Remove Cat Pee Smell Out Of A Car Seat and Vehicle Carpet

how to get cat urine out of a car seat

We rush off to the vet or on holiday, forgetting that cats don’t travel in cars every day so they tend to get nervous and empty their bladders at the same time. Then a few weeks later that horrible cat urine odor starts to emerge from the depths of your car upholstery or flooring material and because the urine goes in deep, the smell can be hard to get out of the. Fortunately we come across this issue regularly and have a simple solution for you below, even if the cat urine is old.

Mix up the 4 part oxidizer solution found in the members area and pour a generous amount onto the contaminated areas. Leave for 15 minutes so the four chemicals have time to react with the urine and then extract or soak up the residues with a wet vac or towels. Do a sniff test and repeat if necessary. Once you are satisfied leave the area to dry.

There are some simple steps required to remove cat urine effectively so please read on.

Step One. Identify where the cat urine is.

Sniff the area with your nose to detect where the urine contamination is or use the alternative method below. Its important to treat exactly where the cat peed as the urine will penetrate deep and will cause issues for many years to come. Cat urine contains a high amount of salt and salt will stay around for years. If you don’t like sniffing an area then go to step 2.

finding cat urine smell
Smell to detect where the urine is

Step Two. Alternative to sniffing the seat

Mix up some of our cat urine neutralizer using Formula two and gently spray the upholstery to locate the contamination. It will foam white where the urine is as shown below. cat urine contains bacteria and other chemicals that will react with our mixed formula and this makes it easy to find the treatment area.

how to get cat urine out of car seat

Step Three: Treat the area with a heavy dose of DIY Odor Remover (approximately 1 pint)

Mix up 1 quart of (Use Formula two). Apply a heavy application (pouring it on as shown here) ensuring the product penetrates deep into the fabric and seat. The secret with removing cat urine odor is to ensure the chemical comes in contact with all the urine so its vital to understand where the urine is and be generous with the application.

Ensure you have towels underneath the seat to catch the residues. This saves having a wet floor as well as wet seats.

how to get cat urine out of leather seat

Step Four: Leave the product to soak in for approximately 15 minutes minimum.

Check on progress by smelling the area you just treated. If you can still smell cat urine then reapply the product and repeat the treatment. Usually 2 applications will be the maximum you will need to get cat pee out of a car seat. Once it has soaked in and you are satisfied you can move onto the extraction of the waste residues.

Extracting out the urine residues from the car seat or flooring

The important part of the process now is to extract out the chemical and the neutralized urine residues using a wet vac or folded towels. (you will need a few)

Using a wet vac to extract the urine

If using a wet vac, push hard with the nozzle onto the carseat or carpet and hold on the area for a minute to allow the suction to go in deep and extract as much as possible. This will remove the neutralized cat urine residues and the remaining mositure will dry and you will be odor free permanently.

Using folded towels to extract the urine

If you don’t have a wetvac, then place a folded towel on top of the area and push down with your knee to soak up the moisture. Alternatively you can place a heavy weight on the towel and leave for 15 minutes. Change the towel regularly so you can extract as much of the treated urine residues as possible.

TIP: IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHERE THE CAT URINATED Put the Home Made Cat urine Odor Killer into a spray bottle and spray onto seat and look for white foaming.
The white foaming on the seat shows exactly where the cat urine odor is located.

What to do if the smell persists

Ozone can be very effective for a final once over after treatment for cat urine odor removal and will boost the whole process plus sterilize your vehicle. We recommend putting the machine in the car for a minimum period of two hours and then turning it off and leaving a further 15 minutes before removal.
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ozone amchine for treating cat urine smell

How to get cat urine out of leather seats?

Leather is less absorbent than traditional car upholstery however this means the cat urine will run down the back of the seat where it meets the rear vertical seat i.e in the gap and then soak into the material there. So it’s important to treat the gap in the seat throughly and spray the seat where the cat first urinated. You will need only a fine spray as the urine will not have penetrated in too far.

Please note leather can change colour when you treat it however it will go back to the original color once it dries.

how to get cat urine out of leather seat
Treating a leather car seat the correct way

Treating baby urine and dog pee in a car seat

Human urine and dog urine is treated the same as cat urine. We have carried out many extractions and treatment of car seats that have baby urine and dog urine and we carry out the same process as outlined in the steps above.

Just follow the technique from Step One.

How to remove dog poop from a car mat

You know the feeling. You just had a walk outside in the beautiful sun and fresh air and by accident you stood in dog poop and it is now its all over on your car mat and the kids are gagging in the back seat.

Remove dog feces from a car mat by:
1. Scrape the car foot mat with a knife and remove excess debris
2. Mix up one pint of our four part odor eliminator and pour a small amount onto the dog feces. You will see white foaming which is normal as the chemicals react with the dog poop
3. Using an old toothbrush agitate the carpet fibres so the product can soak in and then using an old folded towel soak up residues. Repeat this process again and let dry in the sun.

When treating dog feces the critical element is to ensure the neutralizer comes in contact with all the feces and not just part of it. Also you will need to agitate the carpet fibres so the product can work efficiently.

We do not recommend hosing the car mat with a high pressure hose or garden hose as this will push the debris in further and spread it wider making the treatment more complex. have faith that out product will break down the components of dog poo which consists on 75% water and remaining debris made up from fibre, bacteria, mucus and more

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