Hi It is Craig the Odor Dude here and welcome to my site where I share all our Odor Removal tips and tricks learned since 2002.
I have removed most odors over my career  and I am happy to help you with what ever problem you may have.
Above are the categories showing the main odor issues we deal with so chose the one that applies to you and have a look. Any questions you can add a comment to the page and I will respond as soon as I can. Good luck. Remember I am here to help you.

I generally don’t provide feedback unprompted but wanted to this time, for the fact you just saved my new carpet! We had terrible dog feces and horrible urine smell in our carpet after a vacation..long story!! Had I not found you I am sure I would have replaced the brand new carpet and underpad. Thankyou Odor Dude

Keith Aitken, Alberta Canada

My odor removal methods are based on thousands of hours in the field testing and retesting different products on extreme odors. The methods are so easy you will be amazed and surprised at the results. You can now rid severe odors in just minutes and I will teach you the insider secrets we use plus show you using easy to follow videos, on exactly how to treat odor contamination’s the easy way.

Ken you have saved my life. My Yorkie pees everywhere and we were beside ourselves! with trying to remove the odor!! Your formula works like nothing else we have tried and we are now experts!! at removing odors. Yahoo !!!!! finally something that works. Thanks Ken.

Marie, Yorkie Owner

We have solutions for:
Dog Urine In Carpet
Cat Urine in Carpet,
Dog Odor,
Rat Urine in the attic,
Cigarette Smoke smell in your Vehicle
Weed smell in your car and much more.
Pet Odor Neutralizer Reviews
If you have heard about Ozone in odor removal then read our Ozone machine reviews and get the best machine first time. We can help you with any odor and make recommendations on which odor removal product to use.

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