contact with all the urine.

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We all love our cats but unfortunately accidents happen! I know it isn’t a pleasant experience cleaning up cat pee but I really hope this has helped you in removing cat urine from your couch!

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