image7Hi I am Ken The Odor Dude.

Welcome to my website. Let me help you effectively remove all types of odors including cat urine, rat urine and dog urine plus many more.

I have over 15 years experience in odor removal and I can help you.

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 I have helped over one million pet owners since 2002 with my techniques and formulation*



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I can help you get rid of cat urine odor, rat urine odor, dog urine odor, milk spill odor, cigarette smoke odor in vehicles plus, shower drain odor, and even foot odor!


Get help in removing cat urine from carpet, furniture, flooring, tiles, bathrooms and much more

Dog odor comes from either urine or the anal glands and either can be fixed using this simple solution

This is one of our most popular pages. Dogs peeing and number 2 in the back yard produces strong odors. Use this simple easy solution to instantly solve that issue

Rat Urine In Attic

Step by step instructions on how to remove rat urine odor from an attic and ceiling.

Cigarette Smoke In Vehicle

There is no doubt that cigarette smoke in a vehicle is very upsetting to a non smoker and if you are unlucky enough to buy a car that has a cigarette smoke contamination then rest assured there is a way to remove those toxic chemicals that come from smoke and reside in the ceiling.

Spilled Milk in Vehicle

It never ceases to amaze me how many people spill large amounts of milk in their vehicles.

I help thousands of pet owners globally and home owners also

If you have cat or dog urine problems then we have a simple solution, proven in the marketplace since 2002


Got a New Puppy

No problem. We understand that new puppies can be naughty. See our simple solution for puppy urine in carpet or on tiles.


Oh No They Had To Call The Odor DudeWho me ?

Don’t worry as the Odor Dude will help you

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