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How to remove sewer smell in the house. Expert Odor Remover shares simple strategies

By / March 2, 2020

Hi Craig The Odor Dude Here.
If you have the misfortune to have a sewer smell in house, shower drain smells or a sewer smell in the bathroom and you are concerned at the terrible odor and potential health problems associated with sewer gas smell in bathroom or elsewhere, then do not fear as we have all the solutions for you listed below.

No 1. How to remove raw sewage outside

sewage smell from toilet

Unfortunately from time to time a sewer pipe breaks under the soil, and then feces and other waste seeps into the yard.
All the jobs we have been called out to, have had the sewer pipe repaired by a plumbers but most of them, do not know how to deal with the odor and the sewage waste remaining in the area.

Simple Solution for outside Sewage Seepage
If the sewage has seeped into the OUTSIDE living spaces, or under your house, then a simple solution is to cover the area in HYDRATED LIME.  Lime is a corrosive material and should be handled with care.

Lime will consume the waste matter very quickly and then break down residues and become one with the soil. It also removes the odor instantly which is handy if the odor is getting inside the house and  if the house smells like sewage also.
WARNING KEEP ANIMALS OFF AND CHILDREN as lime is very corrosive and will damage those that come in contact with it.
You need to cordon the area off and put signs up with WARNING HYDRATED LIME PRESENT. DO NOT ENTER.
The lime will break down the feces very quickly and remove the odor.
Do not inhale Lime and pellets although more expensive can be easier to handle in confined spaces.
Click the image below for more details on where to buy the correct type of lime.


No 2. How to get rid of spilled sewerage inside the house

If you have a flood in the toilet and you get some waste inside the house on the floor then listed below are two options to deal with sanitizing the area.

Step No 1. Wear protective eye wear, heavy rubber gloves and protect your skin with an coverall suit.
Step No 2. Remove any solids and dispose of correctly
Step No 3: Apply a good application of my DIY Formula two product. More information here

Simple mix it up as shown and apply to the floor area. (It foams white when working as shown below)

how to get rid of sewer smell in bathroom

My formula working on feces and urine waste.

Step No Five. Clean any residues with warm water

How to Remove Residual Sewer Smells using Ozone Gas

The easiest and simplest way to remove residual sewage smell in house is to blast the odor with an Ozone Machine which will instantly kill the sewer gas smell. Ozone is very effective for odor removal and can boost the whole process plus sterilize your whole home

We recommend this machine as an entry level quality unit. Click here for more information

Step One: Remove Pets and ensure everybody is out of the house
Step Two: Set up your machine in a central location with an extension cord.
Step Three: Plug the extension cord into a power outlet closest to the main entrance
Step Four: Turn machine on and run for 4 hours
Step Five: Come back to the house and turn ozone machine off
Step Six: Wait 30 minutes then return to the house and open all windows to remove gas

To see our Ozone Machine Reviews click here


How to get rid of sulphur smells coming from a shower and in the bathroom.

Sulfur smells in your bathroom are generally caused by bacteria trapped in the drain and because no oxygen is present the sulphur smell keeps increasing. The best way to treat this is pour some of my formula down the drain and then wait for it to work.

How to remove sulfur smell from a drain

This is similar to the above situation. There are a few suggestions to get rid of the odor.
1. If you have access to the waste outlet i.e not the shower drain but the drain waste outside then you can pour my formula into the drain which will kill the bacteria and remove the smell. Ensure there is no blockage in the pipe such as trapped hair etc which may be preventing the waste water from flowing through. Tip the formula down the shower drain so that it eats anything stuck in the drain on the way down, plus kills the bacteria in the outside waste. This a safer and more effective method.

How to remove poo and sewer odor when camping out.

Here is a trade secret on how you can keep the odor down. You can also use HYDRATED LIME when camping for your in ground toilet (Long Drop). Never remove the air supply as dangerous gases will build up if no air can penetrate but Lime will eat all the feces and remove odors very quickly.

They are favored by people camping out for a few weeks or as in the case above when the sewer is damaged by an earthquake. Basically you dig a very deep hole with a post hole borer and then place a toilet above it as shown.

How to remove the odor without Lime

Step No 1
Have a large fire going (you have these when you are camping anyway right?)

Step No 2
When the fire has died down grab a bucket of ashes onto a metal spade and tip these down the long drop hole (preferred when they are not red hot as you may cause damage to the toilet seats or surrounding structure)


Step No 3
Go and have a beer and enjoy the toilet next time you use it as the odor will be totally gone guaranteed.

Craig the Odor Dude


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