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Expert advice on what is the best dog pee neutralizer for grass

By / June 24, 2016

Its a very common question we get at Odor Dude Head Quarters and it goes like this

How can I get rid of dog urine smell outside and what is the best dog pee neutralizer for grass

So many owners have pets that urinate regularly on the grass and this causes unsightly dead grass for a start, and of course the urine smells and odors that tend to get worse when the warmer weather hits. There are companies that do pet urine grass repair however once the grass is replaced it tends to get peed on again and dies once more. 🙁
So the better bet is to neutralize the dog urine on the grass or yard areas first and not let the problem become too big.
How to neutralize dog urine odor in yard
There are several options for neutralizing pet urine on grass.

Option A : Use a Commercial Yard Urine Neutralizer


Directions for use

Connect to your garden hose and apply to the area contaminated. The product will neutralize dog pee effectively and fresh the area up instantly.

Option B : Use Our Formula and make your own

Buy our MIX UP formula and dilute with water before applying to your grass area. This will kill the odor instantly and effectively and neutralize the urine. This may need to be done weekly depending on the time of year and the size of your dog.
Mixing rat urine neutralizer

Directions for use

How to prevent dog urine burns on grass brown patches

We also get asked how to bring back dead grass from dog urine. The simple answer is once grass has been peed on by a dog it tends to die and the components such as salt and uric acid stay in the ground for some time which means unless the uric acid and salt is neutralized it will prevent grass from growing again.

How to get your grass to grow after a dog has peed on it (We get people saying dog piss but I think that is a bit crude sorry!!) Here is a step by step guide to getting your grass to grow again after your dog has pissed on it.
Step No one.
A technique that tends to work well is to rake the dirt and grass where the dog has been urinating. This loosens the area up and introduces oxygen to the soil.
Step No Two.
Apply our DIY Formula (Use Formula One) to the area and wait till the foaming stops. Leave it for one day and then hose the area.
Step No Three
The next day apply by hand a top layer of potting mix or quality fine seeding soil on top of the area that has been urinated on and treated. Make sure it is at least 1/4 inch thick. Lay down your seed and then cover with potting mix again and then gently water. You can use peat moss also as shown below as a topping on top of the soil but make sure the peat moss is damp so it does not blow away. It helps retain the moisture for the grass to grow and puts off alkaline residues which will filter through and neutralize any remaining salt residues from the dog urine.

Summary: Give the area plenty of water in the first few days and then you will have lovely fresh new green grass for your dog to pee on again 🙂 Just kidding!!
what is the best dog pee neutralizer for grass

How to get rid of dog urine smell in dirt
Typically an application of lime will do the job for severe cases however for less serious cases use our formulation shown here

See more here

I have two wonderful dogs, 2 caring Rottweilers whose preferred foods consist of homemade cookies (that I make) and steak. They both love fetch, they both enjoy a trip to the store, and they both love to urinate in the precisely the very same location in the backyard every day which can be annoying and very smelly when the warmer weather hits, whenever. So we are left with a 4 foot square area approximately where the grass is dead and the smell is terrible. Its a dilemma of knowing hot to control the odor and what to do. It’ѕ not hard tо рісturе thе rеѕultіng patch оf brоwn аnd уеllоw lawn. They are аn obvious еуеѕоrе, the only one might I add, in my whole еxреrtlу lаndѕсареd bасkуаrd lol. I try so hard and I am not really a green thumb but the brown grass. I also here other pets owners asking “does dog urine fertilize grass? Well the answer is it does not and it harms the grass rather than help it.
So hopefully that helps you learn what is the best dog pee neutralizer for grass. Good luck

what is the best dog pee neutralizer for grass
One idea that helps is take your dog to the beach and let him or her pee there.

Commercial Grass Odor Neutralizer


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